The Any Tier Tournament - Round 1

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step up, snap ya back
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the jelli man is correcto, though i would prefer you play on PS under ADV OU and just use UU teams

also it's an easy way to get a free win if your opp is dumb and brings something illegal 9.9
Tricking vs DestinyUnknown (Smogon Triples, Battle Spot Doubles, BW Doubles, ADV Ubers, RBY Ubers)

are you kidding me? :(

I don't even know what battle spot is


on my best behavior
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Lost 3-1 to Level 56. Some haxy games on both ends, but he was a much better sport than I was about it. GG
beat absdaddy in DPP ubers and he gave me the win for the rest of the tour. can provide replay if need be.

gg sorry again :\
Won 3-2 in an interesting series to say the least

Edit@ Below: LOL I didn't luck you in one game you won both your games off of luck and specifically stated your luck makes it less boring...
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