The LC Open VIII - Round 1

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calling activity, opponent missed scheduled time 1 week ago and then asked me to reschedule, gave him a time and never confirmed
i understand you're afraid to lose. your fear is evident. however i am ready for battle and eagerly await your challenge.

dat boy runt on ps


literally the textbook definition of a tsundere
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Alright, let's get down to it.


Raseri vs ploopypants
Sam vs Louna
dice vs kuroka
Eternal Spirit vs Kingofcrimea
vs Caledrith
Megazard vs Ahmad Alfatih
lighthouses vs LemonArc
trace vs Sam I Yam
lax vs Shogarth
Confide vs fitzy72
vs cherif18
gora vs gyter ph0
Gei vs WhiteQueen
WailJesus vs LilyAC
Hyssou vs Chill Shadow
vs Hogg
Rodriblutar vs Wamr
Simia vs Mordecai & Rigby
vs Zader06
All-Star Lineup vs zugubu royale
BeTheShadow vs babyboyblues
runt vs dahli
laspleispkjose vs Twilight
jcbc vs Forblaze
Chicos vs ZoroDark
vs Valentine
Fogbound Lake vs Poison Adhesive
Dr.Delete vs Mr.Bossaru
vs Karppi
Naiike vs Star
RahelGamer09 vs byronthewellwell
FlygonNo.1 vs HSA


HSOWA vs Alkione
Freeroamer vs PokeboyWither
RedEmption vs Winterains
Jase The World
vs Misterioussaint
London Beats vs BackAtYouBro
ILoveMilk vs Akashi
Ismakhil vs wehavecancer
Ismail vs PrAiSe GrOuDoNiSm
TioDragonite vs North McLean


StepC vs Void
neomon vs Sken

Extension Deadline: Wednesday July 17th, 11:59 PM EDT

If you believe there's been a mistake please let me know. The next round will go up shortly.
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