The FUK FERRO Tournament - Round 1

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21:18 Danilo novaray u foul
21:18 Danilo we have to fight for FUK FERRO
21:18 Novaray ugh i haven't felt like playing mons :\
21:18 Danilo i take win y/n
21:18 Novaray y
21:18 Danilo .dancin
21:18 Novaray xD

or give me a sub dgf
Ok guys I have a little issue right there, so we were supposed to play today at 6 pm (GMT +1) because my opponnent didn't want to / couldn't play last week, but he didn't show up.. Even though he was online when I sent him a VM telling him I was ready to play, I didn't got any answer. My plans got cancelled so I will wait more, but well, just in case activity post.
Activity btw. I VMed ThunderBlunder friday to schedule a match. He answered other VMs later but not mine. Now if he wakes up mysteriously I can only play few hours after the deadline.
Not open for further replies.

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