The DPP OU Tournament II -- Round 2

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I VM´d Go10.
I have seen him online 5 minutes ago and i sent him a new VM.
But now he is Offline... :/
I have a mistake. I said: we´ll play in the weekend or monday. He answer me for play the monday... but the monday is out of deadline :S
Sorry, Go10 u_u
Well, activity post anyways...

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I sent a VM to Meh on the 19th. His last activity was on the 21st, so he definitely saw it. if he doesn't show by 9 PM i'd like to think i get the activity win since i've been on a lot and he pretty much ignored me??


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18:05 Go10 well play tomorrow, i dont see any probleme with a few hour'extension
18:06 BKC yeah im the host
18:06 BKC dw lol you can do it tomorrow
18:06 BKC or co-host anyway
18:06 Go10 voila



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Got about 12 moves in before he sent me this:

ThePillsburyDoughboy said:
Take the win/this round my parents just told me I will miss mass today... Now I am rushing out the door! Sorry.
Sorry it had to be this way man. Maybe we can play in the future or something. It's a PM if you need to confirm it or something. idk.


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We were supposed to play today, i was around all day long but i never saw him...

i hope we can get this done in time, if not, activity then
Brammi wasn't online this weekend and friday and saturday were pretty much the only days when we could get these games done. Also the deadline in the op is already over...
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