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Dracoyoshi8 Your Snoutlet looks very cute. Will you color it anytime soon?

I wonder if anyone thought of a prevo for Petrogeist. I suggest so because most of the flavor CAPs are single-stage.


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I've noticed people getting together to create flavour CAPs. How can i get involved?
These just tend to "happen" sometimes when the chat is dead in #CaP. There hasn't been one for a while though and likely won't be until Kalos CaP 1 (Or CaP 18 depending on Nomenclature) is over.
While I was taking a walk on my way home, I sort of thought up this stupid crossover between CAP and Twitch Plays Pokemon.

Lord Helix (Omastar) = Arghonaut
Bird Jesus = Tomohawk
Battery Jesus = Cawmodore (Caw gets Volt Absorb, so Wynaut?)
Fonz = Colossoil
Air Jordan = Syclant
All-Terrain Vehicle = Aurumoth
Abby = Flarelm
False Prophet = Nohface
Cabbage = Necturine
Rick Gastly = Petrogeist

Feel free to discuss each character's placement as whatever CAP there is. An original Trainer design to replace Red would be appreciated.

The trainer design could also be useful for my CAP-related fake movie poster. I call it a fake movie because CAP focuses mostly on the video game aspects, even in this flavor thread, but the poster will be a real drawing.
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That's adorable, Anacrusis! Murkrow has got NO CHANCE.

I hope you stick around to submit some art for CAP18!
That was quite the nerve-wracking poll haha XD

Since my flask homunculus lost, it goes into my fakedex project instead lol

480 BST only cuz derpy standalone mon :P

Thanks for the support on my entry :)
I really like this pokemon. The clash of the bright and dark colors of Red and Blue go great together. I really like how this is a fire/water type pokemon :D

Here's a cross-forum post with an MS Paint picture of Cawdet. I've finally decided that this Cawdet will be the main Pokemon of my fake movie poster.

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