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your vote is on leet, there's votes on you, asek, and knights otherwise

what are your thoughts on these wagons and the people voting them.
Asek I want to respond to my wall and then have a nice long talk to him. I scum read him last game and he was on the top of my list to get shot, but this game I am not seeing the same signs I saw last game that made me falsely suspect him. This makes him one of my bigger suspects left with Texas and Hawkie both being dead, which obviously does not bode well for my thought processes.

Knights I need to see his day 2, which I will be going over tonight when I'm done with other stuff(it will be in the style of quoting and replying to stuff and posting in batches). I feel the change in Knights from last game to this game looks more how I'd expect a scum try to act after last game, but I need to see more, because I don't want to go on another lets murder knights tirade.

Me, I like me, he is an idling cuck but at least he made a swell movie poster.

On you my stance in the big post stands, and I'd reevaluate you past day 2.

Latter Despair is in a highly volatile position, because if I don't see him stepping up his game day 2, he likely rockets up the list for what I said in my big post. It's not helpful when you are universally town read day 1 yet never done anything memorable except a big post that people really didn't engage with(which is why I am actively trying to get people to engage with mine)

AG, shrug, empoof never posted day 1, that leaves day 2, and I don't have high hopes for it considering it's 300 posts...
ok it is 1 AM and I mostly skimmed through pages so I cannot go into isos/detail rn this is pretty much where I'm at




At this point in time I want to lynch in Asek/Lightwolf as I believe this to be the poe where we will find at least one mafian
if we don't we will lose and deserve it

More coherent things to come tomorrow
And I didn't last game when I was town? I never town read people unless A they are confirmed B they do something that can't physically come from scum. I already said that my net has only been widened after I literally declared last game I would lynch everyone but the 3 who were scum. Simple as that.
Hey guys, Hitmonleet just claimed he is the only scum in the whole game so he has total control over the kills and picks who to kill based on what benefits him! He also thinks that killing of people who specifically suspect him would be a great move, and the two killed people have not been a person who completely tunneled in on a town and was eleminated before he could reevaluate his position and a mason who was somehow called out for mason slipping in the first few pages.

Okay firstly, I'm not tunneling you, I made a big post, at the end of which I suspected you the msot for your day 1 play, so I voted you. You replied to my post's relevant to you statements. I then replied to those replies myself and pointed out how I found them lacking and asked followup questions. If that is tunneling, when I gave the EXACT SAME TREATMENT to AG who questioned parts of it, you really think you can call this TUNNELING.

You are overreacting out of your butt right now, and instead of addressing my problems with you, you are painting what I have done since finalyl posting as tunneling you. Then you somehow try to reason that I suspect too many people, man am I tunneling you or am I suspecting too many people?

If you have no intention of addressing my problems with you, then I will just take that as an admission of guilt.
Both these posts ping me but the latter gives me vibes of being too blatant of an effort to discredit Hitmonleet to clearly be called scum indicative
I calls it like I sees it, and bullshit is bullshit. He is trying to justify his omgus outrage by saying I'm tunneling him, and directly tries to discredit me by saying at look how many people I think are scum, which is not my stance(I merely suspect everyone)

I want my points against him addressed, instead he hid behind faux outrage and started attacking me and claiming how I was tunneling him. Anyone can see that half of that is lies and the other half omgus. He still sticks to me idling being a scum tell. If ANYONE has a problem with that interaction, I want it explained in detail, not just pings.
it's either true Next Level distancing games and hawkie and texas are sucklords with sucklord reads or leet is designated mislynch
While this is a point in my favor, I will point out that absurd distancing was exactly how I won Bard College, because almost every scum flip tried to bus me and somehow flopped.

I'm tired atm, so no deep posts, but if anyone has any questions, I can throw out a couple of hot takes real quick.


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While this is a point in my favor, I will point out that absurd distancing was exactly how I won Bard College, because almost every scum flip tried to bus me and somehow flopped.

I'm tired atm, so no deep posts, but if anyone has any questions, I can throw out a couple of hot takes real quick.
asek/lw/who's the third?

y/n on this team?


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i mean i don't really trust you? but if i sheep hawkie and texas on you for your meta and not rely as much on my meta on walrein, and also look at how the poe/nks line up regarding you, then it seems reasonable i back off you up until the poe fails
Well, I suppose since mafia already killed Texas, there's no point in hiding it: Texas was, in true Deathnote NOC style, reacting way too strongly to attempts on Hitmonleet, just as he did as Percival towards the Merlin / some other guy candidates. I deliberately omitted that from my reads on Texas in the hopes it would be forgotten, but it looks like a vain hope.

So, I don't explain Hitmonleet. I explain him as masonbuddy to Texas.
this is not a good look for ag there is no point in openly speculating who the other mason is from a town perspective
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