Data Temporary Leaves of Absence

I'm gonna be doing birthday stuff for most of today. Will get to everything later tonight, sorry to akela jayelt413 War Anvil Frosty @I think thats it

I didn't end up doing much for my birthday, so I decided to go ahead and do stuff, ignore this LOA
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Gotta go appartment-searching, so I probably won't be able to do stuff for about a week. I'll try to sneak in stuff if I'm needed in Team Tour especially, and I'll order in AOT before I leave today.

Tagging Frosty , Dogfish44 + Maxim , Texas Cloverleaf basically

Also, Willow Wisps feel free to get someone else to sub in for me if you're not willing to wait on me, I'll try to take you back after I return if at all possible.
I have two exams this week, and I reaaaally need to study for these ones this time. Though, I don't think I'll cross any important DQ's, likely only my two regular matches LUCY EDIT: This ends tomorrow btw, Frday~ (both by Exclaimer :o)
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Heavily reduced activity for the foreseeable future. Dealing with physical and mental health problems as well as internet issues. I need to take care of myself before I take care of ASB.


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Tuesday (July 19) to Sunday (July 24) I'll be out of town; not going to be able to order/ref during that time frame, I ask for leniency on DQ if I am up, sorry and thank you~


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I will enter vacation this thursday, which means that all my work will need to be dealt with until the end of wednesday.

Also, for the same reason, I need to deal with all loose ends IRL before I take the plane to my parent's home on friday.

Due to all that, I request leniency on everything until Thursday Morning GMT-3. After that my schedule will be iffy, but I should be able to move things along, albeit slower than usual.

EDIT: It is 18:51 GMT -3 right now. I finished enugh what I needed to finish this LoA early than expected. The last part (iffy schedule) is still on tho, although it won't affect dq.
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Texas Cloverleaf

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Friday night through Sunday I'm going to my trailer park and not bringing my laptop, zero activity for that time period, don't run DQ times etc
Going to be very busy the rest of today. I know I'm due for a tourney early tomorrow so asking deadfox081 and Texas Cloverleaf for a bit of leniency. Most likely I'll put up my orders later that day, but just so you guys are aware.
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Soo.... My flight was canceled and it looks like I will not be going home until Tuesday I ask for a little bit of leniency I'm really sorry


We have the technology.
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This part of my extended vacation has no wifi and no reception. I am in a tree posting this. I will be able to post in tourney matches on Saturday.


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Camp from now until Monday, 1st of August. Zero activity until then, so I'm dropping off the face of the Earth as of this post's timestamp.
Asking for an extra day because I'm aware that I'm late on a ton of stuff but smogon and my internet connection have been a little bitch for the last day and a half
I'm bad at timezone-date stuff but starting Tuesday, August 2 (Philippine/Malaysian/Singaporean/West Australian time/GMT+8 I think), Imma be off to go camping with friends, till Friday same week.

(On a side note, idk if it's considred 'camping'. Technically we sleeping in a villa. But technically we're near nature, and the villa has a farm. And there's a bonfire... well if you could the virtual ones. But whatever~)

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