The Egg Group Tournament [Round 2]

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I'm here to report my win in my match against Pablo. It was certainly a good match, and I have the log saved onto my computer if needed.
I'm trying to contact The_Duke now, so hopefully we will play in a day, or something. If that is OK?
been a bit busy with massive bushfires in the area. Currently Im cut off from my house and am stranded at my parents place. If the roads re-open in the next day or so, then i can get my battle done then.
I think I remember this was Double Elimination, but month-long Rounds aren't really to my liking and have lost all interest in this, so please forfeit me from the tourney in case I wasn't out yet.
Yeah, as much as I would like to continue on with this tournament, hospital commitments are taking up too much of my time.
When im there from 8-8 every day, its understandable
Opponents egg group must be in by Saturday jan 17th
matchups and assignments will be posted the following sunday and you will have untill Feburary 5th to complete matches

I think we're a little late?
This tournament is over because noone can complete rounds and frankly i am done with pokemon. Thanks for participating.
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