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Just wondering, is there any prohibition against using CAP Pokemon in fan-made RPGmaker games? I personally don't have any plans, but I thought it would be a nifty concept, especially since I saw someone else using it in theirs.
You can use CAP pokemon for your game, if you wish. But you must observe the following stipulations:
  • Your game cannot be affiliated with another established online pokemon community
  • Credit the "Create-A-Pokemon Project", and provide links to our website, located here:
  • Your representation of our characters must be consistent with the names, design elements, and overall themes of the characters as defined on the CAP website and CAP forum
Many people have created artworks, ROM hacks, video fighting games, and other interesting offshoot projects using our characters. If you get something interesting together, please let me know and perhaps we can cross-link from here to your project. Good luck!
We need to get Pokemon of all type combos that haven't been made, no particular order (sorry if i include CAP combos, but technically they aren't actual Pokemon):
Non-legendary Mono-Flying
Water Bug (besides Surskit, but that's not exactly common)
Fighting/Flying besides Tomohawk, we need another
Psychic/Flying other than the _atus
Electric/Normal (as of this post, X and Y aren't out, so no Helioptile)
Fire/Normal (same with Litleo)
Water, Ground, Dragon, Dark, Rock, Bug, and others/Normal
Non-legendary Ghost/Dragon
Psychic/Normal, other than Girafarig
I was going to say Ghost/Fighting other than Revenankh, but he fills the typing fine
Any other never-before-seen combo

Also, Tomohawk, Mollux, Krillowatt, and Fidgit all look able to evolve, so at least one should be able to be given an Eviolite, that could shift the metagame greatly.

We should give more Pokemon Tail Glow. We already have Krillowatt, Mollux, Scyclant, Cyclohm, and Malaconda who look like their tails are able to glow.

We should have Mons interacting, like the rivalry between Zangoose and Seviper, Palkia and Dialga, Groudon and Kyogre, the Kami trio, or Durant and Heatmor. Perhaps Arghonaut, Tomohawk, and Collosoil have rivalries because they're like the ground, sea, and sky, just like the legendaries from gen 3. If Krillowatt love in fresh water, maybe Collosoil accidentally stumble upon underground rivers filled with Krillowatt, who can obviously light up in the dark, and the Krillowatt get angry and release a Draco Meteor or Outrage that they can somehow learn. Perhaps Revenankh and Voodoom have scaring contests. Scyclant looks a lot like a modern Stratagem, who perhaps existed in ancient times so can fire of AncientPowers. Fidgit may play with Aurumoth's wings.

No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but several thousand electrons were terribly inconvenienced.​

Bull of Heaven

Fire/Steel Heatran
Steel/Water Empoleon
Dark/Flying Murkrow, Honchkrow, Vullaby, Mandibuzz
Psychic/Flying other than the _atus Lugia
Water.../Normal Bibarel
Ghost/Flying Drifloon, Drifblim
Psychic/Normal, other than Girafarig Meloetta

We should give more Pokemon Tail Glow. We already have Krillowatt, Mollux, Scyclant, Cyclohm, and Malaconda who look like their tails are able to glow. Tail Glow's original Japanese name is more accurately translated as "Firefly Light". That's why things like Ampharos don't learn it.
A full list of unused type combos will go here once I've come up with it. EDIT: Here it is, and it's longer than I expected:

Dragon/Normal (that would be interesting)

*no official Pokemon has this combo, but a CAP does
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and that goes double for me
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guess i missed the deadline

been too busy w/ college to do anything but make small posts here and there

Cloudmaker mon. It is a benevolent Pokemon that travels to places suffering from drought or famine. It is always crying, but it collects it tears in its hands and sprinkles them over fields, causing them to grow abundant with food. However, people hunted them for their gold body, so now they hide away high in the sky, too afraid to help people.
I know that the flavor-exclusive CAP's will never be used on the simulator, but it would be nice to see a sprite for Cnidali.

Also, where do you think the flavor CAP's could be located in the RPG's? I have some ideas for every line, in both Sinnoh and Unova. Some of these may have already been stated before.

Syclant: Route 216, Route 217
Revenankh: Route 228
Pyroak: Eterna Forest
Fidgit: Valley Windworks (Breezi), Route 226, Route 228
Stratagem: Mt. Coronet
Arghonaut: Route 213, Route 222
Kitsunoh: Lost Tower
Cyclohm: Valley Windworks, Route 205
Colossoil: Route 228 (Surf for Colosshale)
Krilowatt: Route 213
Voodoom: Old Chateau

Tomohawk: Relic Castle
Necturna: Lostlorn Forest
Mollux: Route 8, Moor of Icirrus
Aurumoth: BW2 Victory Road
Malaconda: Route 13
Cawmodore: Route 18, Seaside Cave

Unofficial CAP
Froxbite: Dragonspiral Tower (Winter only)
Cnidali: Route 17 (Surf)
Petrogeist: Celestial Tower

We don't know what will happen with the CAP's of Kalos, but only time will tell.
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You know, for Gen VI we should consider giving some past CAPs Mega evolutions to try to fit them into the Gen VI meta, which is essentially the whole point of Mega evolutions anyway.
Speaking of Mega Evolution, how about a Mega for everything, even Aurumoth? I expect to see Tomohawk-Mega first due to being #1 on the ladder, even though I don't really want to.

Rather, I'd like to see Syclant-Mega, Revenankh-Mega, Pyroak-Mega, and most notably, Cyclohm-Mega before that. Anyone may feel free to design one of the original CAP trio. I might draw Cyclohm-Mega eventually.
Honestly I don't think that adding Mega Evolutions to the metagame would be a good idea. These CAPs already have great movepools and base stats. One of the cool things about the CAP metagame is that it intermingles with the OU metagame, instead of dominating it. Mega Evolutions would throw off that balance more than anything.

However, I do think that flavor-wise, Mega Evolutions could be really cool. I think if a group of people chose to take it on as a side project, sort of like the Pre-Evo workshop but on a smaller scale, we'd get some really great results.


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Mega evolutions would just be art, sprite, and then stats. That's it. They would be rather short, and honestly not worth it. A cute idea, but there's not really enough meat to be worth our time.
And abilities? I seem to recall some mega evos getting different abilities? I also think some of them got different typing.
Could we discuss the Mega Evolutions for the CAP side project here then? That is, if we don't implement them into the simulator.

If Cyclohm-Mega got Sheer Force, though, all hell will break loose. I could see the following Base Stats for Cyclohm-Mega with Sheer Force:
108 HP / 60 Atk / 128 Def / 122 SpA / 100 SpD / 90 Spe
Attack isn't needed, so that doesn't change.

Pyroak, on the other hand, could become more physical-based with Rock Head, Flare Blitz, and Wood Hammer:
120 HP / 110 Atk / 125 Def / 105 SpA / 100 SpD / 85 Spe
Speed is still not so high because he works best as a bulky attacker with Swords Dance, rather than Dragon Dance.
Okay; first, I was making a joke when I suggested Sheer Force. Most people from ASB know what I mean.

/me dodges tomatoes

But in all honesty...CAP Mega Evolutions sound neat.

But I think that we'd have to do just one, to see where it would go...and certainly not Cyclohm. He's powerful enough as-is.
We should prioritize pre-evos before we try to add crazy new evolutions to the current CAPs. Also, remember that we haven't been okay with the 'evolution project' before, so why would we do that to the CAPs themselves? I think CAP is better served by working on other things and not worrying about that.

Who knows, maybe a Gen VI CAP will have a mega evolution and you'll get your chance there!
Okay, Dusk. That makes sense, now that I had time to think about the Megas. And my idea of Cyclohm-Mega was broken with the Ability alone! But it was just an idea I had, now that we have so many official Megas.

And to UllarWarlord, I really thought you were being serious about Sheer Force. But it seems that Sheer Force was his original Hidden Ability in ASB before switching it to Overcoat, correct?

Mega Evolution aside, I'd like to see some sort of Normal combination in one of the Kalos CAPs. Maybe a seperate one being Fairy.

But I know, as I've been lurking for quite a while before joining, that it has to fit the competitive concept in some way.
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Dracoyoshi8, your Malaconda-Mega looks very nice, even with the two different reds.

Here is a BST suggestion, even though it's just for flavor:
115 HP / 120 Atk / 90 Def / 50 SpA / 140 SpD / 75 Spe
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Hey there, CAP! I've had this cool idea for quite a few days and I just had to share it. Maybe you find it cool.

Concept: Take a really bad pairing for competitive use - preferably with a high amount of Weaknesses and a low amount of resistances. Then, make a pokemon with that type -- and then give it this ability:

Reverse Polarity - These Pokémon's weaknesses and resistances are switched. (No effect on immunities.)
I personally like this on a Ice/Rock mon - it would provide it 1/4x resistance to Steel and Fighting, 1/2x resistance to Ground, Rock, Water and Grass, and a cool set of 2x weaknesses to Poison, Ice and Normal (!!!). That would make this guy already very unique! But that set of weaknesses and resistances would make it a prime defensive wall in some of the worst defensive types.
Also, Ice is quite handy to justify its ability -- its a Polar creature! Of course it has an ability to reverse polarity!

Aesthetics: This guy concepts itself! Ice, Rock, magnetism? Why, its a Lodestone pokemon! Possibly evolves into an Iceberg?

Moves: While a bulky set would be the best (so it gets hit a lot and people appreciate his ability), I think it would be cool if this guy had Skill Swap, since it would be a really interesting interaction with some mons. For example, it would make for some interesting mind games against Magnezone or Shadow Taggers, what not. Besides that, the typical bulky mon moveset, considering Ice + Rock is already amazing coverage that only needs one move that hits Steels.

Alright, hope you liked this idea! I have another but I don't wanna be a pain.


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Hello, Chaco, and welcome to CAP. I'd say to reserve your concepts until the start of the next CAP; CAP Pokemon are created step by step, with potential concepts being submitted toward the beginning of a CAP cycle. However, your concept has already been done! Mollux, the Fire/Poison gastropod with Dry Skin, exemplifies a poor typing with beneficial ability, stats, and moves that excels in OU's environment, despite weaknesses to common moves and Stealth Rock. If you're interested in creating a Kitchen CAP with other CAP folks (which has looser limits on attributes, such as custom abilities), hop on #cap on IRC. :)


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Place is somewhat dead, but I thought I'd try to stimulate a discussion of movepool flavour in case anybody cares particularly about that sort of thing

So, we have a Steel/Flying frigate bird with a naval officer motif. This gives a number of types that can be easily represented in a level-up movepool, namely Water-, Dark-, Steel-, and Flying-, so there's a huge scope for different takes on the flavour. It would be a shame to see a more or less uniform set of flavoury bits on offer, so hopefully my unfocused rambling will give people some ideas, or at least make them adamant to not accept mine, which is another option in and of itself. Firstly, it's a frigate bird. A frigate bird. This alone has so many connotations you could base its movepool around this alone. I always thought it was an obligate kleptoparasite, but according to Wikipedia only about 5% of its diet occurs through kleptoparasitism. So there's another happy childhood delusion of mine destroyed. In case that sentence meant absolutely nothing to you, the frigate bird's most oft-noted attribute is its tendency to attack other birds such as gulls after they've eaten a meal, attack them until they're forced to vomit, and then swallow that vomit mid-flight. And then they take it back to their chick, who sticks its head into the parent's mouth and feasts on the vomit. Also they knock chicks out of their nests and swallow them too.

So, great. Already Stockpile, Spit Up and Swallow sound like they'd fit this Pokemon perfectly. But given this crafty and roundabout method of obtaining one's lunch, Dark-type moves could, I think, work very well as part of the level-up movepool. Thief, Faint Attack, Foul Play, Knock Off, Snatch, Quash, and Night Slash all seem to be pretty good in this regard. It's a real pity that Sucker Punch, Pursuit and Switcheroo were banned, as they would work well too. But hey, only umpteen moves on a level-up set, so no need to overload it. Other moves that could tie in to this theme could include Covet, Astonish, Fake Out, Leer, Fury Attack... Lock-on might be nice too. I'm pretty sure that Mean Look and Block are both VGMs, so they'd be banned too, but hey, it's the thought that counts.

Water moves would be a fairly neat addition, and I've seen plenty of movepools already posted with Brine, Rain Dance, and the like, and especially the two I just mentioned, since they imply the nautical nature rather than the capacity to use Water-type moves, but oh well. Steel-type moves are fairly hard to comment on - likely as not, apart from Steel Wing, they'll be there for the competitive utility and not much else. The Flying-type moves have perhaps more competitive utility, but also more flavour value, given that it is, well... a bird. I can't really think of a Flying-type move that wouldn't complement this Pokemon pretty darn well. Except Aeroblast. And maybe Chatter. And Bounce. But anyway, special mention goes to Pluck since frigate birds get the majority of their food by plucking it from the surface of the waters they inhabit - and on this note, since they can't dive, giving them Dive as a HM makes ornithologists sad. And you don't want to make ornithologists sad, do you? Gust and Hurricane are again interesting options, tying in the nautical theme again.

What else? A bunch of birds seem to learn Sand-attack, so that could be a neat option (though that may just be my being traumatised by Pidgey as a small child). Lots of them also learn Agility, but that's disallowed too (why am I mentioning all these banned options? Oh well...). Finally, I guess Pelipper is a pretty good source of inspiration if all else fails, especially considering that frigate birds and pelicans are related. Soak, Supersonic, Mist, Water Sport, Aqua Ring, and Fling are all perfectly well and good.

As far as egg groups go, it would be another terrible ornithological crime if Pelipper were not able to breed with Cawmodore, so Water 1 or Flying for at least one group would seem to be nice and flavourful. Of course, we can't let these considerations get in the way of competitiveness, but given that most specified allowed moves can be bred for from these two groups it doesn't seem to be that much of a sacrifice. I won't say anything on the competitive side since that's not what this thread is for.


So, as you may have guessed, I'm not going to be entering a movepool for this, but discussion of the flavour you'd like to see in the submitted entries is always nice, particularly if you don't feel confident in submitting a movepool yourself. The more options that are suggested, the more variety there will be in the final pool, or at least that's what I would love to think. So please, offer up your suggestions, or criticisms of my suggestions. Some nice discussion would be a good way to put this thread to its intended use. Please do note that if I sounded presumptuous or as if I were doling out precious golden flavour nuggets to the undeserving masses, this was not my intent at all, but to push for a bit more forum activity concerning the movepool stages.

So, cheerio and toodle pip, then.

EDIT: @Hollymon I don't contribute art because I've been away from Smogon for about a year and only came back about five days ago. No other reason.s
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Speaking of Cawmodore, I'd like to see its pre-evolution be based on an albatross, since those are closely related to gulls, while pelicans and frigatebirds are more related to each other than either gulls or albatross. We have a gull (Wingull) that becomes a pelican (Pelipper) in the official franchise, so why not?

But bugmaniacbob, your flavor reasoning for Cawmodore was very nice to read.
bugmaniacbob Recently I have Ben reading all the art sections of CAP to try and improve my own art, and I noticed you proposed a lot and you even have an art badge. I thought you had just left Smogon for some reason or another but now I see you posting, I wonder why you don't contribute art anymore?
We should prioritize pre-evos before we try to add crazy new evolutions to the current CAPs. Also, remember that we haven't been okay with the 'evolution project' before, so why would we do that to the CAPs themselves? I think CAP is better served by working on other things and not worrying about that.

Who knows, maybe a Gen VI CAP will have a mega evolution and you'll get your chance there!
Hey Rising_Dusk, what's this "evolution project" you're referring to? I haven't been here in a while, and don't remember some of the CAP project's history too well.

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