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Anyways, yeah I can see why people have dropped KOC or suspecting him more. This fluff hasn't really change my read too much, other than wanting to threaten him quite literally

KnightsofCydonia Please start posting why you are doing things and not only just what you are doing or I will have no problem lynching you

other than that, dislike it but I haven't seen anything directly that makes me want to straight up drop my d1 read.
Asek was pushing leet fh
ah okay

Yo real talk did moody even know it was at l-1 when he voted? He quoted an earlier post and it felt like kind of a joke vote at ms that just happened to be hammer. Hard to believe he chooses to hammer as slanking scum and the number of people who were on at the time to instruct him in scum chat are limited so I think he may just be town
I talked a bit about this on the other page. Frankly I think the catch up part was real and that the hammer aspect is sort of NAI. Like, I think that could come from either alignment since it seems like a genuine mistake.


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my poe if i heavily factor in texas's read onto leet:

asek ag lw dle

knights is the next one up

think moody may be town, don't personally trust leet but think the fact my poe doesn't trust him either and texas felt rly strongly about his meta read means smth, think fh is town.


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i guarantee all we're gonna get from lw today is a d2 wall even though d2 was abbreviated af

he's barely doing any live chat and almost all of his conclusions are "would lynch" dude feels like he's giving himself room to be on any mislynch/make it harder to find his partners

he's perpetually allowing himself to be behind and only posting catch ups the day after they're relevant so it's a faulty catch up bc he's doing it with the flips in mind. we're never getting his perspective on wagons AS THEY HAPPEN and he's going to continue this pattern of avoiding playing live.


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knights has been obfuscating his posts' meanings with needless acronyms and weird turns of phrase, texas needed a translator to understand half his posts lol. i don't like how he has been hiding behind the iso to avoid giving me a reads list, i would appreciate one that's like, pre-reeval as well so i can see where his progressions change over the day. i don't really like what he's doing rn. fix this neffew.
Former is DNL.
Hawkie probably Town. Bit of the Matrix tone, bit of logic applied to the tunnel.
You're looking kinda Townie, but I see a touch of the popcorn 'tude from time to time.
Proph is looking better now but I'm staying wary.
Moody still playing more like me than himself. Not pinging, but I'm side eyeing the crap out of that passive play.
DLE can only coast on getting them dollah bills for so long.
Empoof... I miss him.
Texas is kinda leading from the sidelines?
Metal SoD1 is a toned down version of his scumplay from last time. Now there's this weird dynamic with Texas and idk.
I unvoted Hitmon because Hitmon is not Walrein. Hitmon is also not doing much to make the slot look better.
My brain won't stop focusing on Lightwolf avoiding sub but not playing.
Asek's intro wall was a hot sack of ass. It's Asek's regular tone but there's less solving.


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Hawkie - obvtown

MoodyCloud - break town on his few posts think he just doesn’t have much motivation dont think scum would be so open to admitting sheeping like he did to Prophylaxis

Texas Cloverleaf - i get the same vibe as matrix so i’m comfortable with towning him until something changes

Former Hope - very pro town start to the game except that 1 thing i pointed out that niggled me as far as i remember

hashtag all town wagon? maybe

Da Letter El - there isn’t much to say townread texas for not much in his initial post disappeared since then his posts that i’ve noticed have been about the amount of content he has to go over while simultaneously not providing any. ? this slot

Yeti - i really want to say yeti is town this game as matrix towncore was ;_; hoping wishing praying but truth be told i’ve had good vibes from the slot but nothing to concrete me into a read like with Former

Asek - feeling much less of a force from asek this game the iso/analysis wall was a kinna half hearted attempt imo i definitely question this slot and not just for being on hitmonleet their defence to people hasn’t really resonated town to me either. ? this slot

KnightsOfCydonia - i’ve said this before i love knights posting style and it throws me when i try to read them i’m pretty sure i scumread them in matrix for nai facets of their personality but i did defo get pinged by them earlier in the game dint question this slot as much as the others but still do. ? this slot

Lightwolf - made initial post and nothing since i really want him lynched at some point if this continues

Empoof - the only reason he’s not the same as above ^ is because LW is known to do this as scum and i’m not sure Empoof is

Prophylaxis - still feeling he’s scum although his most recent posts have been the towniest it doesn’t explain all the other shit though like the perceived mentality that he’s pushing lynches that are easy / got the most chance of going through like he’s desperate to save himself and remember the downplay of the situation from the beginning the “i’m comfortavle with my lynch etc etc” could be a continuation of that i’m not 100% sure he’s scum as i was earlier but i’m still confident

Hitmonleet - townread for reasons already stated
hawkie reads list again. everyone in my poe currently is a ? or lynch. yeah i see why he died. has a firm TR onto fh and leet as well.


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I think Former Hope and KnightsofCydonia are town. FH has a string of pretty genuine posts where he feels like he is actually weighing the evidence and has some fairly nuanced thoughts. I feel like he's done a good job of showing what his thought process is and his play this game has been pretty transparent.

Knights, never lynch. His post where he went "Am I being pocketed" is something that I doubt he makes as scum and he's had.. fairly townie tone early on? I actually can't remember most of his recent posts/stances aside from being parked on Asek, which worries me, but hold his feet to the fire tomorrow and make sure he actively contributes and scumhunts.

Texas and Hawkie are both people who are campaigning for my lynch pretty hard and.. gun to head I'd say that they're both town but blegh. If I had to pick one to be town it'd probably be Hawkie, because Texas and I have worked together before very well and.. I just am very surprised that knowing how well we work together, he'd actively campaign for my lynch and assume that I am 100% lock scum. I'm not really sure about his mindset, but tell me if this makes sense:

Texas and Proph have worked together in Bard's College where we extinguished most of the scumteam together, (ongoing game), and he's seen my town play in the previous rand
Texas tries to sort me early on, assumes I'm scum, then rams the lynch down my throat for Day 1

..Something has to be wrong here, right? Like, Texas knows I'm a strong town player and will deliver. I just find it incredibly bizarre if he's town to just ram the lynch down my throat for Day 1 rather than.. wait until Days 2 and 3, get a more solid base on my alignment, and if we're both town we just destroy the scumteam together. Texas is someone I'd never lynch on Day 1 personally because I know that he is a fairly strong town player and we've worked together before. So I'm wondering, why is he so convinced I'm scum?

Hawkie is just probably town here? Feels very risky of him to just instantly tunnel someone he's never played with as town and then.. just peter out at the end there, and his reconsideration here feels more townie? I don't know. He hasn't been around for the last half of Day I feel. Just don't immediately assume scum when I flip here.

Asek... exists. He made a couple of big posts and I've interacted with him a little bit, but now his vote is on Empoof and.. I can't recall a single strong stance he's taken that has actively impacted the game. Investigate, look into tomorrow.

DLE might be scum since he's posted very little content and feels fine with just sheeping the main wagons aside from Metal Sonic. Again, look into tomorrow.

MoodyCloud, strongly pressure tomorrow. He's vote parked on my wagon and is comfortable saying that he doesn't have the time/care to actively question others or to be a active contributor in this game. On one hand I'm questioning if he has the self awareness to just admit this but on the other hand I remember thinking to Bard's College and how lackluster he was that game, so. I don't think his approach to me comes from a town mindset.

Hitmonleet I literally just don't know. People say he's town, Texas/MS, so I'm inclined to trust them on that strong meta read.

Yeti is an interesting case. I feel like there are 1-2 wolves that /know/ that my mislynch is going to be a mislynch, so they're going through the day knowing this lynch is probably going to happen, but they're not actively pushing my wagon because they know that the wagon is heavily going to be scrutinizing tomorrow. I think that there's going to be one wolf pushing me and two wolves.. either AFK or they're NOT going to be on my wagon because they will want to avoid the attention that comes with it. Yeti.. feels like she's in that archetype but when I see her posts I can see her scumhunting/having fairly nuanced observations of the game but.. kind of pushing my wagon along without voting me?

Metal Sonic says I'm town but wants to lynch a slanker and he's not actively defending me. I wanted to look through his meta to see if he cared about how he was perceived but I never did, so yeah. Not much I can offer here other than talk to people who are more experienced with reading him than I am.

I think that's everybody aside from Empoof/LW who need to be solved. My "out there" guess for scumteam is like Lurker/Moody/Texas but I think there's someone who is not on my wagon who is probably scum, so.

GLGL, win it for me, best of luck with the game. Not one of my stronger performances but hopefully I've given you guys enough thoughts to chew on.
proph list, same ? on asek and dle as hawkie.
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