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You've got Malaconda looking as flawless design-wise as you did before! Mollux came out nicely too, thanks for sharing.
Has anybody thought about giving, like, CAPs with a viability ranking lower than B a Megaevolution, or more generally to give Megaevolutions to CAPs?
Has anybody thought about giving, like, CAPs with a viability ranking lower than B a Megaevolution, or more generally to give Megaevolutions to CAPs?
No, no one has ever thought of that before.

Also, next time, questions like this should go in
shorteninq Do you mean this particular thread? Well, the CAP Kitchen is mostly for existing CAPs only, but fan arts of past Art Submissions and flavor-exclusive CAPs are welcome as well. Take a look at the CAP sub-site and see for yourself. There's a Gallery full of them, waiting to be looked at and possibly drawn if you feel like it. Feel free to write a story about these Smogon-exclusive Pokemon as well.
If you ever just want to speedCAP and create something in a day's time with a few people, we do that too once in a blue moon.
Is it okay to post headcanons about existing CAPs to revive this thread? If so, here I go:

Unlike most Ghost-type Pokémon, which are considered undead species, Necturine (Nocturine?) and Necturna are fully organic Pokémon. This makes them more similar to Ghost-types like the Jellicent, Trevenant, and Gourgeist lines. Nohface, Kitsunoh, and Revenankh, on the other hand, are semi-organic Ghosts, which are more like Sableye. This probably explains their more animalistic traits.

Also, Snugglow and Plasmanta are clumsy swimmers in fresh water, especially when carrying humans and terrestrial / freshwater Pokémon on their backs. Snugglow prefer not to carry anyone, as they tend to be a bit more selfish than Plasmanta. The Snugglow seem to be unaware that they're actually doing a good turn, as it's for the safety of others. That's why either one can't learn Surf, Waterfall, or Dive legally.
If you can put the Naviathan line in the games, how would you allow it to be caught? I'd personally have Floatoy be in Coastal Kalos's surfing encounters. As for Hoenn, I can see Floatoy appearing in Routes 105, 106, 107, 108, and 109 as a DexNav exclusive.
Naviathan itself should appear on the routes between Pacifidlog and Slateport as a DexNav encounter.

Integer Mova: The actual capability to swim/fly never seems to be considered when deciding who gets which HM - For instance, Golurk can learn Fly and Garchomp can't.

The Avalanches

I guess they never miss, huh?
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I kinda like the idea of Floatoy living on beaches and near the ocean too. I could see it at home on the Mirage Islands as well as Route 115 and Lilycove City.
So I've been making size charts for Pokemon on my DeviantArt account and though I could do one for CaP.

I tried the best I could to measure them out using the "official" artwork. Some guys like Syclant, Fidgit, and Volkraken I had to make guesses on how big they would be due to their unorthodox poses. And unlike my other Pokemon size charts, I can actually ask where you are supposed to measure to. So if anyone out there can correct me on how to measure these guys (preferably those who made the art or decided on the heights) than I will update it.

Link to the DeviantArt page with more detailed description [link]
Hey, first time posting on the CAP forum - and I hope to throw my figurative hat into the ring as well for CAP 21! I've been seeing some pretty neat designs all around, especially for an unused type combo :)

ShyGuy1221: Daaaaaamn, that's a nice chart! It's a pretty neat way of seeing how big all the CAPs are compared to a person. Though TBH I was a bit surprised to see that Naviathan was so tiny compared to what I expected; I thought he'd be big enough to support a small group of people, probably bus-sized or so (maybe length-wise he is, IDK).

Also, I want to ride a Cawmodore. Giant steel frigate birb is best birb.
I feel I should probably mention where I measure all of the CaPs so people can correct me if I am wrong.

Krilowatt is to the highest point on its back, so if I'm supposed to measure to the antennae, it will be a bit smaller.
Mollux is to the top of his shell.
Kitsunoh is to the shoulder.
Syclant is measured at first using his gen V sprite, as it has a more neutral pose, up to the top of his crest. Then the artwork was scaled to be approximately the same size.
Fidgit, similar to Syclant, is measure with the gen V sprite to his head (not ears), and the art was scaled appropriately.
Stratagem is from the bottom of its leg hook things, to the top of its crest. It will be significantly larger if I'm supposed to measure the central body only.
Malaconda is from nose to tip of apple.
Tomohawk is from his toes to the top of his hood. If he stands flat footed, he will be significantly larger.
Cyclohm is to the top of its back cloud. It will be smaller if it is supposed to be to the top of his head in his various sprite poses.
Revenankh is from the bottom of his bandages to the top of his head (not at an angle).
Cawmodore is to the top of his hat.
Necturna is from the bottom of her "dress" to the top of her head. The vine was not included.
Arghonaut is to the top of his head, but not the tips of the fin hat thing.
Volkraken is almost exclusively just the head. The tentacles were hardly included, and if they are supposed to be, it will be significantly smaller.
Voodoom is to the top of his head, not the needles.
Pyroak is to the top of his head.
Aurumoth is from the bottom of the abdomen to the top of the antennae. Would be quite a bit smaller if I'm supposed to include the wings, or much larger if the antennae are supposed to be ignored.
Colossoil is from the bottom of his dirt mound (I decided it starts at the bottom of the screen) to the top of his head. The horn is not factored in.
Plasmanta is from nose to tip of tail.
Naviathan is to the top of his head, but not the crest.

Edit: If anyone wants me to compare the sizes of certain CaPs to specific Pokemon, like Plasmanta, Gyarados, and Mantine, or Cawmodore to other bird Pokemon I will gladly do so.
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Guys, I'm gonna address the elephant in the room: we made Plasmanta way too big. 23 feet?! What the what?!
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I'd like to see CAP22 have either a single typing or a strange typing, like Ghost/Fairy
I suppose posts like these are fine in this thread, so I feel free to add that more monotyped CAPs would be nice given that among all 21 CAPs so far, only one is of a single type (Stratagem). Then again, CAP rarely refers to old projects during their design phase, so an uneven distribution is to be expected.


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Ghost/Fairy is a powerful offensive type combination: it has neutral coverage against all types barring Fire/Normal. Defensively, it boasts just a 4x Bug Resistance and 3 immunities: Normal, Fighting, and Dragon. It takes resisted damage from Lopunny's HJK. Its weaknesses include Ghost and Steel, which are common types. This would be an interesting path to go down, as I could see a special attacker with Shadow Ball and Moonblast or Pixilate Hyper Voice that rips through teams...or use Parting Shot; I love that concept!
The other typing I think would be cool is Fighting/Ice, which would sport a large bunch of weaknesses: Fairy, Psychic, Flying, Fighting, Fire, and Steel. No immunities. Defensively, it would resist Ice, Bug, and Dark. So, typing is horrible, but it would have a large amount of different coverage moves and check many mons. I see a big weakness to Megacham for example. I could see it with Technician and a Double Kick/Ice Shard/Power-Up-Punch/Payback (Bite) or something.

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