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Fourth try .-. Typed 100% on a 3G dumbphone, so I apologize for spelling/grammar mistakes in advance. I also abuse dashes, parentheses, and semicolons (oh - I also make up words; it will most likely happen). I have plans for a far-reaching complex storyline, so sorry for the neccesary somewhat-generic intro. Eventually, all CAPs will have a role. Without further ado...
She awoke suddenly, gasping for air as compound eyes struggled to focus in the dim cave lighting. Feeling rushed into her numb limbs with alarming speed, and she clawed blindly into the darkness. Movement! She could move again! Lurching forward with all the grace of a drunken Arghonaut, in less than a second she collapsed in a heap on the floor; apparently, her sense of balance had still neglected to return to her stiff legs.

Nonetheless, the feeling was pure blissful relief - almost indescribable. She flexed her claws, experimenting with her slowly-returning strength. She rolled around on the ground and felt every single pebble and bump with the unerring fascination of a hatchling. Others around her - there were others! - matched her feelings exactly, relishing the most ordinary of circumstances. They walked (stumbled and staggered, really), they crawled, they enjoyed even simply moving their arms around. They were alive again! How wondrous it felt, to be moving at last, after - how long? Wait - where was she? What had happened?

Who was she?

Vital questions raced through her mind, washing away the joy complacently taking hold just moments ago; terrible fear of the unknown filling the void. She descended into a panic, desperately seeking out any relevant bit of information, and finding nothing but emptiness in the cracks of her shattered mind. At least she could be graced her name! Why why why why? This word especially drilled deep into her skull, its unceasing droning a nagging reminder of what had been lost. She squirmed uncomfortably on the ground, pitifully attempting to force the mental anarchy away, wishing only to toss it out on the cavefloor and crush it into insignificant dust. Why why why why -

"Syclant,"a mysterious voice echoed throughout the cavern, silky, masculine, and persuasive. The humdrum of a hundred-odd stressing insects was silenced immediately. "Awaken. Your time has come once again."

The voice seemed to emenate from everywhere in the cave at once, its commanding presence reassuring in her current state. It provided a much-needed crutch to a hundred needy minds; the sudden relief was nearly permeable. That is what they were called - they were Syclant! It must have set the stone rolling, because soon after, her name returned in a moment of sudden lucidity - Krillis. She was Krillis the Syclant! The unadulterated joy of finding her identity was complete and wholesome - a bright cloud nine in a veritable drizzling stormy sea of her emotions. And although these answers closed two questions, they still left far too many open. What had happened? Who was speaking now? Why did they have to be awakened? Wait - they had been asleep? What time was he (?) referring to?

"Your memory will return in due time," the faceless voice continued with, dripping with malevolent power. Perhaps in peak condition, Krillis could pinpoint where the speaker remained hhidden, but certainly not in this disorientated state. "For now... Perhaps, I can help jostle it. Tell me, friends, what does the name 'Aurumoth' mean to you?"

Krillis searched her scattered mind for references, eager to focus her mind on just one question. She filed through disjointed fragments of memories haphazardly splayed across a torn canvas, trying to cling on to even the slightest tidbit of relevant information. Aurumoth... she tasted the foreign name in her mouthparts, silently mouthing the strange syllables, and paused suddely upon finding that sought-after tidbit. Aurumoth. Narrowing her many eyes, she spat the word on the ground with an angry click.

The details were still as vague as anything, but Aurumoth's role in Krillis' life was clear: it was the enemy, a total complete opposition of everything Syclant hhad accomplished, whatever that might have been. A swelling rage forced its way out of some deep corner of Krillis's soul, enveloping her entire body in unbridled anger. Perhaps the inexplicable rage of an amnesiac was even more terrible; it was easy to place blame from a blank page.

Krillis let out an earsplitting shriek, rousing her kin into a mad frenzy. They matched the cry one by one, echoing across the cave until it became an unbearable cacophony of screeching Syclant. Still, even over this titanic din, Krillis heard something -

It was a slight, femenine voice, caught up in the peculiar unfortunancies of cave acoustics. "Perhaps we should leave, master, before they remember too much..."

What could that mean? Too much? The thought, however, was quickly overwhelmed in the face of blood-boiling rage towards Aurumoth. One of the Syclant had discovered an exit, Krillis was unceremoniously pulled into the tide. They poured out of the cave, a skittering horde hellbent on one goal: the death of Aurumoth, if they couldn't exactly remember why.

more coming, phone character limit and general frustration at having to rewrite this bottling up my creative juices and shipping them off far away.

c+c, speculations, welcome of course

bastiodon is the best
oh god just reread it that was a whole lot better in my head...


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A little over two years ago I was working with some guys on another forum in making a Fakemon hack. One of the ideas I presented was a Grass-type snake based off the story of the Garden of Eden. I revisited the concept for CAP5 and gave it a major update, but here is the original design I presented to the other forum. I guess you could call it the "ancestor" of Malaconda.

Thank god I changed it lol
In the meantime, I'm wondering which of Malaconda's abilities is going to be the Dream World one? My guess would be Harvest on the basis that there is precedent for Pokemon getting Infiltrator as a non-DW ability but not for Harvest.
In the meantime, I'm wondering which of Malaconda's abilities is going to be the Dream World one? My guess would be Harvest on the basis that there is precedent for Pokemon getting Infiltrator as a non-DW ability but not for Harvest.
I'd say Infiltrator would, because Malaconda's fruit is like, Game Freak logic mode: "It has it, therefore it must have an ability for it."
So I was thinking, how long would it take for showdown or whatever server to update to 6th gen? I think that new mechanics relating to moves as well as type changes and new pokes would take a while.
Now, here's my idea. Since fairy type is confirmed, the last 5th gen cap should be the ONLY fairy type in existence before we move onto 6th gen caps. We can take a single 6th gen fairy or create one and throw it into the 5th gen ou metagame to see how it affects it. We don't even have to recreate the hidden power system. We just get one fairy and let it be the only one that learns fairy type moves, and see if it changes the dragon and steel meta.


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The problem with that is that we only know one thing about the Fairy type: its moves are SE on Dragon. Everything else is nothing more than rumor. As such, it can't be accurately implemented.
That, and by the time CAP is finished, the era of BW will likely be over [we get less than four months, I believe]

Making a quality CAP takes a lot of time, and that's not really something we have at the moment.

That said, I am uncertain as to what the CAP protocol is if/when the current generation's successor is implemented before the CAP is completed.


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CAPs are always built for the current OU metagame as of the start of the project. Current plans are that there will be one more gen 5 CAP, and it will likely start quite soon. Keep in mind that gen 6 will probably not be implemented on simulators instantly after X and Y come out.
A dragon/fight would be epic. It would be one of the most powerful type combinations because of the
OUTRAGEous moves iit could learn and STAB with, and it would have pretty good coverage. Heck, even steel types would quiver in fear against this epic type combo. It would have a whopping 7 resistances and 4 weaknesses, one of which it could crush, and the other 3 overpower.


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So you know dem flash CAPs we sometimes make in IRC?

Well I asked if anyone wanted to make one

then we did.

Basespeed's Concept: A wall that gets its walling potential from anything but its base stats

Name: Petrogeist (submitted by Kadew)
The Stalagmite Pokemon
Height: 4'11" ft.
Weight: 180.1 lbs.
Typing: Ghost/Rock
Primary Ability: Intimidate
Flavor Ability: Rock Head

Pokedex Entries:

Black: It is made of rocks from ancient tombstones. Petrogeist goes wandering at night leaving a trail of pebbles behind so it can find its resting place at dawn. (Yveltal's)
White: It has a habit of hoarding trinkets stolen from travellers entering its caves. People try to search for the hoard, but it has never been found.

B2/W2: Its ectoplasm tastes like blueberry ice cream.
75/100/100/50/85/115 BST 525

Level-Up Movepool:
1. Tackle
1. Astonish
1. Sandstorm
4. Rock Throw
10. Shadow Sneak
13. Confuse Ray
19. Faint Attack
22. Ominous Wind
28. Recover
31. AncientPower
37. Curse
40. Stealth Rock
46. Shadow Claw
49. Rock Slide
55. Punishment
58. Destiny Bond

TMs and HMs:
04 Calm Mind
06 Toxic
08 Bulk Up
10 Hidden Power
11 Sunny Day
12 Taunt
15 Hyper Beam
16 Light Screen
17 Protect
18 Rain Dance
19 Telekinesis
20 Safeguard
21 Frustration
23 Smack Down
27 Return
29 Psychic
30 Shadow Ball
31. Brick Break
32 Double Team
33 Reflect
37 Sandstorm
39 Rock Tomb
41 Torment
42 Facade
44 Rest
45 Attract
46. Thief
48 Round
49 Echoed Voice
56 Fling
61 Will-O-Wisp
63 Embargo
65 Shadow Claw
66 Payback
68 Giga Impact
70 Flash
71 Stone Edge
74 Gyro Ball
77 Psych Up
78 Bulldoze
80 Rock Slide
85 Dream Eater
87 Swagger
90 Substitute
92 Trick Room
94 Rock Smash
01 Cut
04 Strength

Egg Groups: Amorphous/Mineral

Egg Moves:
Shadow Punch
Pain Split
Knock Off
Dark Pulse
Iron Defense
Foul Play
Stealth Rock
Skill Swap
Sleep Talk
Magic Room
Wonder Room
(stop me if this is a bad idea) I don't see why we can't come out of Gen 5 doing a handful of flash CAPs. Petrogeist's creation was a lot more fun to sit through than Malaconda (though I'm not saying anything about the quality of the end results between CAP5 and the most recent speed CAP)and all the important deliberating on stat spreads and movepools can get done in a day. The most time consuming bit would be voting on the flavor aspects, like having a couple of days for art submissions and flavor ability submissions.


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I would be very interested in seeing the result of an official "speed CAP" and determining how the end result would differ from all the past creations.


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Flash CAPs are fun, but there's just no way that a "serious" project could ever be done that way. During Petrogeist I wanted to submit a stat spread, but I just couldn't come up with anything in the twenty minutes or so that I had to work on it. I and other spend days working on stat spread submissions for real CAPs. While there's nothing wrong per se with the spread we got, I suspect that most of the stats were more or less arbitrary, or based on one or two particular calcs that seemed relevant. Movepools are much the same: I did submit a complete movepool for Petrogeist, but I was rushing through the entire thing just adding random moves as they came. And it shows: while I think my Petrogeist movepool was pretty good for something I did in less than an hour, from both competitive and flavour POVs it's much worse than the average CAP movepool submission, including my own submissions for full CAPs. My Malaconda movepool had pages of justifications for various moves (I may have gone a bit too far on that one actually...) while for Petrogeist I didn't even get a chance to defend any of my decisions because I had to go to bed more or less right after submitting it.
I dislike the idea of Pokémon being based on a new type combination. Some of them don't even make sense. It is also kind of weird when unique type combinations are used again. For example, if there was a new Dark/Fire type, many people would view Houndoom as less special.

Personally, I am glad that Gen VI is bringing forth more Fighting/Dark because that has always made sense and there are various ways to represent it.

Concept should always come before typing.
Posted that before I even saw Petrogeist. Perfect example, no offense. While I do like the design, the concept is simply Ghost/Rock. Its name literally means Rock Ghost. (Petro = Greek for Rock, Geist = German for Ghost)

I'm not trying to knock Petrogeist as if it were a bad Pokémon. It's just kind of like the Vanilluxe line in terms of originality. And I like Vanilluxe.
The flash CAPs aren't serious projects though, they're just a bit of fun, to keep people's attentions and keep IRC a good place to go, while we wait between projects. The concept stage is taken incredibly seriously in full projects, if you're wondering how much it is the focus of a project have a nip through some of the archived progress stages for previous CAPs. Some of the concept submissions, and the subsequent discussions where the direction of the CAP is decided, are some of the most interesting and focused sections of the project. You're new so stick around for CAP 6 which will be the last of the V gen pokemon.


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And besides, we didn't make Petrogeist Ghost / Rock just for the hell of it anyway. The goal was a wall with low base stats, so we wanted Ghost for immunities and Rock for the boost to SpDef from sandstorm.

IIRC we also discussed Steel / Ghost and Steel / Dragon, maybe some others.
Hey, do you guys think that we could make a future CAP a branch evo of an earlier one. For example, if we decide that the next CAP has a typing that fits with a previos CAP's prevo, we could hold a poll asking if it should be a branch evo of that Pokemon.


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It's a neat idea, but I can't imagine it happening for one reason: movepool. By definition a Pokémon learns any and all moves that its prevos do. I can't imagine us ever putting constraints that large on a CAP's movepool for purely flavour reasons, and it's unlikely to ever come about by accident.
Just wondering, is there any prohibition against using CAP Pokemon in fan-made RPGmaker games? I personally don't have any plans, but I thought it would be a nifty concept, especially since I saw someone else using it in theirs.

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