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ml = 3/7
ml = 3/5
3/5 = mylo since 3/4 is lylo and 3/3 off a ml is end

so we have 2 mislynches available

if the poe of asek/dle/lw/ag does contain all 3 scum then we just win and have at max 1 ml, if the poe has only 2 scum then depending on order we hit lylo with proooobably enough to go on to solve who it is of knights/leet at that point? if the poe only has 1-0 scum then we are probably doomed barring some really clutch lategame reading from whoever survives to lylo
It's wifom to assume you'd be more likely to care about not getting subbed as scum than as Town, but the prod dodge has stuck with me because I can't help but think about how much stake you have in this game when you avoid the sub but don't play.
This is stupid. Anyone who cares to not get subbed because he is specifically scum or town is dickhead who'd promise to show up and then break that promise because he wasn't feeling it. I don't wanna be that dickhead ever, period.

I'm sorry for my idling, but ANYONE who tries to use that as basis on why to lynch me like it's somehow alignment indicative is either scum or doesn't care for this game(cough I know I know cough)

So yes, have a problem with what I actually said, my idling is not a point I will let anyone use to throw this game for scum.
Why in gods name are we using poes. Maybe if we had a better fucking idea about the game, but this literally a game where the first day was spent by oen town tunneling the other and little in discussion deviating from the premise of Proph lynch followed by a day 2 that's had less posts than this day a few hours from now.

No one should be above scrutiny at this point yet and people should be scumhunting, not deciding a list to vote from and then if we reach MYLO or LYLO scramble to scumhunt.

Why is this the primary discussion topic a day into a 3 day deadline especially after day 2 ended that quickly? Push, hunt, question, iso. Anything but this shit. The fact Hitmon decides to comment on the poe instead of acknowledging my qualms with him and people are totatly okay with that is baffling.
Trying to make my ISOs more brief. DLE was on my "up soon" radar and recent talk put him in the front of my mind with Asek.

Lots of junk posts, then says he'd be down for Hitmonleet lynch. Then TRs Yeti and Texas. Huh, #1113 has "KoC getting mad about role slipping and allusion after doing the speculation as town last game :thinking:" Then goes against both MS and Proph, the two mislynches. Also part of prodding Texas in a way that caused a masonslip. Sticks up for leet afterwards, though.
Day 2, just L-1's MS
Later declares he'd go after ... no one really because he's been wrong? Wasn't it DLE in Company Mafia who figured out almost everything? The thread seems to have been lost, so idk. I'm seeing a lot of fancy ways of saying no comment D3.

Verdict: Still leaning town, but I could also see him as scum having nudged one of texas's slips and trying not to push anyone too hard.


Back to Yeti's math:
10-3 start
mislynch proph, hawkie dies
8-3 day 2
mislynch Metal, Texas dies
6-3 day 3
mislynch ANYONE, someone else dies
4-3 day 4

We only have one mislynch left (I was right the first time re: yeti's numbers)
Finally finished rereading Yeti. I think I'm dropping her to just above null on the basis of having to sift through 15 pages of posts to find the solvey ones, with an asterisk for "check again if there are deepwolves". But there are some solvey bits there, and nothing beyond the quote above pinged me (and stopped pinging me after she came into the next day with 1339) as I was :fry:ing the crap out of all of it. Her interaction with Metal on D2 reads like a natural calling out of bs, specifically in posts like 1418.


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This was directed at Texas, y/n?
yeah but i thought about it overnight and i was like

i don't think i enjoy texas's playstyle at all and how he always uses lynch pressure/votes to solve but will sit there going "vote x vote x vote x" but never making a case but he did that exactly to me in matrix and i was like. ugh. this is probably just what he does as town, ineffective af as it is


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also l0l why tf you trying to shade me like i don't have content? "have to sift through 15 pages" i guarantee i have more Content than you and easily legible stances on ppl and takes on issues

weak af bruh u wanna enter the poe? keep coming at me with some weak $#!%


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also i see proph viewing this thread and he had a sadboi post in that other noc's postgame of "cant win any games on this site"

yeah thats what happens when u roll town on smogon dot com's historic and notable circus maximus subforum :pirate:

if the poe is good then we will win this game but if its not then l0l rip
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