Tournament The Complete Experience: NatDex Anything Goes Kickoff Tournament - Won by ice-master-523!

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My opponent has made a grand total of ONE post in the entirety of their Smogon career: signing up for this tournament. They also have not even been seen online since that sign up. Attempts to contact them have been attempted, but failed. No response was given.
Yeah, no.

Activity Wins:
Unicorns vs ice-master-523
A year in waiting vs MajoraInAFedora
Rotting_Flesh vs AnythingGoesLegend
CarolinaWashinton vs. LaBalladeDesCieux
vs inkisbest
GoldenSandslash15 vs ]KeepKalm0602
bratpunvs Chloe
P4ndaK1ng11 vs Shadowmonstr4

vs PurpleGatorade

Next round will be up shortly.
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Was given the win, proof on opponent's wall
Confirming. I regret having to drop out here, but I must. Things have been picking up a lot for me at work, and so I simply don't have much time. On top of that, I also recently learned that TWO of my family members are now on death's door and could pass away any day now. Having to deal with that as well is just... more than I can deal with right now.
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