The main CAP project page needs to be updated

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The primary page for the CAP project looks like it hasn't been maintained for a while. Its link to the CAP forum is broken, Kerfluffle has no sprites and its Hidden Ability is listed as "Undecided", and there isn't even a trace of Jumbao. Could whoever is responsible for maintaining that part of the site please go ahead and do so?


We have the technology.
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This obviously known, by both the CAP Staff and the people who play the metagame. We had significant issues updating the CAP site after the Smogon Pokedex updated a few years ago. It has basically involved an entire rewriting of the code of the CAP site. Thankfully, we have several users working together to figure out a solution, especially one that is more viable in the longterm and easily updated by the community. I can personally message you once we have this information up-to-date.

The CAP Metagame forum will have all of the competitive information you may need on our creations. You can also check out the Final Product pages for Jumbao, Pajantom, and Kerfluffle in this forum. Also, feel free to ask around on both the CAP Discord and CAP Showdown room for any questions you may have. Finally, ask all future questions in the Simple Questions, Simple Answers thread at the top of this forum.

Thank you for your patience.
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