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Wow lots of cool stuff above. I wish we could give it likes instead of it all getting no comments ;-;

I drew a Gigantamax form for Astrolotl! Its based on a gorgon, a mythical reptile archer, and I imagined its GMax would be GMax Starfire, which shoots a literal "shooting star" out of its tail like an arrow. The head frills curl upwards to replicate an olive wreath and its antenna turn into snakes, it also might look like a fiery explosion! The effect of GMax Starfire would be dealing Fire-type damage, and casting a Wish that lands after 2 turns :)

Btw, I dont know if its advertised anywhere but there is a GMax contest happening for fun on the CAP Discord. Draw a GMax form for any CAP, and at the end we vote for a winner! Its unofficial, so it wont get made or put on showdown or anything, its just for enjoyment! If you wanna see all the cool entries or enter, go CAP Discord:
That's a beast of an Astrolotl-Gmax! (If likes were re-enabled on CAP, I would give the non-competitive arts as many like and love reacts as possible.)


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As a fun activity between now and the next CAP, the CAP Discord server made some G-Max designs and moves for existing CAP Pokemon for fun! Note that these designs and moves are not official in any capacity. The designs will not be on Pokemon Showdown, and the designs have the same rights as fanart.

Here are all of the entrants, ordered by what place they got in the poll!

RankingUserDesign 1Design 2
1st place (23 votes)Golurk (Volkraken) and StephanXPM (Equilibra)
3rd place (21 votes)AmamamA (Krilowatt) and Mos-Quitoxe (Mollux)
5th place (19 votes)Darek (Crucibelle)
6th place (15 votes)Sandshine (Stratagem)
7th place (11 votes)Zephyr2007 (Tomohawk)
8th place (5 votes)Shadowshocker (Stratagem)
9th place (2 votes)bubbyboytoo (Cyclohm)
10th place (0 votes)JAGFL (Malaconda)

In addition, we had some great designs that were not entered into the poll. You can check out those designs as well as supporting art for the polled designs here!

We're also currently wrapping up unofficial submissions for G-Max moves for all CAP Pokemon on the CAP Discord server. Feel free to join us here! :D I'll make another post once we have results on that poll.

Edit: For documentation, here's the post containing the start of the contest on Discord.
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After several days of voting, we made some G-Max moves for CAP Pokemon! Like the above, this is just for fun and is not official/will not be implemented.

Here are the winning entries people submitted!

Gen. IV

Pokemon: Syclant
Move name: G-Max Frostbite
Type: Ice
Description: If the target is holding a Berry, the user eats it and gains its effect. (Bug Bite effect.)
Submitter: Quanyails

Pokemon: Revenankh
Move name: G-Max Mummify
Type: Ghost
Description: The Pokemon binds and squeezes the target for four to five turns. (Bind effect, but Ghost-type.)
Submitter: Quanyails

Pokemon: Pyroak
Move name: G-Max Torchblast
Type: Fire
Description: A Fire-type attack that Gigantamax Pyroak use. This move harshly lowers the Special Defense of opponents.
Submitter: Quanyails

Pokemon: Fidgit
Move name: G-Max Mishmash
Type: Poison
Description: This move randomly sets a layer of spikes or a layer of toxic spikes on the opponent’s field.
Submitter: Gravity Monkey

Pokemon: Stratagem
Move name: G-Max Meteorbelt
Type: Rock
Description: A Rock-Type attack that Gigantamax Stratagem use. The user sets loose a wave of meteorites that change the atmospheric conditions, cancelling out all weather conditions and terrains on the field
Submitter: Zephyr2007

Pokemon: Arghonaut
Move name: G-Max Plunder
Type: Water
Description: A Water-type attack that Gigantamax Arghonaut use. This move steals the target’s stat changes, and increases money earned in battle.
Submitter: Slapperfish

Pokemon: Kitsunoh
Move name: G-Max Unmask
Type: Ghost
Description: A Ghost-type attack that Gigantamax Kitsunoh use. Reveals the all of the hidden moves of the target
Submitter: Zephyr2007

Pokemon: Cyclohm
Move name: G-Max Staticloud
Type: Electric
Description: Empowers the user’s next Electric-type attack and raises it’s Special Defense by 1. (Charge effect)
Submitter: Zetalz

Pokemon: Colossoil
Move name: G-Max Slam Dunk
Type: Dark
Description: A Dark-type move that Gigantamax Colossoil use. Applies a smackdown effect on the target.
Submitter: G-Luke

Pokemon: Krilowatt
Move name: G-Max Kriloton
Type: Electric
Description: An Electric-type attack that Gigantamax Krilowatt use. Raises the Defense & Special Defense of the user and it’s ally by 1. (Magnetic Flux effect)
Submitter: Zetalz

Pokemon: Voodoom
Move name: G-Max Puncture
Type: Dark
Description: A Dark-type attack that Gigantamax Voodoom use. The move harshly lowers one of its opponents’ stats at random.
Submitter: MrDollSteak


Gen. V

Pokemon: Tomohawk
Move name: G-Max Wind Shear
Type: Flying
Description: A Flying-type attack that Gigantamax Tomohawk use. The user ups the Speed stat of the user and its allies for four turns.
Submitter: MrDollSteak

Pokemon: Necturna
Move name: G-Max Inkbrush
Type: Ghost
Description: A Ghost-type attack that Gigantamax Necturna use. This move copies the type of the move the target last used and converts this move to a random Max Move of that type.
Submitter: Slapperfish

Pokemon: Mollux
Move name: G-Max Lavalanche
Type: Fire
Description: A Fire-type attack that Gigantamax Mollux use. Burns or Badly Poisons targets, chosen randomly.
Submitter: Zetalz

Pokemon: Aurumoth
Move name: G-Max Seraphim
Type: Psychic
Description: This move leaves your side of the field immune to critical hits. (Lucky Chant effect)
Submitter: Reiga

Pokemon: Malaconda
Move name: G-Max Vileness
Type: Dark
Description: A Dark-type attack that Gigantamax Malaconda use. This move makes the opponents unable to use status moves for three turns. (Taunt)
Submitter: Sandshine (Scizivire)

Pokemon: Cawmodore
Move name: G-Max Cawmandeer
Type: Steel
Description: A Steel-type attack that Gigantamax Cawmodore use. This move steals the target's item.
Submitter: Slapperfish


Gen. VI

Pokemon: Volkraken
Move name: G-Max Vampyre
Type: Fire
Description: A Fire-type attack that Gigantamax Volkraken use. This move heals by half the damage taken by the target and over half in rain.
Submitter: Golurk

Pokemon: Plasmanta
Move name: G-Max Magna-Volt
Type: Electric
Description: An Electric-type attack that Gigantamax Plasmanta use. The user and it’s ally levitate using electrically generated magnetism for 5 turns. (Magnet Rise effect)
Submitter: Zetalz

Pokemon: Naviathan
Move name: G-Max Foghorn
Type: Steel
Description: The user boosts its Attack + Speed or Special Attack + Special Defense.
Submitter: Quanyails

Pokemon: Crucibelle
Move name: G-Max Corruption
Type: Poison
Description: A Poison-type attack that Gigantamax Crucibelle use. The user lays a trap of poison spikes at the foe's feet.
Submitter: MrDollSteak

Pokemon: Kerfluffle
Move name: G-Max Beatdown
Type: Fairy
Description: This move harshly lowers the Attack of opponents. (Charm/Feather Dance)
Submitter: Golurk

Gen. VII

Pokemon: Pajantom
Move name: G-Max Feverdream
Type: Ghost
Description: This move turns the target's ability into Insomnia. (Worry Seed effect)
Submitter: Reiga

Pokemon: Jumbao
Move name: G-Max Mirage
Type: Fairy
Description: A Fairy-type attack that Gigantamax Jumbao use. This move raises ally Pokémon’s evasiveness stats.
Submitter: Sandshine (Scizivire)


(The following three are submitted as a group.)

Pokemon: Caribolt
Move name: G-Max Sparkroot
Type: Grass
Decription: A Grass-type attack that Gigantamax Caribolt use. This attack hits Fire-type pokemon for super-effective damage.
Submitter: Zetalz

Pokemon: Smokomodo
Move name: G-Max Smokestorm
Type: Fire
Description: A Fire-type attack that Gigantamax Smokomodo use. This attack hits Water-type pokemon for super-effective damage.
Submitter: Zetalz

Pokemon: Snaelstrom
Move name: G-Max Coralcrash
Type: Water
Description: A Water-type attack that Gigantamax Snaelstrom use. This attack hits Grass-type pokemon for super-effective damage.
Submitter: Zetalz


Pokemon: Equilibra
Move name: G-Max Equalizer
Type: Steel
Description: A Steel-type attack that Gigantamax Equilibra use. This move eliminates the stat changes of all Pokemon engaged in battle.
Submitter: StephanXPM



Pokemon: Astrolotl
Move name: G-Max Starstrike
Type: Fire
Description: A Fire-type attack that Gigantamax Astrolotl use. One turn after this move is used, the user's or its replacement's HP is restored by half the user's max HP.
Submitter: Hematite


We had a lot of awesome runners-up, too! You can see their submissions in this document, and you can see how they fared in the poll results:
Thanks to everyone who submitted a design and/or move these past two weeks! It was really fun seeing you share your ideas!


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PodCAP 9 featuring LucarioOfLegends is up! We are now discussing CAPPL VI and the process of the draft and the first week.

In the discord we were casually talking about regional forms, and some ideas were brought up that we thought would be really fun, so I had a fun time making these. This is my first time posting an image so please let me know if I did something wrong. Thank you in advanced lol
Regional variant caps2.png
Snow globe Mollux and Tiki Mask Kitsunoh. Ice/Poison and Grass/Fire respectively. I ended up with some variations of (Alolan? Galarian?) Mollux that has different colored "snow" flakes. The main one uses the colors that were within the normal (Unovan?) Mollux's lava lamp. The other three are empty, general ice/snow colors, and christmas colors.
Regional variant Mollux1.png
Shadowshocker Ok, how did I only just see this? I like the idea of these a lot. Can I suggest you read up on Problem-Solving Card Text to make your cards easier to read?
So the theme of the deck appears to be "punish your opponent for trying to remove your cards" which is lending itself to a lot of janky effects tbh, and several cards do the exact same thing.
Some of my favourites, in no particular order:
Kerfluffle-it handrips. Oh god. It's also a Warrior... That's ending well lol.
Krilowatt-seems decent, though the fact it can be Link Summoned using only itself is a bit odd... It's basically similar to Firewall Dragon but someone remembered the Hard Once Per Turn. Good Link climbing tool.
Mollux-kinda confused how you'd rule the "cannot be Set" part in practice, but it's good fodder that searches an extender.
Plasmanta-for those who think this might be broken, go read some Salamangreat or Eldlich cards. Decent grind game tool.
Necturine-this card kinda seems like a cool starter, just a shame there's so few cards to take advantage of it.
Tomohawk-wow. Very strong. Me likey. Kinda confused by why it shuffles into the deck when it's meant to be attached to an Xyz.
Colossoil-non targeting Quick Banish? I'm down for that.
Stratagem-yeah this is good. Possibly too good, given it can summon another copy of itself. Thank goodness Block Dragon is now banned, else we've very much powercrept Revival Golem.
Fidgit-The Revenge of Azathot yikessss. Cards which stop interaction are always very close to busted.
Pyroak-decent card, given it gives free draws.
Generational Update-Foolish for Cost. Yikes. And it's not once per turn. Double Yikes.
Smokomodo-ok I skipped over this card but it's pretty stupid. Better Emeral+non targeting banish or add two cards to hand for free... And the way it loops itself with multiple copies is actually kinda dumb. This would be absurdly hard to consistently out, just remember that if it summons from Extra Deck by its own effect it cannot be revived later. Generally speaking cards in the deck cannot activate effects, so the rulings on this will be quite janky.
Voodoom-basically boils down to a janky extender. Pretty good.

So my overall feedback is: the deck is kinda all over the place, much like most custom archetypes tbh so this hardly a unique issue. It can't make up its mind which summoning mechanic to focus on, much like most custom archetypes, which causes it to lack a clear focus on what plays to make. The xyz all being Rank 8s, aside from the pretty bad Rev, causes much of the potential in that area to fizzle out, as you have to invest multiple boss monsters or have Update and a play that doesn't use it. Oh and they all (except Crucibelle) do next to nothing if they're summoned using Update since their effects assume you're summoning them using Synchros etc.
I recommend Dueling Book if you want to play your custom cards, it has a great system for them thanks to the fact it's a manual simulator, so no programming is needed.
Kerfluffle summon itself.
Update send Tomohawk, Kerfluffle becomes Level 8.
Tomohawk effect Special Summon and send Stratagem.
Stratagem effect Special Summon Mollux.
Link Summon Krilowatt using Mollux and Kerfluffle.
Mollux add Update #2, Kerfluffle handrip 1 AND Voodoom effect send itself to GY then Special Summon.
Update #2 send Plasmanta, Tomohawk and Voodoom become Level 8.
Plasmanta banish Stratagem from GY, Special Summon itself to a zone Krilowatt points to.
Tomohawk and Voodoom overlay for Smokomodo in a zone Krilowatt points to.
Link Summon Krilowatt #2 using Smokomodo and Plasmanta.
Krilowatt #1 Special Summons Stratagem.
Link Summon Linkross using Krilowatt #2, summon two level 1 Tokens
Link Summon Crystron Halqifibrax using Linkross and Stratagem.
Haha broken Fibrax go brrrrr.
Metal Marcher go brrrr.
Probable endboard: Herald of the Arc Light+Aurumoth for double negate with Smoko lurking in GY, but I'm sure you could do more since Aurumoth can copy any monster holy heck. Double Charles+Smoke Grenade handrip on top of Kurfluffle rip anyone?

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