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Mascot Design Contest!

The merge of both Writing and Canalave Library into The Library has brought around a more inclusive topic about research and information. As such, we need a new mascot to reflect this drastic change, and what better way to do that then opening up an art contest in order for you guys to create one yourselves?

Art submissions can be sent to any room staff member online; if none are currently available, don’t hesitate to use Kobold Librarian’s ;mail command to schedule it for one of the Room Owners. Additionally, you can submit your mascot in this thread or in a smogon PM with me. If you submit on smogon be sure to include your PS! username. You can submit as many times as you like. After the deadline, the room will vote on whichever submission they feel is the best!


Participation Award

x 100 +

Everyone who enters will receive 100 quills to use as currency in Kobold Librarian's ;shop (, as well as a shiny competitive Rowlet RNG'd by yours truly!

Top 3

x 200 +

The three most popular entries in the voting will receive 200 quills, a shiny Rowlet, as well as a shiny Smeargle with any moves you choose on it!


x 300 +
+ Custom Avatar

The winning entry will receive the shiny Rowlet, the shiny Smeargle, 300 quills, and a Custom Pokemon Showdown! Avatar! Additionally, the winning entry will also be featured in the Library's roomintro! That's two shinies, a bucketload of quills to spend in the shop, and your very own avatar and bragging rights on the sim!


1. Your mascot is not limited to Pokémon, though it can be based upon one. As long as it is neither inappropriate nor edgy, your submission will be accepted.

2. This is a contest for original artwork. (Edits of) other people's work will not be accepted.

3. Your mascot needs to reflect the tone of the new room. As the room is geared towards bookworms, reading and writing, and casual discussion, it would not make much sense for Darth Vader to be the mascot. However, that would probably make for a good story.

4. Your mascot should be submitted as a transparent PNG image. We recommend a minimum size of 200x200 pixels.

Submissions are open until June 25th!
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Banned deucer.
I would like to clarify that I added a rule for original artwork. Photoshopping or tracing over an already existing piece of artwork is still plagiarism and leads to an instant DQ. It's insulting to both the original artist and everyone putting effort into their submission.
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Give your warmest welcome to Flipper the sableye! Flipper is a mega sableye but seems to be missing his gem shield and in its place is his very favorite book! Note that Flipper is wearing a scarf because he loves to read while being cozy. Did you notice that his name is “Flipper” as in flipping pages of a book? Ha ha! get it? PS USERNAME: Blastoise Expert
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Book Spewpa Reference Trans.png

Book Spewpa.png

(I'm not sure if the contest needed a reference or a full image, so I did both. I also tried two different styles for fun!)

Here's Spencer, the Professional Book Spewpa (The name can be changed if needed). They love to read and learn, though sometimes it can get difficult. It's not because the subject is hard to understand, but because most of the books in the library are bigger than them.

(PS username is NMEllis)
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You said we can submit as much as we like so I’m posting another. What’s better? This is a mascot duo!

Meet Edgar the Umbreon (named after Edgar Allen Poe) and Athena the Espeon (named after the Greek goddess of wisdom)

These two are an inseparable pair! Athena loves to write novels and Edgar loves to read them!

PS USERNAME: Blastoise Expert
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I also added a point about adding your PS username to your submission. If you haven't already, please edit your post to include your PS username. (If you submitted it ON PS this doesn't apply of course)
The idea was first to add a member to the rotom family with the Rotom-book. After making it I have asked for some feedback from the art-room and someone said a book isn't electric and a ebook would make more sense. So I redid the whole thing with an ebook but i'm not really sure it works so any feedback would be awesome.

Made the character from scratch with vector shapes in Photoshop. Kinda new to this way of making an image so it was cool to try and it gives me a lot of options to change things afterwards

ps. my showdown username is ThaMies


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Posting something incredibly silly (for the moment) so I remember to update this with a proper ref sheet later.
This is Natalie (she prefers the name Nat). She's an inane mix of an publicist and someone who spends way too much time guzzling Pokebeans at those Pokecenter cafes in Alola.
I'm sorry for this
Ps username: Kyukon

Unfinsihed sketch of Gardevoir, it will be done sometime soon... My Pokemon Showdown username is Shiero❤16❤
Im also available on the Azure server :D

The Gardeovir is a female who goes by the name "Cardelia"
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