Data Temporary Leaves of Absence


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retroactive and blah

Finals Week is a thing for me right now and I've been studying this weekend for it. I'm not going to actually do anything in ASB until Thursday night/Friday morning at the earliest.

This might get moved further back if some of the other extenuating circumstances in my life hit the fan.
Finals week is over, so I'm going to try and return here. But, I will need an additional 24h of leniency for the next 2 weeks due to my extenuating circumstances.


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Weekly "will be a lot busier" LoA

I wished I was kidding, but this week seems to be extra busy and next weekend I will be in a course, so no way jose.

If I manage to get a couple hours off I will try to ref spree what I have, but that is an if I can't guarantee will happen or when it will happen

bare with me please
I'm having trouble with my computer, which, when combined with the imminent holiday business, means that I will be unable to post for the following one to three days.


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I'll be in summer camp from 13th June until 17th June with zero access to Smogon. I'll catch up everything on Monday, 18th June, promise.
Hey, ASB. I'd like to apologize for my recent inactivity; work has been beating me bloody, and I had a few personal matters arise that I deemed more important than this game. I'll be sifting through my alerts tomorrow to take care of anything I'm up in; I understand if anyone DQ'ed me, but I ask anyone who didn't to bear with me just a little longer.
There's writing on the wall that I severely disagree with so you might as well consider this my complete and official end to whatever small level of activity I had left here. See ya.


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I'll be on vacation from tomorrow evening for two weeks, which is mildly infuriating since I won't be here when the reset will happen.
I should have Wi-Fi and I may have time to look at here and the Discord from time to time but eh.
Had an epiphany last night in a half-asleep state. Without going too deep into it, I need to do certain things for probably 100ish days to help me get my shit together and stop being on and off depressed. Smogon's pretty bad for my state of mind especially Firebot so I'm going to disappear without warning, probably tomorrow. I hope the revamp goes well, and wish ASB all the best of luck.

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