The Metagame Tweak - Round 2

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The Metagame Tweak - What it means to be OU

Approved by the TD Team

Art thanks to Elcheeso

What defines a Pokémon to be OU? Is it base stats? Ability? Moveset? If some things had it a little differently, would they still forever sit in the shadows and be outclassed – or would they rise up and take back their throne. In this tour, we discover what could have happened if Game Freak had altered the playing field a little bit.
In this tour I change several Pokémon per round to experiment and see what happens if certain Pokémon got something a little different from Game Freak.


  • Standard OU – but I will be changing a few select Pokѐmon.
  • Battles are to be made on the Pokѐcommunity Server – Under FireMage’s Tournament (Challenege --> FireMage’s Tournament)
  • All changes I make will be Flavourful AND Competitive (Ie, no Speed Boost Slowbro however, Magic Guard Gardevoir might make the cut)
  • Any changes I make will carry on and be in effect for the remainder of the tournament (unless I say so)(So round 1 changes will carry over into Round 2,3 and beyond.)
  • All Changes will be to movepools and abilities. Stats will not be effected.
  • Single Elimination
  • You do not have to play with the changed pokѐmon in the first few rounds. After Round 3 you will be required to use at least one.
  • All standard tournament rules and clauses are in effect – they can be viewed here
  • If something shanged is equivalent to a Dream World ability then all illegalities that go with it being a Dream World ability go with it. (For example, 3rd Gen tutor / Event / XD moves can't be used in tandem with any DW abilities) All illegalities will be explained in each post (if applicable)
  • You may use Previous round Pokémon

R2 Changes

-Pickpocket (DW) +Technician(DW)
Justification: Whilst Pickpocket is a little more flavourful, technician turns all of it's many low base power moves into something that benefits its masive attack stat.
Illegalities - Gen IV Event/Exclusive Move Tutors/TMs

-Swarm +Sap Sipper (Gen 5)
Justification - More flavourful than anything. an Immunity to Grass type attacks and getting a +1 boost to your attack is something that's not always going to be a bad thing.
Illegalities - Gen III / IV Events/Move Tutor Exclusives / TM + HM Exclusives

-Serene Grace (DW) + Reckless (DW)
Justification - Serene Grace on Sawksbuck is useless. At least you can get a lot more Oomph out of Reckless.
Illegalities - None

+Hurricane (Move Tutor)
Justification - The other two birds get it and what Zapdos needs is a Strong Specal Flying type STAB. This'll turn it into a fearsome Rain 'mon.
Illegalites - None

-Justified(Dream World) + Drought (Dream World)
Justification - Arcanine should've been the OU Sun setter - Ninetales just sits there. I theorise Arcanine will be able to do a lot more for Sun teams offensively.
Illegalities - Gen III / IV Event + Gen III / IV Specific Tutor Moves

-Telepathy (Dream World), +Magic Guard (Dream World)
Justification - Gardevoir's vunerability to Hazards, and residual damage in general puts her in a position in which her great special bulk is comprimised. I see her as a bulkier Alakazam and could give him competition for certain teamslots.
Illegalities - Event + GEN II/I / IV Exclusive Tutor Moves

+ Snow Warning (Dream World)
Justification - Hail needs a better setter Who else than a mon that flash froze the Giant Chasm.
Illegalities - Gen V Event Moves

+ Flare Blitz, + Wild Charge (Level up)
Justification - If Flareon got Flare Blitz + Coverage move will it be able to function in OU?
Illegalities - none

R1 Activity / Coinflip Wins

Rydro vs Angrypsyduck5
Novaray vs Qwilphish
Level 51 vs JirachiCelebiMew (CF)
Darkloic vs HiipFire
PasY G vs ~Greencore
lokt vs Michael209
Vinc2612 vs Lowgock (CF)
Marshall.Law vs pokebasket
Trinitrotoluene vs DestinyUnknown
Infernis vs Problems
SOMALIA vs Kendrick Lamar (CF)
MAlkaviano vs kael
Tophway vs Nantsuki
anno nyme vs H-C
Double01 vs Metal Sonic (CF)
toasdt vs Ricky Horror (CF)
Deluks917 vs Jayde
Blue Eon vs WTFlash

Naby vs kael
Kennen vs Angrypsyduck5
Infernis vs Lapras6666
Masterclass vs vs Knight1337
The Kyle vs Pedrock
~Greencore vs pokebasket
Lowgock vs JirachiCelebiMew
Starships vs vs relaunched
The Unlucky One vs Princess Bri
Alexwolf vs Michael209
anno nyme vs Ricky Horror
Stolen vs Darkloic
.Robert vs Gr8astard
Treecko37 vs Articblast
Dr. Ciel vs Deluks917
Shartruce2 vs WhiteQueen
Double01 vs Trinitrotoluene
moonbase vs nglittleguy
Hyperbeem vs SoulWind
dragonuser vs Tophway
kokoloko vs SOMALIA
Qwilphish vs ThePillsburyDoughboy
WTFlash vs 199 Lives
FLCL vs Hantsuki

19th ~May 10pm GMT+1


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Please coinflip my R1 battle, we met once on PO, talked about playing a week later, but none of us was more active than the other.


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Arcticblast and I see each other plenty. I'm sure we'll get this done relatively soon.


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Contacted, changes this time around don't seem nearly as game changing as last round although these ones are quite interesting
Not happy in the manner i lost, I had to play a game vs an unprepared for threat because i didn't know we could use the same pokemon from last round. And then i lost because PO made a horrible import which would've won me the game.
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