The LC Open VIII - Round 1

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calling activity, opponent missed scheduled time 1 week ago and then asked me to reschedule, gave him a time and never confirmed
Act. guy didn't respond for 4 days when I initially gave a time and didn't respond for another 4 days after he tried to call act


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calling act, opponent and i were in communication and then he just disappeared and stopped replying to my messages completely, mid attempts to schedule a match.
My opp said he'd be free at 1pm gmt+2 on the weekend, when I said that sunday that time works I got no reply despite him having logged on after my VM and I also didn't see him on at that time. So act I guess
Calling act, my opp is pretending like he didnt notice my reply.
I replied to his latest message on my profile to finally schedule and left my availability and got nothing in return, and he is now trying to call activity above all of a sudden.
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