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The Library Mascot Design Contest

I promise it'll look much better once I get it done...and add in all the pink, a favorite book of mine, and a heart :)


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Library Contest 1.PNG

Yeah so this is the first idea that came to my mind. I chose noctowl because owls seem to fit the library theme pretty well.
They're the epitome of wisdom and even pallas-athena, the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom, is strongly connected to owls, which seems even moreso fitting since mythology has been one of the major topics featured in the Canalave Library which shall live on in the big Library we have now.
I chose nowctowl over other owl based Pokémon since the color pattern isn't too flashy for a library. On top of that Noctowl has an awe-inspiring aura which reminds of the timelessness of a library.
The Unowns refer to the tremendous importance of written communication which is vital for libraries as permanent memory.
I promise it'll look much better once I get to learn how to actually draw.
Here's my submission for the contest (feel free to name it whatever you want)

Edit: My PS username is W. Genesects
Second edit: Removed the background around the Hoothoot so it's easier for you guys to move it and stuff
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Here ya go:
I have a couple reasons for somethings in this piece
Why a caterpie - It is the worm pokemon why I didn't choose wurple cause caterpie is more Iconic than wurmple and also people who are long time fans/gen onenners (is that how you spell it?) will perfer it (and lets be honest who remembers wurmple)
The brush: One side is a pen representing writing while the other side represents creativity (it's a fake smeargle tail)
The book: reading/writing, I came up with the title and cover design while trying to draw a pie on it (CaterPIE) and then shroomish popped into my head... somehow
This one I thought of rotom but then I realised someone already did that and books are not electronic
Sorry they are HUGE >.< not very good working with tiny canvases
feel free to make them smaller or crop them
my PS username is: Aetherskye

these are my sketches AND YES I did put my watermark on it so that nobody could also copy mine and my proof and say it was theirs

This is just the caterpie with none of the other accesories
2018-05-29 (11).png

This one is kinda hard to see but you get the idea
2018-05-29 (10).png

I wish best of luck to all who entered(even though I might have given/used mine all away ;-; but still) and even those who didn't!
Here is a character concept for 'The Librarian' - I'm open to suggestions and making any changes/etc. ; I will likely update this in coming days.


thelibrarianpng - Copy (2).png

thelibrarianpng2 - Copy.png


I used roblox studio to make the 3d stuff, like the surface, the bookshelf and the book, then used paint . net to create the uxie and do some tweaks to the book next to the surface.

Ms. Know-it-All the Uxie is on her surface researching info, with a book next to her as another source for her essay, to tie in with research as one of the main topics in The Library. Uxie is the Knowledge Pokemon, so she's got to know 'em all. Bookshelf because wynaut. No library is complete without books.

My PS name is Road Blocks.
I think it would be funny if the uptight librarian was Greta the Exploud, and the nice one was a Pokémon along the lines of Wismer or a fairy type. Unfortunately, I can't illustrate that well, so I hope this entry doesn't get disqualified.
Battle me on Showdown at Moxie Dexter!
Greta the Exploud Librarian Legal.png

Edit: I made an attempt to legalize my entry. Sorry for any inconvenience, and may the best entry win!
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Hia! Im new to the room so I wanted to get involved and submit my own mascot. Im not very artistic so I do admit to using a tutorial on how to draw popplio but the drawing is my own :blobthumbsup: . Also I'm sorry about the non-transparent background but I didn't know how to make a png with a transparent background, but at least it is a png so 50%? Cup half full? Dunno. Hope this counts for something at least. :mehowth:
PS Username - megachucknorris
Poplio + book.png

My beautiful masterpiece! It isn't perfect but its still good.
This is Alex, the librarian Alakazam. He is the best librarian in the pokemon universe! He is very kind and gentle, as well as sweet and cool. He has magical powers that allow him to grab books off the shelves from the front desk! He is probably the best librarian and I have a lot of confidence in him!
Username: jackelope12
Champy may be muscle-bound, but he loves nothing more than to curl up with a big book! His other hobbies include journaling, looking for sweater-vests with four arm holes and helping smaller Pokemon reach the top shelf.


Showdown username is also BlueberryBlanket
this is Ms. Wurmple, (shes a book"wurm" ahaha) She loves giving out candy to the young dears that visit her library, despite her age she is very dexterous and climbs each nook and cranny of the library to put books away even in the highest points. She may be small but she is very knowledgeable, but don't get on her wrong side or you'll be needing a few pecha berries...

my Showdown user is Beffums too c:
thanks for the consideration!
mascot library wip.png

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