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Though one thing I was noticing after having made this move is that despite how awesome it seems, I don't think it would really get too much use. Beating a Scizor Bullet Punch is the only key thing it does, and while it is frail, one of the few competitive things I did calc while making it was that with 70/63 defenses, CB Scizor cannot KO from full health with Bullet Punch. Now of course, not taking 99% damage is preferable, but in general Froxbite is fast enough that priority might be wasted on it. Who knows though?
Note that also beats Breloom's Mach Punch, which is just as if not more important, as well as making sure that Choice Scarf Genesect couldn't revenge kill even if it wanted to - and being a cleaner that isn't cracked by these three threats is huge. Not to mention revenge killing utility. That's more than enough to merit priority, really, especially of a kind that doesn't exist anywhere else.

On-topic, though: Froxfire is great and I do very much hope I'm around for the next time you decide to do something like that.

How about the concept behind it, though? Hail has practically no abusers in OU other than Kyurem and only a mediocre pokemon as weather summoner, so I wouldn't mind a true good hailmon for the next CAP project.
Well, naturally the concept can be submitted. He's saying that the custom Pokemon "Froxfire" is not an official CAP Pokemon - if properly justified, the fact that the concept can be submitted goes without saying. In fact it's been submitted numerous times in the past.


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How about the concept behind it, though? Hail has practically no abusers in OU other than Kyurem and only a mediocre pokemon as weather summoner, so I wouldn't mind a true good hailmon for the next CAP project.
Actually, it's cool that you brought up this point. "Hailmon" has been featured in a plethora of previous CAP Concept Submission threads. In fact, it did very well kind of recently in the CAP2 Concept Polls (submitted by Flarephoenix). It's sort of become the "perpetual loser ability" and "the ability we will do when we run out of other ideas." That's why when Flarephoenix yelled "HAILMON" in #cap, we all understood immediately what he meant. It's a ideas that is definitely not unique to concept polls, but it is certainly allowed.

Birk-a-dit: Ninja'd by bmb :<
I love Froxbite already.

If only the regular CAP process could move with speed and efficiency that such a chat discussion does. But the size of the community necessitates sticking to the process... oh well, at least with this, we don't forget that making Pokemon is, at the core, fun, even if we achieve competitive goals in the meantime.

Froxbite itself aside FLARE DASH is an awesome move and absolutely needs to exist sooner or later. Keep it ready for when we eventually decide the days of Scizor and Genesect have come to an end.


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So, Zebraiken has basically been absent from the Neverused community for eons. To remedy this, I hijacked #neverused tonight and self-imposed myself as the new NU leader. With my newfound powers, I banned Snow Warning (thanks to MMF) and Zangoose (thanks to Molk). They said the metagame was perfect at that point, but I was not convinced. NU needed something more. So, in traditional Birkal fashion, we made a fakemon :>

The process started with me asking what the NU players wanted. They said something bulky that played a more defensive role in NU, but had some power to go offensive if needed. At that point, we pretty much started throwing out suggestions and ran with whatever was most popular. We wanted a spinner and a hazards setter, primarily, but also some bulk. We also liked the idea of making a Pokemon that could paralyze Golurk, so that's where the new move comes in. Flavor wise, we talked about doing a salamander, but that got shot down because of Toxicroak. Someone said box jellyfish at some point, which turned into boxer jellyfish, and we all had a good laugh. We decided to run with that theme throughout all the flavor, from the custom move to the Pokedex entries.

We spent about an hour and a half on this, so I feel that we made pretty good time. Key contributors include Molk, MMF, EBeast, Fusxfaranto, DTC, wiitle. Special shout out goes to ium for doing the art for this on an incredibly short notice. Big ups to Molk too for sorting out the general learnset once we had picked the moves. This, like Froxbite, won't be added on the simulator, but I know that the NU chaps want to take Cnidali into their forum for a bit of theorymon. Enjoy!

Cnidali - The Boxer Fish Pokemon
Pronunciation: Nigh - dah - lee

Poison / Fighting

Regenerator / Stench / Poison Heal (DW)

109 HP / 100 Atk / 85 Def / 40 SpA / 90 SpD / 66 Spe
BST Total: 490


New Move:
Sting Jab
Category: Physical | Type: Poison | BP: 85 | Acc: 100% | PP: 15 (24)
30% chance to paralyze the target.

Level Up:

00: Reflect Type
00: Toxic Spikes
00: Ember
00: Bubble
00: Poison Sting
04: Arm Thrust
08: Thunder Wave
12: Acid
16: Wrap
20: Mach Punch
24: Low Kick
28: Dizzy Punch
32: Sting Jab
36: Circle Throw
40: Drain Punch
44: Sucker Punch
48: Poison Jab
52: Dynamicpunch
56: Gunk Shot
60: Close Combat
64: Focus Punch


Bulk Up
Hidden Power
Hyper Beam
Rain Dance
Brick Break
Double Team
Sludge Wave
Sludge Bomb
Flame Charge
Low Sweep
Echoed Voice
Focus Blast
False Swipe
Giga Impact
Stone Edge
Thunder Wave
Psych Up
Rock Slide
Work Up
Poison Jab
Wild Charge
Rock Smash


Haze (From Blastoise)
Aqua Jet (From Lots)
Rapid Spin (From Blastoise)
Hypnosis (From Poliwag family)
Circle Throw (From Poliwrath)
Pain Split (From Stunfisk)
Water Spout (From Octillery and Wailord)
Octozooka (From Octillery)
Toxic Spikes (From Qwilfish)
Crunch (From Crawdaunt)


Drain Punch
Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Stealth Rock
Pain Split
Dual Chop
Low Kick
Gunk Shot
Magic Coat
Foul Play
Dark Pulse
Knock Off
Gastro Acid
Sleep Talk

Pokedex Entries:
Black: It has evolved over millions of years to be able to live outside of water. Its fists are laced with toxins and are used to fight off predators.

White: Notorious for setting up underground boxing matches against other Cnidali, many Pokemon come to their arenas to cast bets.

B2W2: It has been known to suck the fluids out of sea cucumbers for a quick and tasty treat.

Memorable Quotes:

<+ium> jellicent meet your cousin
<~Jellicent> oh, eww
<~Jellicent> i'm not gonna incest with it, if that's what you were trying to do

01:19 Wyverii If CaP's a professional laboratory then Birkal's the shady dude with a homemade lab around the back of an alley.

Zebraiken: i have been absent for less than 24 hours >:(


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So this was pretty fun ^.^. I have to contribute to these kinds of things more often!

Anyways, i have one sole concern about Cnidali, and thats what tier it would end up in realistically, we were initially going to try and make it a good NU Pokemon, but we got a little bit crazy with the movepool and gave it a few moves that might end up with it moving up a tier or two (rapid spin for example), we also started off with a very good typing, which further hurts its chances of staying NU imo.

So my question is: Do you guys think that Cnidali staying NU for more than 3 months would be realistic? If not, where to do you think the Boxing Jellyfish would end up? If so, how do you think Cnidali would affect the metagame? Do you think it would drastically affect the usage of any important pokemon?

Also, what sets do you think Cnidali would be able to effectively run? Its pretty bulky and has access to Bulk Up+Drain Punch, so i think its most popular set would be Bulk Up, Followed by a support set with some combination of Drain Punch, Haze, Circle Throw, Rapid Spin, Thunder Wave, Sting Jab, Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock (who the hell added that? .-.) and Knock Off. What do you think?
wait did we seriously give poison heal to a pokemon that can't even be poisoned


anyway, this was created with an NU perspective which had a few things in mind:
we wanted something cool that could check sawk and wasn't hampered by knock off (which flcl brought up on irc earlier today) or affected by the current hail metagame. sawk's three would-be hard counters: musharna, misdreavus, and duosion are screwed due to one of these reasons.
that is where the bulky poison-type idea came in. although it may be caught by sawk's earthquake, which does not make it a counter, it has something else over other checks: regenerator. cnidali having regenerator means it isn't worn down as easily over the course of the match in comparison to garbodor.

i really don't know where the support stuff came from, but apparently someone said a rapid spin user not weak to stealth rock and not sub-par like wartortle would be cool so i guess that's where it was thrown in. we did exclude spikes from its moveset, but being able to reliably set up hazards due to regenerator is something that would be appreciated in higher tiers. i don't think that something like this could stay in NU for a long time.
I think you guys did quite a good job with this fakemon flavor wise (Regenerator, etc), but don't think there is any way this thing would end up sticking around in NU. Great bulk + Regenerator, solid Attack, and a good typing and movepool just make this thing too good. If this were real, it would just replace Gurdurr, already a great NU mon, as gaining a Ground weakness seems a small price to pay for more resists and Regenerator. It can even run the exact same set Gurdurr does because it has access to Mach Punch. I think this would be a great RU pokemon because it struggles against a lot of the powerhouses in that tier (Nidoqueen, Cress, Moltres), but also has the tools to combat some other other threats (Grass types).

In terms of sets I think the standard would be Substitute / Bulk Up / (Circle Throw or Drain Punch) / (Crunch or Sting Jab), with Regenerator as the ability and a bias towards Special Defense. The way this set would really shine is if you had either hazards up or a Pursuiter (luckily Skuntank synergizes well). You can sub up for "free" because you have Regenerator and just phaze around and stack hazard damage on the opposing team. When a counter comes in, like Musharna or Ghosts, you can either Crunch to weaken them if you have it, go to your Pursuiter, or if behind a sub just phaze to weaken everything further. As a bonus, this set thrashes standard Regenerator cores.


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Yeah, this is not NU. nuff said.

How many things have this much mixed bulk in NU? Maybe 10. How many of those also have an attacking stat 100 or higher? Just Throh and Musharna.

It's basically got slightly better bulk than Amoonguss, the only really fair comparison given Regnerator and mixed bulk. True, it lacks Spore, but it can actually do stuff offensively.

I see a max spdef Bulk Up, Drain Punch, Waterfall (Ice Punch?), Sucker Punch set doing WERKKKKK on NU.


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I really wish we didn't give it so much bulk. We had a fine spread when it was 110 / 100 / 75 / 40 / 75 / 66, but of course we HAD to give it even more bulk...

Anyways, it was a fun Pokemon to create! Props to anyone who saw the hidden message in one of the pokedex entries. ;)


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This thread needs some more stupid CAP-related artwork.

Thankfully, I happen to have a frequent impulse to make really stupid CAP-related "art."

First on the menu for today, some hot necturna x mollux shipping. Ought to be everyone's OTP, just look at that chemistry!

Next on the plate is the wonderful result of a typo, close wombat. Shoulda pared back aurumoth's movepool folks. THIS is the reason for overpoweredness. Look at that evil glow in those eyes. Physical fighting coverage spawned by the devil itself. As a furry headmarsupial.

And finally, for our dessert course, the terrible monstrosity of pistachio-mustachio-moth. Pistachio-shell-wing garnish generously included.
Wow, I really like that Pokémon, especially how punny he is, as well as his awesome type. But there's zero chance that would say NU for long.


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Well, since Kadew's started the trend, I might as well add the CAP doodles I made one day onto here.

Some are sketchier and apply more stylistic changes than others.

Oh, I should also post that potential cry for Mollux inspired by an IRC session. Part of that recording is from Birkal.
Rule n° 1: Do not talk about Cnidalis.
Rule n° 2: Do NOT talk about Cnidalis.
Excuse me while I flagrantly flout these rules.

Did you guys ever come up with a height/weight for Cnidali? Not that either is especially important, but I'm just a curious guy.
There's been a white elephant in CAP for years. Two, in fact. So, we made a thing. Sorry Yilx.

Inspired by, we present:

The Chameleon Pokémon

A chameleon with Multitype (OU Arceus)


Color Change (DW)


Egg Groups:
Field / Dragon

Height: 2'2"
Weight: 22.5lb.

Level-up Moves:
1. Lick
1. Tail Whip
5. Quick Attack
9. Foresight
13. Copycat
17. Glare
21. Secret Power
25. Camouflage
29. Mean Look
33. Body Slam
37. Slack Off
41. Stockpile/Swallow/Spit Up
45. Crunch
49. Double-Edge
53. Coil
57. Power Whip
61. Hyper Beam

TM Moves:
TM1. Hone Claws
TM4. Calm Mind
TM5. Roar
TM6. Toxic
TM10. Hidden Power
TM11. Sunny Day
TM13. Ice Beam
TM15. Hyper Beam
TM16. Light Screen
TM17. Protect
TM18. Rain Dance
TM20. Safeguard
TM21. Frustration
TM24. Thunderbolt
TM27. Return
TM30. Shadow Ball
TM31. Brick Break
TM32. Double Team
TM33. Reflect
TM35. Flamethrower
TM39. Rock Tomb
TM40. Aerial Ace
TM42. Facade
TM44. Rest
TM45. Attract
TM48. Round
TM49. Echoed Voice
TM52. Focus Blast
TM54. False Swipe
TM56. Fling
TM59. Incinerate
TM65. Shadow Claw
TM66. Payback
TM68. Giga Impact
TM70. Flash
TM74. Gyro Ball
TM77. Psych Up
TM78. Bulldoze
TM80. Rock Slide
TM82. Dragon Tail
TM83. Work Up
TM84. Poison Jab
TM87. Swagger
TM90. Substitute
TM94. Rock Smash
HM1. Cut
HM4. Strength

Tutor Moves:
Signal Beam
Gunk Shot
Last Resort
Iron Tail
Aqua Tail
Zen Headbutt
Foul Play
Heal Bell
Knock Off
Helping Hand
After You
Wonder Room
Sleep Talk

Egg Moves:
Dragon Rush
Reflect Type
Cross Chop
Wring Out
Defense Curl
Weather Ball

Black: Chamereon learned how to camouflage itself by watching Cloyster do it in the ocean.
White: Chamereon entertain themselves by swinging from branch to branch with their ropy tongues.
B2/W2: Chamereon can blend into any surrounding, but its misshapen legs and awkward gait give it away to predators.
X/Y: It's illusory demeanor has no guard against the fact that this is, in fact, a weakly armored insect Pokemon.

Supporting Art
The ENTIRE log, for anybody who's actually interested.

February 3, 2013

23:08 Quanyails: o3o
23:09 Quanyails: Neat program!
23:09 Kadew: 3
23:09 Kadew: I like this program
23:09 Quanyails: I am almost done spriting the lineart.
23:09 Quanyails: I'm trying to keep much of the derp of it.
23:09 Kadew: I am almost done laughing so much I can't hold my pen trying to draw it
23:09 Deck Knight: Ah.
23:13 Quanyails: I'll be curious as to how dissimilar the sprite and drawing are. :P
23:13 Kadew: super dissimilar
23:13 Kadew: I'm trying to stylize it a touch
23:13 Kadew: rather than keep it carbon-copy
23:13 Kadew: I'm keeping the wonky proportions, though
23:14 SgtWoodsy: good
23:14 SgtWoodsy: thank you
23:17 Eagle4: Aa i can't work with pirate pad
23:17 Quanyails: So, uh, wait, what are its stats?
23:17 SgtWoodsy: defensive
23:17 SgtWoodsy: reasonably defensive
23:18 SgtWoodsy: according to jas
23:18 jas61292: I like Korski's alteration of 119/71/111/69/109/51
23:18 Timeblaze: That looks nice.
23:18 Eagle4: Good stats :)
23:20 jas61292: So... we just need movepool
23:20 Eagle4: and pokedex submissions :P
23:20 Eagle4: although that's flavour
23:21 jas61292: Well, what say you all on recovery?
23:21 Timeblaze: This seems really similar to Kecleon.
23:21 Eagle4: yes, recovery
23:21 Timeblaze: Is it an evolution? Or no?
23:21 jas61292: I don't think so
23:22 Timeblaze: What sets the two apart? Aside from the obvious inclusion of Multitype.
23:22 Kadew: its an evolution in the way that alomomola was an evo of luvdisc
23:22 Kadew: in that it is the same base idea and very similar
23:22 Timeblaze: ...right.
23:22 Kadew: but not related evolutionarily
23:23 Deck Knight: It's the Plusle/Minun/Emolga/Pachirisu to our Pikachu
23:23 jas61292: So I say give it Slack Off for recovery
23:23 Korski: yes slack off
23:23 Kadew: should we get some movepool ideas for discussed/allowed/disallowed lists?
23:24 Eagle4: what do you guys say about defense curl?
23:24 Deck Knight: Roost would be cooler for Flying Chamereon
23:24 Kadew: roost is such bad flavor :P
23:24 Korski: give it calm mind and coil
23:24 Kadew: I like coil idea
23:24 Timeblaze: Is Chamereon going to actually be it's name?
23:25 Kadew: YES
23:25 jas61292: Coil seems cool
23:25 Kadew: should we be sure it gets a stab for every type?
23:25 jas61292: Nah
23:25 Korski: judgment yo
23:26 Eagle4: Leaf blade?
23:26 Timeblaze: Wait, can we base it off of Jackson's Chameleon?
23:26 Kadew: I want to see if we can do without judgment
23:26 Timeblaze: Kecleon is based off of the Veiled Chameleon.
23:26 Korski: 69 SpA...
23:26 jas61292: Power Whip seems cool for grass coverage
23:26 jas61292: And makes sense
23:27 jas61292: Seeing as Lickilicky gest it
23:27 Kadew: if it has power whip it doesn't need leaf blade
23:27 Eagle4: yeah, power whip definitely
23:27 jas61292: yeah
23:27 Eagle4: no leaf blade
23:27 SgtWoodsy: well since this thing has multitype
23:27 SgtWoodsy: shouldn't it have a giant movepool
23:27 Korski: it should have some standard support options
23:28 jas61292: Yeah. It should have plenty of options. But not everything
23:28 Kadew: being normal type, it should get the elemental beams
23:28 Kadew: and random surf capability
23:28 Eagle4: Extreme Speed?
23:28 jas61292: makes sense to me
23:28 jas61292: not e-speed
23:28 Timeblaze: If it's based off of Jackson's Chameleon, it could learn Megahorn.
23:28 jas61292: the beams
23:28 Eagle4: Baton Pass?
23:28 Korski: spikes
23:29 jas61292: I have no problem with any of the beam like things
23:29 Kadew: I don't think chamereon is horny enough to use megahorn
23:29 jas61292: Its SpA isn't that great anyways
23:29 Timeblaze: >_>
23:29 Kadew: any disagreement with the elemental beams?
23:29 Timeblaze: Nope.
23:29 Eagle4: ope
23:29 Eagle4: nope*
23:30 Eagle4: What about elemental fangs?
23:30 Kadew: fangs are weak and lame
23:30 Kadew: horn attack is mroe of a flavor move
23:30 Timeblaze: I don't think chameleons have very strong bites.
23:30 Kadew: since return beats it in every whay
23:30 Kadew: *way
23:30 jas61292: What about the stronger version of those moves: Fire Blast, Blizzard and Thunder?
23:31 jas61292: Also: Shadow Ball?
23:31 Kadew: not thunder, nothing that makes it another good rain mon
23:31 Korski: i say no to mighty beams
23:31 Eagle4: Iron tail?
23:31 Kadew: I'd be okay with blizzard, for hail maybe
23:31 Timeblaze: Surf?
23:31 jas61292: Iron Tail seems fine
23:32 Kadew: ahaha
23:32 Eagle4: oh haha
23:32 Timeblaze: Oh, now look what you've done.
23:32 Kadew: I see no reason for shadowball
23:32 Kadew: rather, no reason to not allow it
23:32 jas61292: What about....
23:32 jas61292: Gunk Shot?
23:33 Kadew: it's pretty standard for normal types to have, lets its ghot type have a move
23:33 Kadew: gunk shot okay, sort of makes me think of chameleon tongue
23:33 Timeblaze: ...Stealth Rock?
23:33 Timeblaze: Kecleon gets it.
23:33 Eagle4: Dragon Tail?
23:33 Kadew: everything and its mum got stealth rock 4th gen
23:34 Timeblaze: True.
23:34 Korski: let's stick to attacking moves for now
23:34 Timeblaze: Ooh, what about Dragon Claw and Dragon Rush?
23:34 Kadew: I agree
23:34 Korski: for organization's sake
23:34 Eagle4: Dragon Tail would fit in nicely with Iron Tal
23:34 jas61292: I support Dragon Rush and Dragon Tail for only Dragon coverage
23:34 Eagle4: yes
23:34 SgtWoodsy: yep
23:35 Eagle4: agreed
23:35 SgtWoodsy: ahaha
23:35 SgtWoodsy: the chamereon sprite
23:35 SgtWoodsy: awesome
23:35 Quanyails: :)
23:35 jas61292: Nice
23:35 Timeblaze: Not sure what to think about that sprite.
23:35 SgtWoodsy: wait
23:35 SgtWoodsy: where's yilx
23:35 Quanyails: I should make its back legs more sprawled.
23:35 SgtWoodsy: i feel kinda bad for making this without yilx
23:35 jas61292: Hmm... what about Psychic?
23:35 Kadew: zen headbutt
23:36 jas61292: Good idea
23:36 Eagle4: Pursuit/Knock Off?
23:36 Kadew: those are more support moves than attacking
23:36 Kadew: well, pursuit yeah
23:36 jas61292: Crunch?
23:36 Kadew: what of crunch?
23:36 Timeblaze: Sucker Punch?
23:36 Korski: body slam and crunch
23:36 jas61292: Oh yeah, body slam
23:37 Eagle4: agreeing with sucker punch
23:37 jas61292: Sucker Punch I'd be cool with
23:37 jas61292: Now, what of fighting coverage?
23:37 Timeblaze: Brick Break, Superpower?
23:38 Korski: cross chop
23:38 Korski: for coil sets
23:38 jas61292: I'd say those and Focus Blast
23:38 Timeblaze: Which ones?
23:38 jas61292: All. Cross Chop is odd flavor, but it would be cool for coil
23:39 Eagle4: Low Sweep or Cross Chop
23:39 Kadew: neither, I think we have enough fighting with those
23:39 SgtWoodsy: yes
23:39 Eagle4: i'm happy with focus blast
23:39 SgtWoodsy: i think we're well covered for fighting moves
23:39 Timeblaze: Right.
23:40 Timeblaze: How about Normal moves?
23:40 Eagle4: on to flying ;)
23:40 Timeblaze: Or Flying.
23:40 jas61292: Acrobatics
23:40 jas61292: And Aerial Ace
23:40 Timeblaze: Yes, that definitely works.
23:40 Eagle4: Bounce
23:41 Eagle4: I'm not happy with superpower being on here
23:42 Timeblaze: So, what will this thing accomplish competitively, exactly?
23:42 jas61292: Anyone have problems with Bounce?
23:42 Korski: bounce is extranneous
23:42 Eagle4: i don't ;)
23:43 Korski: unless you are toxic stalling or something?
23:43 SgtWoodsy: it's ou arceus
23:43 SgtWoodsy: apparently
23:43 SgtWoodsy: it looks reasonably defensive
23:43 jas61292: Well, its a flying STAB that works like Body Slam
23:43 Timeblaze: What about Acrobatics?
23:44 Eagle4: no not dragon pulse
23:44 Eagle4: dragon breath maybe
23:44 Mos-Quitoxe: right then
23:44 Kadew: dragon breath would be flavor if anything
23:44 Mos-Quitoxe: what's this crazy setup
23:44 Deck Knight: Dragonbreath wouldn't be on an allowed list since it isn't VGM
23:44 Kadew: the best kind of crazy
23:44 Eagle4: oh okay
23:44 Timeblaze: This party's getting crazy
23:44 Kadew: so many colors in the chat
23:45 Timeblaze: Hey hey hey
23:45 Mos-Quitoxe: I'd contribute, but my dirty dirty brown would literally soil your rainbow
23:45 jas61292: You could change your color...
23:45 Eagle4: no not blizzard or thunder
23:45 Mos-Quitoxe: I know
23:45 Mos-Quitoxe: *lame excuses*
23:45 Eagle4: it doesn't fit in at all
23:46 Timeblaze: Shadow Sneak?
23:46 Korski: weather ball preempts my hydro pump suggestion
23:46 Timeblaze: Hydro Pump is a bit much.
23:46 Fusxfaranto: weather ball is good
23:47 Timeblaze: Well, he can learn tail moves, so that'd work.
23:47 Eagle4: aa i was about to suggest aqua tail
23:47 Deck Knight: Chamereon is a tailed beast
23:47 jas61292: Oh, what about ground and rock moves?
23:47 Eagle4: ninja'd by deck knight
23:47 jas61292: EQ?
23:47 Deck Knight: I can Ninja even in Pirate Pad
23:48 Eagle4: rock slide?
23:48 Timeblaze: What about Dark Pulse?
23:48 Korski: rock slide and bulldoze
23:48 jas61292: Sounds good
23:48 Deck Knight: Indeed
23:48 Eagle4: agreeing with korski
23:48 Eagle4: Belly Drum? :D
23:49 Fusxfaranto: yes
23:49 Timeblaze: We're focusing on attacking moves at the moment.
23:49 Timeblaze: ...String Shot?
23:49 Fusxfaranto: string shot, definitely a cgm
23:49 Fusxfaranto: *vgm
23:49 jas61292: Explosion....?
23:49 Eagle4: no
23:49 Timeblaze: How on earth would it use Explosion?
23:49 Deck Knight: lol Exploding Chamereon
23:49 jas61292: Quick Attack?
23:49 Mos-Quitoxe: where the hell is lick?
23:50 Kadew: its trunk looks pretty swollen, id think it could explode
23:50 Mos-Quitoxe: it explodes from appendicitis
23:50 Eagle4: I still want leaf blade :(
23:50 Fusxfaranto: selfdestruct at least
23:50 Mos-Quitoxe: no-one ever said it had to be a fiery explosion
23:50 Kadew: if lickilicki can explode I think this could
23:50 Timeblaze: Selfdestruct would be fine.
23:51 Deck Knight: Lickilicki has Explosive Flatulence
23:51 Eagle4: please, no explosion or self-destruct
23:51 jas61292: Final Gambit :>
23:51 Eagle4: EVERYBODY suggests final gambit in movepools i've noticed
23:51 Kadew: chamereon isn't ninja enough for final gambit
23:52 jas61292: Seriously though, what about priority moves?
23:52 Mos-Quitoxe: it would imply that it could formulate non-final gambits
23:52 Eagle4: Pursuit?
23:52 Timeblaze: What about X-Scissor?
23:52 Mos-Quitoxe: and it certainly can't do that, not with those wall-eyes.
23:52 Fusxfaranto: give it bullet punch ;3
23:52 Timeblaze: Or maybe Signal Beam.
23:52 Korski: priority is going to be lackluster i bet
23:52 Kadew: can't punch with those skinny arms
23:52 Mos-Quitoxe: lick lick lick
23:52 Mos-Quitoxe: it's what chameleons DO
23:52 jas61292: I say give it Quick Attack.
23:52 Timeblaze: Aqua Jet!?
23:52 Kadew: custom move: quick lick
23:53 Deck Knight: Yeah,
23:53 Mos-Quitoxe: also good
23:53 Kadew: takes on the type it currently is
23:53 Mos-Quitoxe: that's better
23:53 SgtWoodsy: there
23:53 SgtWoodsy: lick
23:53 Korski: lick will be in the movepool
23:53 Mos-Quitoxe: thank ye
23:53 jas61292: Anything else anyone can think of for attacking moves?
23:53 SgtWoodsy: so uh
23:54 SgtWoodsy: custom judgement?
23:54 Eagle4: Knock off
23:54 Kadew: How does it punch with those skinny arms?
23:54 Kadew: or focus for that matter
23:54 Timeblaze: I dunno about this thing focusing
23:54 Korski: umm poison jab / gunk shot
23:54 Mos-Quitoxe: it punches with elastic tongue action of coruse
23:54 Timeblaze: That's stretching it.
23:54 Deck Knight: It turns its tongue into a fist and punches with that!
23:54 Kadew: gyro ball?
23:55 Mos-Quitoxe: it's not even round kadew
23:55 Kadew: yeah it is
23:55 Kadew: that's pretty round body to me
23:55 Kadew: it's ellipse tool for goodness sake
23:55 Eagle4: KNOCK OFF
23:55 Kadew: that's a non-attacking move
23:55 Mos-Quitoxe: too many appendages
23:55 Mos-Quitoxe: like heads and tails
23:55 Timeblaze: Hey, how about Hex?
23:55 Timeblaze: It's japanese name is Evil Eye.
23:56 Mos-Quitoxe: you can tell I resent bronzor and bronzong knowing the move
23:56 Fusxfaranto: hex is cool
23:56 Timeblaze: And those are some scary eyes.
23:56 Timeblaze: What about Normal attacks besides Return?
23:56 Eagle4: crush grip
23:57 Eagle4: okay, enough attacking moves...
23:57 Korski: it already has body slam
23:57 Fusxfaranto: wrap?
23:58 Timeblaze: Strength? Facade?
23:58 Timeblaze: Hyper Voice?
23:58 Eagle4: Ninja'd by kadew this time
23:58 Korski: i'm comfortable with this list of attacks
23:58 Eagle4: and no hyper voice lol
23:58 Kadew: Yeah I'd say this is big enough
23:58 Eagle4: agreed
23:58 Fusxfaranto: yeah this looks good
23:58 Timeblaze: It looks good as i-
23:58 Timeblaze: is.
23:58 Kadew: HIDDEN POWER
23:59 Mos-Quitoxe: this is a fucken' bloated list
23:59 Eagle4: Yup
23:59 Timeblaze: Okay, that's good.
23:59 Kadew: wait till you see non-attacking moves
23:59 Timeblaze: Deck Knight, stop

February 4, 2013

0:00 Deck Knight: So, no Ancient Power then?
0:00 Fusxfaranto: lol
0:00 Mos-Quitoxe: can't be too similar to kecleon
0:00 paint: did you guys just remake Kecleon?
0:00 paint: ew bad colour
0:01 jas61292: Not at all
0:01 Kadew: We have rebuilt Keckleon
0:01 Timeblaze: It's to Kecleon what Alomomola is to Luvdisc.
0:01 Kadew: better than it was before
0:01 Fusxfaranto: it's a cross between kecleon and arceus
0:01 Deck Knight: We have the technology
0:01 Kadew: better, stronger, faster
0:01 Mos-Quitoxe: we ha-damn ninja knight
0:01 paint: haha
0:01 Kadew: Deck Kninja strikes again!
0:01 jas61292: Cosmic Power?
0:01 Korski: give it screens
0:02 Eagle4: anybody object to stockpile?
0:02 Kadew: no
0:02 Fusxfaranto: well now it needs swallow and spit up
0:02 jas61292: What are people's thoughts on T-Wave?
0:02 Kadew: it already has glare
0:02 Kadew: which + coil would be pretty okay
0:03 Kadew: hows about mean look?
0:03 Timeblaze: Stealth Rock?
0:03 Fusxfaranto: definitely mean look
0:03 Eagle4: it's too derpy to look mean
0:03 Kadew: what about lovely kiss~
0:03 Mos-Quitoxe: but it looks scary
0:03 jas61292: No sleep moves
0:03 jas61292: Wisp?
0:03 Timeblaze: Hone Claws!
0:04 Eagle4: Toxic Spikes?
0:04 Kadew: coil > hone claws
0:04 Kadew: not needed at all
0:04 jas61292: HC is fine since Coil outclasses
0:04 Kadew: then it would be a flavor move
0:04 Kadew: isn't this just for VGM?
0:04 Fusxfaranto: >tail whip
0:04 Eagle4: Toxic Spikes?
0:04 Fusxfaranto: nah
0:05 Kadew: this thing has way too many options to be thinking hazards too
0:05 jas61292: Roar?
0:05 Fusxfaranto: yes
0:05 Eagle4: yes
0:05 Korski: it should have spikes
0:05 Deck Knight: CAP Principle: Design by Committee sucks
0:05 Eagle4: no hyper beam
0:05 Eagle4: no giga impact
0:05 Deck Knight: Like Skarmory!
0:05 Timeblaze: What do you mean, no Hyper Beam/Giga Impact?
0:06 Timeblaze: Is this thing fully evolved?
0:06 Kadew: corollary: design by committe is what makes us matter
0:06 SgtWoodsy: yeah
0:06 Eagle4: Swagger?
0:06 Deck Knight: But our committee is not nearly fat enough
0:06 Kadew: chamereon has swag
0:06 Timeblaze: Then it gets Hyper Beam/Giga Impact.
0:06 Timeblaze: It's already on the attacking moves list.
0:06 Eagle4: Baton Pass?
0:07 Fusxfaranto: sure
0:07 jas61292: I'd say no to BP. it would pass Coils too easily
0:07 Eagle4: Man this movepool is massive
0:07 Kadew: Yeah no bp
0:07 Quanyails: Updated sprite.
0:07 Timeblaze: Calm Mind? Bulk Up?
0:07 Fusxfaranto: ooh we need to give it foul play
0:07 Kadew: I'm not sure on willowisp either
0:07 Quanyails: Still have to fix up tail.
0:08 jas61292: Looking good
0:08 Eagle4: Heal Bell?
0:08 Kadew: yes calm mind no bulk up
0:08 Kadew: give it a special option
0:08 jas61292: Wisp might be too good
0:08 Kadew: but it has coil
0:08 Eagle4: no wisp
0:08 Eagle4: I don't know if heal bell would be too much
0:08 Deck Knight: Spore...
0:08 jas61292: no
0:08 Eagle4: no not spore
0:09 jas61292: Heal Bell could be interesting
0:09 Kadew: sing!
0:09 Deck Knight: Grasswhistle
0:09 jas61292: Could make a nice cleric
0:09 paint: chameleons don't make noises
0:09 Eagle4: we've got yawn
0:09 Timeblaze: Rain Dance? Sunny Day? Hail? Sandstorm?
0:09 Fusxfaranto: nah no weather
0:09 Deck Knight: Every Normal mon has Sunny Day and Rain Dance.
0:09 jas61292: Yeah
0:10 Eagle4: I'd say grasswhistle should be used instead of yawn
0:10 Fusxfaranto: nevermind then
0:10 Timeblaze: What about Taunt?
0:10 Fusxfaranto: no taunt, no torment
0:10 Timeblaze: I'm currently going over the list of TMs to make a list.
0:10 Kadew: disable?
0:10 Deck Knight: Well, there goes me naming my Chamereon Obelisk
0:10 Fusxfaranto: nah
0:10 Eagle4: we're now just piling on any non-attacking move :(
0:10 Kadew: copy-cat
0:10 Kadew: makes sense for chameleon
0:11 Deck Knight: Me First
0:11 Deck Knight: (The move)
0:11 Eagle4: copy-cat
0:11 Deck Knight: MIRROR MOVE
0:11 Eagle4: agreed
0:11 Kadew: me first says deck kninja
0:11 Kadew: mirror move is for the birds
0:11 Deck Knight: Yeah, but I'm the reason Stun Spore is on Cyclohm, sooo....
0:11 jas61292: I think this looks good
0:12 Kadew: needs quiver dance
0:12 Eagle4: so no copycat?
0:12 jas61292: Who wants to organize it all into a movepool?
0:12 Eagle4: ah
0:12 Deck Knight: Shell Smash
0:12 Timeblaze: I'm currently doing TMs
0:13 Kadew: who went and made this the #yoloswag pokemon? >:|
0:13 jas61292: :\
0:13 Timeblaze: Dumb question, but should this thing get Attract?
0:13 Eagle4: NO
0:13 Fusxfaranto: yes
0:13 Kadew: its already on there
0:13 Timeblaze: Alright
0:13 Eagle4: I MEAN YES
0:13 Kadew: and every gendered poke has it
0:13 Kadew: plus poor cyrogonal
0:13 Timeblaze: Larvesta
0:13 Timeblaze: Ferroseed
0:14 jas61292: Almost every.
0:14 jas61292: Not Nincada, iirc
0:14 Timeblaze: False Swipe?
0:14 jas61292: sure
0:15 Timeblaze: Shadow Claw?
0:16 Quanyails: All righty, I hope I can focus here more now that the sprite is nearing a final draft.
0:16 Mos-Quitoxe: I bet that cryogonal was going to be gendered and they forgot to edit out attract
0:16 jas61292: I'm fine with Shadow Claw. Don't know about anyone else
0:16 Eagle4: looks great :)
0:16 Eagle4: agreeing with shadow claw
0:16 Quanyails: I'm okay with Shadow Claw. :P
0:16 Eagle4: DRAGON CLAW
0:17 Eagle4: jks
0:17 Timeblaze: Gyro Ball? Swords Dance?
0:17 jas61292: No SD
0:17 Eagle4: we've got gyro ball
0:17 Eagle4: no SD
0:17 Timeblaze: Okay
0:17 Deck Knight: Tail Glow
0:17 jas61292: ....
0:17 Eagle4: no
0:18 Timeblaze: Work Up? Dream Eater?
0:18 jas61292: Dream Eater!
0:18 Eagle4: no, we;ve got enough moves :/
0:18 Timeblaze: Hey, I'm just going over the TMs. >_>
0:18 Fusxfaranto: yes work up, no dream eater
0:19 Deck Knight: Heh, funny thought
0:19 jas61292: Someone should make a level up movepool
0:19 Timeblaze: I've got one yes for Work Up, and a yes and a no for Dream Eater.
0:19 paint: can't believe we're making Chamereon without Yilx :\
0:19 Timeblaze: What do the rest of you say?
0:19 Deck Knight: I just realized that, technically, all the mons with Secret Power had a Sleep Move to use with Dream Eater.
0:19 Kadew: yilx will be brokenhearted to hear of this
0:19 Eagle4: no dream eater
0:20 Timeblaze: Okay, no Dream Eater. Work Up?
0:20 Eagle4: fine
0:20 jas61292: We will dedicate this pokemon to yilx
0:20 Kadew: In Yilx's memory
0:21 Eagle4: Is anybody doing chamereon's level up movepool?
0:21 Eagle4: I'm bad with movepools :(
0:21 Kadew: it's level up movepool is lvl1 lick
0:21 Kadew: and then all the vgms that won't fit elsewhere
0:22 Quanyails: Base it off of Alomomola's increments?
0:22 jas61292: Nah, that is egg pool
0:22 Timeblaze: Okay, finalizing the TM list.
0:22 Eagle4: cool :)
0:23 Eagle4: also timeblaze, have you edited your dex submissions yet?
0:23 Timeblaze: I've made a new post.
0:23 Eagle4: ima go check
0:23 Timeblaze: Okay, it's ready.
0:23 Kadew: let's make some dex entries for this
0:23 Kadew: below moves
0:23 Timeblaze: We should start deleting all TM moves off of the list.
0:25 Eagle4: a what's a fly pokemon
0:25 Timeblaze: Here goes, be ready
0:26 Timeblaze: I'll work on Tutor moves now
0:26 Quanyails: Do you mind if I reword the entry at line 132? o3o
0:27 Kadew: go ahead
0:27 SgtWoodsy: we're gonna have to talk to yilx about this
0:27 SgtWoodsy: before submitting
0:27 jas61292: Why you all so mean to poor delibird?
0:27 SgtWoodsy: delibird's a piece of shit
0:27 Kadew: Because that is the way of CAP
0:27 jas61292: =(
0:28 paint: guys. all of these dex entries are awesome. use your powers for good for Cupra and Argalis
0:28 jas61292: Yeah, listen to paint!!
0:28 Eagle4: kadew, yours is too long
0:28 Quanyails: Updated the sprite with transparency, if anyone cares. :P
0:28 paint: the key is to not take them seriously
0:29 Birkal: lol
0:29 Birkal: hello team
0:29 Quanyails: BIRKAL. :D
0:29 Kadew: Birkal!
0:29 jas61292: Hello Birkal
0:29 Deck Knight: Birkal
0:29 unnamed: Birkal
0:29 Kadew: skip all the boring and head to the dex entries
0:29 Birkal: this mon is broken
0:29 Birkal: lol
0:29 Quanyails: What do you think so far?
0:29 Birkal: those defenses + slack off + multitype
0:29 Timeblaze: We're making Chamereon
0:29 Birkal: I am very proud
0:29 Kadew: let's reduce every stat by 30 base
0:29 Kadew: that shoudl do it
0:29 Birkal: nahh I am just interested in this mon
0:30 Birkal: it's gonna tank like crazy
0:30 Deck Knight: Birkal - become drunk with power. Make out fakemon GROW!
0:30 Birkal: good move not putting hazards on it though
0:30 Birkal: this could actually help stall a lot
0:30 Birkal: I don't think it has any superboffensive sets
0:30 Birkal: *superb offensive
0:30 SgtWoodsy: i have created something good
0:30 jas61292: Yeah. Not really that strong
0:30 SgtWoodsy: i am very proud of myself
0:30 Birkal: Sgt, this isn't yours
0:30 Birkal: it's not dragon/grass
0:30 SgtWoodsy: i got this thing started
0:30 SgtWoodsy: it's mine
0:31 Birkal: solid
0:31 Birkal: what is yilx up to; is here here?
0:31 SgtWoodsy: and i've done very little since since handegg's on
0:31 paint: Eagle4: "Charmereon often licks its own eyeballs" is perfect
0:31 SgtWoodsy: no
0:31 Birkal: lol he will be so proud
0:31 SgtWoodsy: i feel kinda guilty about it
0:31 Timeblaze: Okay, I've made a preemptive tutor list
0:31 Quanyails: Are we doing allcaps or not? o3o
0:31 Timeblaze: See if there's anything missing, or on that shouldn't be
0:31 SgtWoodsy: nah
0:31 SgtWoodsy: there's no more allcaps in pokemon
0:32 Quanyails: Then I shall make the entries lowercased.
0:32 Kadew: ALLCAPS
0:32 Kadew: the superior way of writing
0:32 Birkal: oh wow, this thing is slow
0:33 Birkal: jas are we using raw stats or dusk-esque ones
0:33 paint: I vote we stop doing dex entries now and pick from what we have
0:33 SgtWoodsy: take your pick
0:33 jas61292: raw. need that 51 Speed
0:33 Kadew: what are the level up move levels based on?
0:33 SgtWoodsy: alternative we can use a mixture
0:33 Quanyails: Alomomola.
0:33 SgtWoodsy: on
0:33 SgtWoodsy: ok*
0:33 SgtWoodsy: raw
0:34 jas61292: Need to outspeed Donphan
0:34 Birkal: need to outspeed donphan? why
0:34 Quanyails: Eh, Leer should be later. :P
0:34 jas61292: Because....
0:34 Quanyails: Or replaced.
0:34 Kadew: Never enough dex!
0:34 jas61292: It just does
0:34 Birkal: oh it gets power whip
0:34 Birkal: lol
0:35 SgtWoodsy: yeah
0:35 Birkal: I am trying to think of an offensive set I'd used
0:35 jas61292: And I vote for Birkal's dex entry
0:35 Birkal: ty jas
0:35 Deck Knight: Fist Plate Coil/Cross Chop/Slack Off/Shadow Claw
0:36 Birkal: jas, I'd rather go whatever Ghost Plate is on that set
0:36 SgtWoodsy: why does this thing have judgement quick attack
0:36 SgtWoodsy: again
0:36 Birkal: immunities and more power on shadow claw
0:36 Kadew: spooky plate
0:36 Birkal: yeah that
0:36 Birkal: this thing would wreck when paired with deo-d
0:36 Birkal: this might actually be OU
0:37 jas61292: Multitype is powerful, but I don't think any one set would be too ridiculous
0:37 Eagle4: yay kadew
0:38 Kadew: Green elitism goin gon in here
0:38 Eagle4: anyway, enough dex entries?
0:38 SgtWoodsy: yes
0:38 SgtWoodsy: more than enough
0:38 Eagle4: okay, let's vote
0:38 Eagle4: and stuff
0:38 Quanyails: Line 147.
0:38 SgtWoodsy: good lord
0:38 SgtWoodsy: we've been doing this for nearly 2 hours
0:38 Quanyails: Line 137.
0:38 Eagle4: Line 137
0:38 Birkal: lol
0:38 SgtWoodsy: 137
0:38 Birkal: I had a choir audition
0:38 Birkal: so I was productive :D
0:38 paint: agree 137
0:39 Timeblaze: How does that look for Egg Moves?
0:39 Quanyails: Darn it, they've been moved.
0:39 SgtWoodsy: 146*
0:39 Quanyails: Isn't Zen Headbutt a tutor move?
0:39 Eagle4: 146
0:39 paint: 3 7 12
0:40 Eagle4: 3 11 15
0:40 Quanyails: 3, 13, and, hmm...
0:40 Quanyails: 14.
0:40 Timeblaze: I don't think so.
0:40 Timeblaze: Let me check again.
0:40 SgtWoodsy: wait doesn't this thing need like
0:40 SgtWoodsy: four dex entries
0:40 Eagle4: actually, 3 8 14
0:40 Timeblaze: Oh, it is.
0:40 Kadew: 3
0:40 SgtWoodsy: b/w/b2/w2
0:41 Timeblaze: Should I add it?
0:41 jas61292: 3 8 13
0:41 SgtWoodsy: unless b2w2 have the same dex entry
0:41 Kadew: bw2 share entries
0:41 SgtWoodsy: oh ok
0:41 Fusxfaranto: 0 8 6 3
0:41 Eagle4: Let's delete the dex entries which stand no chance, to get a better idea
0:41 Kadew: we should tally the points by having a perosn put a ! in their color by each entry they vote for
0:41 Eagle4: good idea
0:41 Eagle4: 3 votes, right?
0:42 Kadew: multiple bold for now, id think
0:42 Kadew: then thin down the crap entries and see what we have
0:42 Kadew: everyone, cast a ! for each entry you like
0:44 Eagle4: done :)
0:44 Kadew: done.
0:44 Quanyails: 3, 6, 8, then?
0:44 Eagle4: okay
0:44 Birkal: 13!!!
0:44 Kadew: 6 and 13 are tied
0:44 Kadew: wait, someone deleted
0:44 Quanyails: Ah.
0:44 Kadew: so 3, 8, 13
0:44 Quanyails: Did I just see 6 go down a !?
0:44 Kadew: by the looks of it
0:44 Eagle4: okay
0:45 Quanyails: Righty, 3, 8, 13.
0:45 jas61292: Awesome
0:45 Quanyails: Woot!
0:46 Eagle4: delete all of the dex entries now
0:46 Timeblaze: Okay, let's delete the submissions to tidy it up.
0:46 Eagle4: except the ones which won
0:46 Timeblaze: Whoops
0:47 Eagle4: let's decide height and weight
0:47 Quanyails: :U
0:47 Kadew: Okay, I'm going to go clean up my official art
0:47 Eagle4: wooo
0:47 jas61292: 12'6''
0:47 Kadew: 6'11"
0:47 Quanyails: Well, with those dimensions, my sprite would look normal. :P
0:47 Timeblaze: 4'7"
0:48 Fusxfaranto: needs to be huuuuge
0:48 Eagle4: i have no idea how to work in feet and inches
0:48 Kadew: 2 foot 2 inches
0:48 Eagle4: CM woooo
0:48 Kadew: to represent that the original poster has 2 posts
0:48 Fusxfaranto: how about
0:48 Fusxfaranto: 22'2"
0:48 Kadew: or we could go for whatever equivalent 2 metres is
0:48 Quanyails: About six feet.
0:48 Quanyails: 6'2''?
0:48 Eagle4: 2m is way too large
0:48 Timeblaze: >The Yilx Pokemon
0:49 Quanyails: I'd go with jsut Chameleon. :P
0:49 Quanyails: just*
0:49 Quanyails: (Did I spell that right?)
0:49 Fusxfaranto: 2 miles
0:49 jas61292: 2'2'' and 22lbs
0:49 SgtWoodsy: are we nearly done here
0:50 Kadew: I like jas dimentions
0:50 Timeblaze: Almost, yeah
0:50 Kadew: small enough that the swinging from trees seems plausible
0:50 Fusxfaranto: that's too small though
0:50 Timeblaze: Also, which stats are we using?
0:50 Fusxfaranto: needs to be at least 6'
0:50 Fusxfaranto: the first set
0:50 Timeblaze: 5'5"
0:50 Kadew: a 6ft chameleon cannot swing from trees for fun
0:50 jas61292: ^
0:50 Fusxfaranto: yes it can
0:50 Timeblaze: 5'2"
0:50 jas61292: 2'5''
0:50 Kadew: it can swing trees around for fun
0:50 Kadew: but that's not the dex entry now is it
0:51 Kadew: dark purple is too dark
0:51 Kadew: fusx pick a ligher shade please
0:51 Fusxfaranto: there :p
0:51 Kadew: thankee
0:51 Birkal: what
0:51 Birkal: no cloyster quote
0:52 Birkal: bs
0:52 Timeblaze: Anything else we need to do?
0:52 Eagle4: haha birkal
0:52 Quanyails: It's there. O.o
0:52 Birkal: oh yeah
0:52 Timeblaze: Cloyster is there.
0:52 Birkal: :D :D :D
0:52 jas61292: Its the black one
0:52 Birkal: that was me
0:52 Timeblaze: Black entry.
0:52 Birkal: I did it
0:52 Birkal: :>
0:52 Eagle4: I did the swinging from branch one go me
0:52 Birkal: this looks awesome
0:52 Timeblaze: So, what about the artwork?
0:52 Birkal: good work team
0:52 Timeblaze: It's still... well, rough.
0:52 Eagle4: Thanks birkal
0:52 SgtWoodsy: i'll update the post later
0:52 SgtWoodsy: if there's better art
0:53 Eagle4: We posting this i cap kitchen?
0:53 Quanyails: Kadew's working on it.
0:53 Eagle4: in*
0:53 Kadew: I'm working on it
0:53 Kadew: lineart that doesnt suck takes a bit
0:53 SgtWoodsy: yeah eagle
0:53 Quanyails: And I'll add it to TV Tropes.
0:53 Eagle4: this has taken longer than i expected
0:53 Eagle4: because of the bloated movepool
0:54 Timeblaze: But it was fun.
0:54 Eagle4: it is very fun
0:54 Quanyails: First time I managed to participate in one of these. :)
0:54 Timeblaze: Froxbite, Cnidali, and now Chamereon.
0:54 Quanyails: Even if it was half-taken up by spriting.
0:55 Timeblaze: Now, if this thing was found in Unova, where would it be?
0:55 Fusxfaranto: heaven
0:55 jas61292: Deep in victory road
0:55 SgtWoodsy:
0:55 Kadew: unreleased dream world
0:55 Eagle4: idunno if this pokemon is OP or not
0:56 Eagle4: woo SgtWoodsy :)
0:56 Timeblaze: High Defenses + Slack Off + Multitype
0:56 Quanyails: A space is needed before Coil.
0:56 Timeblaze: And a wide movepool
0:56 jas61292: Its good, but any one set can only do so much
0:57 Eagle4: and lick, Quanyails :)
0:57 Timeblaze: I'm satisfied with the result.
0:57 Kadew: there should be a link to the original chamereon post in the post
0:57 Eagle4: ^
0:57 Kadew:
0:58 Eagle4: what CAP was that even in?
0:58 Eagle4: CAP 3?
0:58 Quanyails: Ah, should've made the ridge on its back larger.
0:58 SgtWoodsy: done
0:59 Quanyails: Mind if I adjust it, SgtWoodsy?
0:59 Kadew: that was for aurumoth
0:59 Eagle4: wow
0:59 Kadew: chamereon, if it had a final sub, coulda been aurumoth
0:59 Kadew: so the wide movepool is entirely valid
0:59 Timeblaze: I don't even know how that would be Bug/Psychic
0:59 jas61292: Yeah. The amazing bug/psychic chameleon
1:01 Quanyails: <-- Mind updating?
1:01 Eagle4: can anybody explain to me why this is associated with Yilx?
1:02 Quanyails: It's one of his memes.
1:02 Eagle4: also, good sprite quanyails
1:02 Eagle4: oh okay
1:03 Quanyails: Well, I'll be heading back to IRC.
1:03 Quanyails: See you all there!

Anyway, this was my first time making one of these CAPs IRC-style, and it was a great experience for me. :DD


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I've quickly Photoshop-recolored it for each of the typings (from left to right, top to bottom: Normal/Fire/Water/Electric/Grass/Ice/Fighting/Poison/Ground/Flying/Psychic/Bug/Rock/Ghost/Dragon/Dark/Steel). Don't mind those dots around each sprite; that would just be for me to recognize each 96x96 box.
Froxbite, Cnidali and now Chamereon.

C'mon Deck, let these mofos into ASB.

(Yes ik I'm going to be hated for mentioning ASB here but idgaf)


and that goes double for me
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A well-balanced metagame starts with a well-balanced breakfast. Alongside orange juice and whole grain toast, this CAP is sure to get your day started right!

Newtella - The Hazelnut Spread Pokemon

Dark (Chocolate)

Sticky Hold / Pressure (DW)

10 g Fat / 1 g Protein / 15 mg Sodium / 1 g Dietary Fiber / 0 mg Potassium / 21 g Sugar
Total Calories: 200


New Move:
Category: Special | Type: Dark | BP: 60 | Acc: 100% | PP: 15 (24)
A delicious bomb that puts the foe in a unique "Spread" state: next time they are hit by an attack, it will deal 1.5x the normal amount of damage. This effect goes away if the the "spread" Pokemon switches out.

Level Up:
00: Lick
00: Harden
00: Encore
04: Pay Day
09: Minimize
14: Follow Me
18: Taunt
23: ChocoBomb
26: Acid Armor
30: Faint Attack
35: Sweet Scent
38: Torment
43: Milk Drink
47: Last Resort
51: Bestow
55: Destiny Bond
60: Captivate

Calm Mind
Hidden Power
Hyper Beam
Rain Dance
Double Team
Sludge Wave
Sludge Bomb
Echoed Voice
Focus Blast
False Swipe
Giga Impact
Thunder Wave
Psych Up
Work Up
Poison Jab
Grass Knot
Wild Charge
Rock Smash

Amorphous Group
Stored Power
Mud Bomb
Heal Block
Night Shade
Clear Smog
Confuse Ray

Giga Drain
Seed Bomb
Pain Split
Gunk Shot
Earth Power
Magic Coat
Foul Play
Dark Pulse
Heat Wave
Knock Off
Gastro Acid
Sleep Talk

Pokedex Entries:
Black: This Pokemon is incredibly rare in the wild due to its abnormally large number of predators.

White: Every year, these Pokemon are gathered in great numbers and used to create a delicious spread for mass retail.

B2W2: Newtella avoid the sun during the day. If they get caught under it for too long, they will melt.


*bird sounds*
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Time to tell the legend of Sassy Mollux.

Some time ago, within the magical world of #cap, a couple of people were innocently discussing the competitive merits of sassy-natured mollux. Little did they know, a rogue artist was lurking that would take that idea and run it into dark and forbidden paths.

All seemed to be well for a while. Only the first picture was spawned, and sassy shiny mollux was content to be fabulous as an avatar for some time. But she had wandering eyes, and her gaze would turn to the other CAPs soon enough.

Yes, sassy mollux ventured into the dark and forbidden arts of shipping. Long had CAP gone free from this plague upon fandoms, but no longer. Idle IRC conversation planted new, awful ideas in the rogue artist's head, and yet another pairing of sassy mollux was brought forth.

Bashful tomohawk fell to her charms just as cyclohm before. Will this madness soon cease? With the valentines season approaching fast, it does not seem likely. Who will she strike next? Only the whims of IRC and my own crazy know.

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