The DPP OU Tournament II -- Round 2

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lol, Marcelo.

[08:16] Session Ident: MarceloDK (synIRC, Aerodactyl) (~MarceloDK@F3DF557A.C3B7B267.E778BCE0.IP)
[08:16] <MarceloDK> deadline
[08:16] <MarceloDK> is in 3 days
[08:16] <MarceloDK> :O
[08:16] <Aerodactyl> ok
[08:16] <Aerodactyl> We can play by then
[08:17] <MarceloDK> oO
[08:17] <Aerodactyl> Friday and Saturday, I am free.
[08:17] <MarceloDK> o_O
Session Close: Thu Jan 24 17:27:51 2013

Session Start: Tue Jan 29 14:54:59 2013
Session Ident: MarceloDK
[14:54] Session Ident: MarceloDK (synIRC, out) (~MarceloDK@F3DF557A.C3B7B267.E778BCE0.IP)
[14:54] <MarceloDK> deadline was 2 days ago
[14:54] <MarceloDK> !!!
Session Close: Tue Jan 29 17:32:38 2013

Not my fault you couldn't contact me on Friday.
I asked you to play on Friday and you didn't answered, and I told you I would go away on the weekend. Also, I asked you to play all days since the pairings were up, and u keep johning until the last day of the deadline (precisely the day I wouldn't be able to play).

I'm ok with playing today too, but u keep refusing.
I checked every log from every channel and PM related to this issue and there is not one where you asked me to play on Friday. Unless you're messaging me when I was offline, you did not ask me to play at all.

As a plus, I told you that I can't play today. With that said, if you want your damn activity win, go right ahead. Lie about contacting me on the day that you say. Take your precious rd 3 spot.
I think my pc don't save irc logs, but I'm p sure I asked you to play friday on #bigs. Also, wtf you can only play on weekends, and you procrastinated until the last weekend of the deadline. I was available to play all days, but this weekend thought...

nuff said
Sorry, I've been a little busy yesterday and today. I'm hoping to get round 3 up within an hour.

Coin Flips:
Funkasaurus vs MarceloDK
xtrashine vs Alice
Living Things vs Brammi
extremebeta vs CrashinBoomBang
michael209 vs Z-rex

Activity Wins:
Villari vs Bandicoot
Chase vs AkHolic
Jack Frost vs undisputed
kd24 vs Django
Meh vs Bad Ass
Gabranth vs NirvanaR
Gouki vs D i a b l o
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