The Egg Group Tournament [Round 2]

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nice times all the times
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Get your matches done anyway guys. While Itchni might be done hosting it, this tournament isn't over.


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Ok, I am taking over this tournament. Progressing to next round:

Cynthia vs Fabbles
Sapientia vs reachzero
tito vs Aeroblacktyl - tito dropped out
moi vs Serenity - Serenity gave moi the win
Xenon vs latios315 - Coin Flip
Kharozz vs alive - Coin Flip
SilentEcho vs Elevator Music - SilentEcho dropped out
freshtodeath vs Master of the Six Kings - Activity
Astamatitos vs Puggy
Gouki vs Ripchord - Activity
Flashstorm1 vs Pablo
Captain Falcon vs Solstice
Legacy Raider vs Brawley
TheDuzzMaster vs Imperfectluck - Coin Flip
tct93 vs The Duke - The Duke dropped out
WaffleChan vs TAY

Round 3 will be up shortly!
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