The Highlander Tournament III


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The Highlander Tournament III
Approved by Quite Quiet

Introduction: A few years ago Birkal and Macle decided to have a one on one battle between their respective SPL mascots which were scrafty and toxicroak respectively. A huge amount of work was needed to decide the optimal spreads/movesets for their respective mascots and the battle can be found here.

Concept: The tournament is set up that you pick and post three Pokemon when you sign up for the tournament. You can only pick one of each individual Pokemon, but a different player can have the same Pokemon as you (e.g. you can't have two Alakazam, but someone else can pick Alakazam if you pick it too; also, you can only pick one forme for Pokemon like Rotom or Alolan ones). Chosen Pokemon have to be Overused and under; no Ubers are allowed. Each round, every player picks one of their opponent's three Pokemon to battle that round. They PM that choice to me, and once both players have relayed the opposing Pokemon to face in PM, I will declare it in the thread. At that point, both players can start preparing for their match. Picking like this occurs through every round. For simplicity's sake and due to the nature of 1v1 battling causing severe emphasis on megas/crystals and how there is no opportunity cost for having a mega or a Z-Crystal, all mega stones and Z-crystals are banned.

Also, it'd be awesome if each player kept their designed sets for when they are eliminated. They shouldn't reveal anything about the nature of the battle, but moreso why they prepared that Pokemon in the manner they did for that specific threat. It's cool for onlookers to see the mental process behind this stuff. If you can reveal it in these threads without giving away any of the opponent's strategy, I'm sure our viewers would love to see the sets utilized.

Tournament Rules:
  • All normal tournament rules apply, and you should make yourself acquainted of them. As such, there's a link to the aforementioned thread up in this post;
  • Standard SM Overused;
  • The banlists for this tournament are the same as the Pokemon Showdown's Overused ladder, this means that you cannot use Pokémon, moves or abilities that are not allowed in said ladder at the start of the tournament, this means that no further bans will be taken into account - so if you pick a Pokémon and it ends up getting banned it will not be replaced by another one;
  • Matches should happen either on Pokemon Showdown or Smogtours;
  • Post three Pokemon in this thread when you sign up for the tournament. They will remain as your only Pokemon throughout the entirety of the tournament;
  • You must send a Private Message to user Mr. Perry at the beginning of each round with which of your opponent's Pokemon you'd like to battle;
  • Do not battle until both you and your opponent have their selection revealed in this thread because it will not count!

Battle Rules:
Format: SM Overused - Singles Mode - Best of One (BO1).
Mandatory Clauses: Species Clause, Sleep Clause, Evasion Clause, OHKO Clause, Self-KO Clause (Destiny Bond, Explosion, Final Gambit, Perish Song, Selfdestruct, and other such moves are banned), Battle Timeout and Endless Battle Clause.
Activity: I expect all matches to be done within a week or less, thus activity wins will only be granted when the lack of activity is blatant or similar cases. All matches that do not fit this criteria shall be decided by coin fliping.

Signups end Friday at 23:59 GMT -2!
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