the 3rd, final, and real dpl 8 meme thread (NO MODS / A*CTIC / TOURBROS / CRUNCHMAN ALLOWED)

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you asked so here i deliver .
the annual Doubles OU Anime Viability Rankings

@ me in the doucord if u wanna argue

Tier 1 (5/5)
Madoka Magica (watch the movies as well, they're visually uphauled and far more extravagant)
Ping Pong The Animation
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight
Sonny Boy
Princess Connect! Re:Dive
Cowboy Bebop
Heartcatch PreCure!
Girls' Last Tour
Serial Experiments Lain
Ghost in the Shell
Liz and the Blue Bird
Perfect Blue
Spirited Away
Angel's Egg
Millennium Actress

Tier 2 (4/5)
3-gatsu no Lion
Bakemonogatari and the Kizumonogatari movies
Haikyuu!! (season 4 and beyond is Tier 4)
Houseki no Kuni
Demon Slayer
Samurai Champloo
Wonder Egg Priority
Revolutionary Girl Utena (the Adolescence film is Tier 1)
Mob Psycho 100
Lucky Star
Diamond Is Unbreakable
Sailor Moon
Boy and the Beast
Princess Mononoke
Weathering with You
When Marnie Was There
Grave of the Fireflies

Tier 3 (3/5)
The rest of the Monogatari series (Nisemonogatari is tier DAD1)
Afro Samurai
Dr. Stone
Gal & Dino
Little Witch Academia TV (the original OVA is Tier 1.5)
One Punch Man
Your name
Kiki's Delivery Service

Tier 4 (2/5)
Attack on Titan
Food Wars
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure S1
Fire Force

Tier DaAwesomeDude1/5
My Hero Academia
Rascal does not dream of Bunnygirl-senpai
Goblin Slayer
Made in Abyss
Vinland Saga
A Silent Voice
Sword Art Online

Tier 0/5
Stardust Crusaders
No Game No Life
Rising of the Shield Hero
Mushoku Tensei

list of short films worth your while:
* Piplup Step (2 minutes) — dancing piplup is the cutest thing you'll ever see
* Ruru's Suicide Show on a Livestream (4 minutes) — cathartic suicide imagery
* Ano chi (4 minutes) — haunting POV
* Fragile (3 minutes) — aesthetic post-apoc work reminiscent of NieR
* Chainsaw Bunny (6 minutes) — claymation gore horror
* Fox Fears (7 minutes) — paint-on-glass folk tale; one of the best scripts in anime history
* Unison (4 minutes) — popular VTuber prestige music video
* Kanamewo (5 minutes) — lesbian tree spirit drama
* Airy me (6 minutes) — this makes me cry guaranteed
* PLAYGROUND (5 minutes) — boys fight imaginary battle on playground
* The Naked King (4 minutes) — gay demon boy faces metropolitan prejudice
* Sore wo Ai to Yobu Dake (4 minutes) — lesbian schoolgirl drama
* Ai (5 minutes) — experimental 60s love lamentation
* Rain Town (10 minutes) — aesthetic; girl plays with robot in abandoned, rainy town
* DARKEN (4 minutes) — post-apoc girl is raised by a robot
* Furiko (3 minutes) — man tries to fight clock; loses
* crazy for it (4 minutes) — you won't believe your eyes
* Survival (4 minutes) — denpa masterpiece
* PUPARIA (3 minutes) — highly esoteric, mysterious, gorgeous
* URVAN (6 minutes) — ninja who tries to cyberpunk chased by ninja trying to un-cyberpunk
* lemolemo (2 minutes) — schoolgirl scribble aesthetics
* 00:08 (6 minutes) — absurdism
* Mochibei (1 minute) — dysphoria
* Yurayura ki (3 minutes) — yass


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Congrats to the Ducks for winning DPL! We've had a few days to celebrate the winners, but it's time to wrap things up and announce the prediction winner too. First off, here are the breakdowns for week 5, semifinals, and finals:

Browbeat Lands: 5 / Milwaukee Ducks: 9 / Tie: 5
SS: Crunchman: 16 / Meminger21: 3
SS: chlo: 11 / Akaru Kokuyo: 8
SM: talkingtree: 4 / SMB: 15
XY: Voltix: 4 / KyleCole: 15
BW: Bless (Sunrose): 4 / DaWoblefet: 15
DUU: Lord Death Man: 13 / RelicanthPrimal: 6

Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles: 3 / Slateport City Sp_ndas: 12 / Tie: 4
SS: MajorBowman: 6 / Toxigen: 13
SS: dnagerbdager: 5 / robjr: 14
SM: Memoric: 2 / umbry: 17
XY: miltankmilk: 3 / Amaranth: 16
BW: Biosci: 11 / Frania: 8
DUU: Actuarily: 10 / Z Strats: 9

Hau'oli Haxers: 9 / Santalune Storms: 8 / Tie: 2
SS: Paraplegic: 11 / Enzonana.: 8
SS: Zeal: 5 / Shadowmonstr7: 14
SM: Yoda2798: 4 / Croven: 15
XY: JRL: 9 / qsns: 9
BW: Checkmater: 13 / Human: 6
DUU: Mishimono: 15 / Yellow Paint: 4

Browbeat Lands: 4 / Slateport City Sp_ndas: 7 / Tie: 2
SS: YoBuddy: 4 / Toxigen: 9
SS: Crunchman: 7 / raisedintyo: 6
SM: talkingtree: 4 / umbry: 9
XY: stax: 9 / Amaranth: 4
BW: Bless: 2 / Frania: 11
DUU: Lord Death Man: 8 / Z Strats: 5

Browbeat Lands: 4 / Milwaukee Ducks: 4 / Tie: 5
SS: Crunchman: 6 / MADARAAAA: 7
SS: YoBuddy: 13 / Akaru Kokuyo: 0
SM: talkingtree: 4 / SMB: 9
XY: stax: 13 / KyleCole: 0
BW: Bless: 4 / DaWoblefet: 9
DUU: Lord Death Man: 6 / RelicanthPrimal: 7

Before I reveal the winners, let's see how the fan favorites, The Ape and Mass Opinion, fared. The Mass Opinion managed to secure a solid 9th place spot, a slight improvement from last year's 11th place spot. Good job everyone!

The Ape placed at 15th, which is similarly a 2-spot improvement from its 15th place last year. Since I randomly generated its picks today, I've saved everything in a few pastebins after importing results from You can look at them here:
Matchup Predictions - There were 102 matches across the whole season not counting tiebreakers, so I flipped 102 coins. Heads/Observe was the top option in the forms/the left option in pairings with Tails/Reverse being the other option. Matches were in the order that they were listed on the pairings as well, starting with week 1 and ending with finals.
Team Standings - I used random list generator to pick the winning team, the playoff teams, and the last place team. Interestingly, The Ape got everything completely wrong. Too bad!
Player Standings - I used random list generator on the entire draft list and took the top player for best record. It was a longshot to get right, of course, but I did it anyways for completion's sake.

Next, let's get to the top 3. We had a tie for 3rd place between Akaru Kokuyo and Crunchman at 830 points despite both missing a week or two of predictions. In 2nd with 865 points is MADARAAAA who managed to get a strong position even with less pre-season points than the rest of top 4.

Just to build suspense, here's an honorable mention to Voltix for being the only person to correctly predict Lord Death Man to win the most games this season! Another honorable mention goes to the anonymous person who predicted finals using my own username. :changry:

Finally, txitxas wins the predictions competition with a score of 930! They had a few rough weeks early on, but made a strong push starting week 5 onwards and managed to score big enough from preseason to make a huge push to 1st place. Congrats!

Thanks again everyone for participating and for putting up with me being late a few weeks. See you next DPL!

The full and completed predictions standings can be found here.
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