The Art of Lorak's Oasis

Lorak, your art is amazing and so inspirational! If only I could draw as well as you.

I would have requested a Raikou, but I know its Quadruped. :/

PS: This old drawing of yours made my day.



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Might you draw a Golduck? :D

Also if it isn't too much trouble I'd love it if you'd drop by my Art thread and give some critique. Thanks! :D
I like your art. Especially your no guard shedinja made me laugh. That's why I've put him in my ava. Keep up the good work!
could you make me a avatar fusioning Falco (from Start Fox series) with any pokemon (like the staraptor+capt falcon one you made a long ago)? Preferably blue. and preferably named Quagsire. But you can choose anything you want =D
Hello, I wanted to apologize if I was rude to ask you a picture (a few pages back), had little time.
I wanted to ask:
Can you create a Flygon and a small face Morty? course in separate images.
I know there is a Flygon, but not like I need them. It would be great if you could do both.

That is all, im not an english master, so, sorry for mistakes
Good stuff there man, good effort, and art work. Your work looks unique and different than the other artists out there, it may be the chunky black outlines, or their cheesy poses, all in all good job!

I wanted to ask you, if you good make me a Gyarados avatar, that is if you have time. :toast:
Im relitively new to Smogons forums and I happened to come across this artwork. WOW you are fantastic, your colour and texture is amazing, Could you possibly make a gyarados or some sort of water pokemon in rain? Im in need of an avatar haha and some sort of pokemon in rain would go well with my username.

Oh and I'll give you full credit in my signature.


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Sorry to let you all down; been busy as all heck as of late. Don't think I'm going to be getting to Raikou any time soon. But, in the meantime...
Lorak said:
Wait a second. Let's encapsulate what's been going on recently. A criminal organization is attempting to take control of Orre in some way. They build a huge, fuck-off tower in the middle of the desert. They make it rather opulent. They have a lot of money behind them. They have the technology to create Shadow Pokémon. Completely unrelated, a former member of Team Snagem, a group who has the technology to steal Pokémon, but not make them Shadow Pokémon, goes turncoat and blows up the Snagem Hideout. He proceeds to defeat high-ranked members of the Cipher organization, even going so far as to Snag each signature Shadow Pokémon of their Admins. A huge, locked door prevents him from entering deeper into this tower... and their leader gives each Admin a key card? Not all the key cards to each, but one key card, so they would all have to be together in order to re-enter the tower? Not only that, but they willingly volunteer said key cards to the former Snagem member, such key cards that would, in fact, prevent him from ruining whatever plan Cipher has in place by keeping him locked out?


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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"DURP" (Pronounced 'doirp' for extra retardedness).

Lorak for President/Prime Minister please, he has amazing policies saying that he will do some art for us - even he doesn't produce it consistently every pixel of the eventual artwork makes it well worth the wait :toast:

~#Vote Lorak!#~
Courtesy of me ;)


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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Heh :D

Sorry if that post was a tad over-enthusiastic, it's a culmination of about 2 months of gobsmackedness in one post.

It's a pity that you've ignored my requests of a Golduck multiple times, it's even bipedal D: lol

EDIT: Having looked at the full two sheets of those Bidoof sprites, and feeling very ego-centric and arrogant today, I'd say mine is better than the Wobburel of theirs. Generally the sprites in those sheets are just recoloured with a bidoof head stuck on them, and some like porygon2 and donphan are downright horrible. Don't ask me why I'm telling you this, but it's the truth :D

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