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I'll suggest Rhenstorm, as it has a bit of play-on-words going on.

Rhenium - one of the refractory metals
Storm - well, a storm.
Rainstorm - sounds similar to Rhenstorm. (REEN-storm)

While it isn't water-type, a rainstorm suggests its involvement and since this flash CAP is immune to fire, and flying-type (Hurricane, a flying-type move), it fits to some degree.
Bear in mind, though, that despite being based on a whale and about as big as you'd expect a whale to be, Wailord doesn't even reach 400 kg. So you're suggesting that this fat, flying machine is heavier than five whale-based, whale-sized Pokemon.

Sure, you could say that Wailord should be heavier, but if Pokemon weights are going to be wrong compared to real-life ones, we can at least make them consistently wrong.
They wanted this kitchen CAP to be stupidly heavy to capitalize on Heavy Slam's damage output. I don't think making another Pokemon with Wailord's lighter-than-air syndrome is a smart move when everything about it is built around it's ability to fight.
I think it would be great if we could base the name on "plumbum", the latin word for lead, a very dense metal. However, I am not creative enough to come up with one...
I think it would be great if we could base the name on "plumbum", the latin word for lead, a very dense metal. However, I am not creative enough to come up with one...
How about Plumebum?
Plume + plumbum, ya know……

Rhenstorm sounds good. Let's speculate and give the Fire move with the highest temperature at 1800°C. Given that our Flash Fire Steel/Flying type is a made of rhenium, Fire moves don't affect it, making a lot more sense.
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I will suggest Ferthur because it contains all three Ferum+Feather+Further.

Further because birds tend to fly long distances
I think Plumeboom is interesting; Should it's pre-evo (should it get one) be named Flaressor?
(French for "boom", and "flare)

On a seperate note, don't CAP pokemon get exclusive signature moves and abililities (i.e. Mountineer)? I think Plumeboom get one.
As for its name, Phuymessor or Plumebomb (sounds like a Poison-type to me)?
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Does anyone care if I submit this Prevo for Rhenstorm I came up with? If not, then here it is:

Not much to say about it, other than the fact that it's giant for what it looks like, around 3'11", even bigger than your average fully-grown chicken. I don't know what its weight is, but it's constantly hungry. At least it can cook the food it eats, I believe.

Stats: 40 / 66 / 80 / 37 / 50 / 32
Ability: Flash Fire

(Thank you for redirecting me to the right page, Doug.)

EDIT: Stannicken sounds like a very fitting suggestion. Thanks, GoldNinja!
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Might I suggest Stannicken (stannic, referring to tin, and chicken)?

Or, on a funnier note, Tinducken would work surprisingly well.
make the pre-evo weigh ~700kg

also, voting for Roosmird (Rooster+Osmium+Bird)

EDIT: Its evo should be around 4 feet in height so we can picture Ash carrying it in the anime.


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I'm late to the party, but I'm going to throw a name at that chicken anyways.


A mix of Thunder, and Turducken, fitting for such a huge chicken.
A continuation of this post

Here's what I've been thinking of as locations for CAPs in ORAS (and Plasmanta's line in XY)

Plasmanta pre-evo: Ambrette Town, Kalos Route 8, Cyllage City, Shalour City, Kalos Route 12, Azure Bay (Surf)

ORAS:<br />
Syclar: Shoal Cave (DexNav)
Revenankh: Mt. Pyre (DexNav)
Embirch: Petalburg Woods (DexNav)
Breezi: Route 114, Route 115 (DexNav), Soaring in the sky
Rebble: Granite Cave (DexNav)
Bolderdash: Shoal Cave (Rock Smash)
Privatyke: Route 122, Route 124, Route 125, Route 126, Route 127, Route 128, Route 129, Route 130, Route 131, Route 132, Route 133, Route 134 (DexNav)
Nohface: Mt. Pyre (DexNav)
Monohm: Route 110 (DexNav)
Colosshale: Route 119 (Water, DexNav)
Protowatt: Route 110 (Water, DexNav)
Voodoll: Route 110 (DexNav)
Scratchet: Route 112 (DexNav)
Necturine: Petalburg Woods (DexNav)
Mollux: Fiery Path (DexNav)
Cupra: Route 113 (DexNav)
Brattler: Petalburg Woods (DexNav)
Cawdet: Route 114, Route 115 (DexNav), Soaring in the sky
Volkritter: Battle Resort (Good Rod, Super Rod)
Volkraken: Battle Resort (Super Rod)
Plasmanta pre-evo: Battle Resort (DexNav)
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Hello, CAP Kitchen! I'm new to this room... You guys have probably seen me around CAP and on Showdown. A lot. Anyway, the idea of flash CAPs sounds really intriguing, and I'd love to get involved! Is there a specific process, or can I go right ahead uploading my yet-nonexistent art? Anyway, consider me a new regular! :3


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Found an old picture I made during CAP18, which I might as well share. That project had some pretty cool art (some of which you guys might still remember), among them a particular lionfish concept by Doran Dragon. Even though it wasn't chosen as final submission, it was such a clever idea that I had to flesh out that draft a bit. Also credit to Quanyails, BonzaiRob and GRs Cousin for the other pretty designs in here :)



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Nicely done, Mos! :) Your container-reptile was the superior one.

And as a bonus, have some Shawropod sprites. I didn't expect to use them seeing how the polls played out, but it was still fun to draw. :P
Both of you really deserved the position to win, but only one could make it. But as Quany once stated herself, if a washing machine can be in OU, why can't a bathtub?

But seriously, great work to Quany, Mos, Strum, and whoever else participated in the art submissions, even those who gave up.

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