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So over at IRC, we were talking about Mollux, and I made mediocre Mollux fan art. Enjoy :> (Note: Both were made in Paint with a Touchpad)

No colors because lazy :<


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Happy (belated) Valentine's Day, CaP! I bring you the gift of Sassy Mollux to celebrate!

Firstly, our exalted topic leader Jas61292 was disappointed in the suboptimal nature of the previous encounter with tomohawk, and so bold tomo now stands up to plate, and won't be taking any of mollux' sass.

And, a little experiment of painting, does Sassy Mollux finally find true love? Will she stop roaming the forums in lust and sass, and settle down?

That really depends on whether a pairing with mollux strikes my fancy or not, but for now, sassy gets a good valentines day, and I hope you all did too.
Again, Mos, I absolutely love that picture. It's full of charm and cheer. :D It's the wonderful artistic skill you have that gives the piece its mood!


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Mos Quitoxe that is a glorious and magnificent piece of work there. Molluxote on his old nag hazmutt, confused and delusioned believes he is saving the land from giant delibird, scourge of mankind, but really is tilting at windmills. Such a great allusion I love that whole drawing. The inclusion of previous great cap entries just shows you have great taste; cornmon and hazmutt and the skeeter, all great designs.

Also the kitchen has basically become mollux fanart extravaganza. Not that I have a problem with that. Though, my next post in here may actually involve flavor justification/discussion pictures if I get around to suchlike.

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You know what I like? I like Krilowatt's shiny form. I think it's probably just the thing I have for liking most blue shiny forms like Gigalith's. Krilowatt just looks so amazing shiny.
Humor in CAP - too much, too little, just right?

CAP5 has inspired some really great artistic designs already, and some use a healthy dose of humor – I'd like to just put a question out to the powers that be of CAP, how does humor effect the choices you make? Personally, I love a good pun and some bitingly clever word play, but I can see others seeing the same thing as not taking the project seriously. Does humor intrinsically hurt an entry's chance at the polls? Is going serious a "safe" bet? I'd love to hear the thoughts of others on this since I (for so many reasons) cannot get on IRC.

I know this goes further than just the drawing portion of the process – the writers out there face the same balance – love to hear about that perspective too.

Hoping this is the right place to post this (question about flavour with the obligatory u). Otherwise please forgive me and forget I wrote anything.

Certainly. This thread is meant for discussion, albeit it had transformed into a fanart thread. :P A topic of discussion is appreciated.

There are humorous art designs in every CAP, though with the records for CAP designs so far, having a design based off of humor primarily tends to get overshadowed by 'cooler' designs. Voodoom, for instance, is rather witty by using a sewing needle as a lightning rod, to fit the CAP's ability, while having the design as a whole work off of Dark/Fighting. Krilowatt and Mollux subvert this trend by playing for cute instead, and you could argue that a shrimp learning how to fire Draco Meteors (at least, it once could) provides unexpected humor. From the outside, though, Smogon does have a reputation for being serious, so explicit silliness may end up less preferred. In terms of art, some voters just look for a cool, cute, and/or funny design that fits Pokemon, and others see how a design portrays typings, abilities, and stats before subjective decisions. Each voter has his or her own preference.

Wordplay and allusions are more prevalent in name and flavor polls, after the design of the CAP had been decided. Pokemon names are naturally portmanteaux, so the names that mesh and portray the pokemon the best are favored. Pokedex entries allow people to add their bits of humor without it having any competitively disapproving perceptions. However, there exists a line between antics and subtlety, as Aurumoth had shown, that reflects upon the CAP community.
Would anyone else also be up for thinking of in-game locations for our CAPs? I think it'd be at least be interesting, but I don't want to do it and have everyone be all like "what are you doing like srsly." :3
Believe it or not, I've actually been working on something like this for a while. The Gen IV CAPs would be found in Sinnoh, due to them having DPP PokeDex entries.
Syclar would likely be found at Route 216, Route 217, and Acuity Lakefront - maybe Mt. Coronet.
Aw, do they have to stay in Sinnoh? You seriously can't tell me that Chargestone Cave doesn't look like the main trafficking nest of Stratagem.

Outside of Reversal Mountain seems nice and rural. Maybe Unova Route 4? Either way, Tomohawk.
Celestial Tower... Not too original, but it seems fitting for a mourner like Necturna.
Undella Bay or Seaside Cave for Mollux. Unova doesn't exactly have a lot of ocean-y spots, now that I think about it.

I'm at a loss for Aurumoth. If anything, it seems like something you would sooner find on Mt. Coronet, you know?
Keep in mind that Auramoth is a 600 beast, so Cupra would have to be a rare Pokemon to find. As such, it would probably only be found in a location that's post-8th Badge. As such, the perfect place for a wild Cupra would be the Abundant Shrine - only available once you get Waterfall.

Scratchet would probably be found at Route 4 and Desert Resort - it's Pokedex entries mention ancient civilizations.

I think that Necturine would work at Celestial Tower, and maybe Pinwheel/Lostlorn Forest.

As for Mollux, it's a lava-lamp cone snail. Seaside Cave definitely works, but Reversal Mountain and Route 18 work too.
I bet Breezi would be found in the Valley Windworks, since it's a floating Flying-type. Additionally, it could probably be found on Route 208 and 209.

Fidgit would be a bit rarer, and would probably be found Route 223, Victory Road, and the Battle Zone as well.


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Keep in mind that Auramoth is a 600 beast, so Cupra would have to be a rare Pokemon to find. As such, it would probably only be found in a location that's post-8th Badge. As such, the perfect place for a wild Cupra would be the Abundant Shrine - only available once you get Waterfall.
While there is nothing wrong with this, I just wanted to point out that this is not necessarily always the case. Its true that Bagon and Deino were not available in their original games until post-8th badge, and Larvitar and Beldum were not even available until post Elite 4. However, Dratini could be recieved in RB at the game corner, which is available with only 3 badges, and it it possible to catch Gible in DPP with only 2.

That said, Abundant Shrine does seem to fit.
I like to imagine the Cupra line resting outside (or inside) Dragonspiral Tower, or maybe on Victory Road. Abundant Shrine fits, for sure, though.

Mollux is definately a Victory Road mon to me.

Necturine would be a gift mon in Castelia City. It makes sense as a gift to me, and what better place than the Bug gym? The forest outside of the town with Lenora'a Normal gym (I can never remember either of their names XD) would also make sense. Maybe it could be like Lilligant and Whimsicott, where you have to trade one to get another, depending if you have Black or White?
As for other Gen IV CAPmons...

Revenankh: This seems like a Pokemon that would hang around in hard-to-get-to, ruinous, important areas. Mt. Coronet, Victory Road, and Turnback Cave come to mind.
Embirch: A definite forest-dweller. Eterna Forest for certain, maybe outside at Route 205. Flarelm would most likely be found at the Battle Zone, or Stark Mountain.
Breezi: Fidgit wouldn't be found in the wild, due to being (at the moment) an item-based evolution. Breezi at Valley Windworks makes sense, though - although other areas like Route 211 and Route 208 work too, due to their large, vast and windy cliff-areas.

I'll post my thoughts on others later.
mollux, to me, seems kinda like a mountain-mon, too. stark mountain, victory road...

but also maybe the great marsh. think about it. makes sense with dry skin, doesn't it?

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