The most amazing thing you have done in Pokémon?

I got a Timid nature Eevee in Platinum in my most recent playthrough. I evolved into a Jolteon and it destroyed everything. Jolteon is now my favorite Eeveelution as a result.

This wasn't even the first time I got a Pokemon with a great nature in-game, I have an Adamant Scizor from SoulSilver that I got all the way back in like 2010 or so and my Delphox from Y has a Timid nature.


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It just dawned on me that I never did post this here. Better late than never, I guess.

Several months ago, I was replaying Pokemon Colosseum and ended up snagging a Shadow Qwilfish that turned out to be Jolly, with an IV spread of 28/31/24/5/27/30. I didn't soft-reset it or anything; I just caught it and went along with the story, so I was surprised and excited when I noticed its stats were unusually high (though finding out its Spe was 30 instead of 31 was a bit of a sucker punch). If my avatar wasn't enough of a giveaway, Qwilfish is one of my favorite Pokemon, and the fact that a Gen III-born Qwilfish can learn Swords Dance was another plus. I ultimately decided to do a ribbon project on it, which I managed to complete a little over a month ago. Pics will go below, of course.

In order to obtain the Wi-Fi Tower ribbon from Gen IV, I ended up having to utilize homebrew Wi-Fi servers since the official servers are obviously dead. But beyond that, the rest of the ribbons were obtained through hard work and insanity dedication. The Gen III ribbons were easy enough to get; the tower ribbons were quick to obtain since I already had a dedicated frontier team of RNG abused Pokemon, and the contests were a cakewalk in spite of the contest stats not being maxed. Gen IV contests were still easy, though the tower ribbons gave me a hard time. Setting up the altwfc server to work with my retail platinum cart was problematic mostly due to my router not supporting WEP encryption, meaning I had to change my router settings every time I needed to connect. The double-based ribbons especially were a pain; I couldn't utilize Rain Dance with Qwilfish since its ability was initially Poison Point (thank Arceus for ability capsules in Gen VI), dealing with the dumb AI of the partner characters of DPPt with only two Pokemon led to many tries, and don't even get me started on how painfully slow Link-Multi is. Thankfully, the Gen VI ribbons were easy enough to grab; the contests were even easier to complete since the Pokeblock limit was lifted in Gen VI, allowing me to finish maxing out all the contest stats, and the Maison is easy enough to complete since you can cheese it with Mega Kang and friends, and I didn't need to bring Qwilfish until right when I had to battle the Chatelaines.

So long story short, I caught a Qwilfish from Colosseum with really nice IVs and nature, and now have a complete set of obtainable ribbons on it along with the Gen III-exclusive Swords Dance. Of course, shortly before I finished the RP, we find out that we will be able to boost and max out IVs in SuMo through Hyper Training. On one hand, I'm sorta disappointed that the value of the Qwilfish will be slightly undermined, but on the other hand, it still holds a great deal of sentimental value to me, and being able to finally max out the IVs (including that trollish 30 Spe) will be an amazing feeling.


I got freezes in two consecutive battles in Showdown RandBats. I was a very happy person in the chat.

One ended in opponent's forfeit, other one in a victory.
But the others were no doubt pissed off beyond belief! Especially if it was a rating battle. Imagine loosing ladder points because of a roll of the die, and to the most powerful secondary effect in the game no less.


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probably about a year and a half ago, i was breeding a 31/0/30/31/31/31 ha litwick for another smogon user as part of a trade. i was starting to feel bad after about 200 eggs when i still wasnt getting what i wanted. i kept going and after over 300 eggs i finally got the pokemon and made the trade. BUT, during the process, i happened to hatch two shinies. both of them seemed to have imperfect ivs (the checker only called out spA, spD, and spe) so i traded one to my friend and tossed the other one in a box and forgot about it. a few months later out of boredom i check the ivs in the battle test, check the hidden power and flip out.. the ivs were 30/0/30/31/31/31 hidden power ice! the best pokemon ive hatched for sure
I single-handedly trained every fully evolved pokemon to level 100 (just the grinding part, not many are also EV trained or IV bred). I always wondered if there are many other people here who have done that.
I single-handedly trained every fully evolved pokemon to level 100 (just the grinding part, not many are also EV trained or IV bred). I always wondered if there are many other people here who have done that.
Well, in OR/AS, thanks to people cheesing the Secret Base things and making teams of Blisseys holding Toxic Orbs without any real moves, I'm able to get a team of 6 from 1 to 100 in a single day.
Well, in OR/AS, thanks to people cheesing the Secret Base things and making teams of Blisseys holding Toxic Orbs without any real moves, I'm able to get a team of 6 from 1 to 100 in a single day.
Yeah true. It used to be much harder in the previous generations, where I did most of the work (if I remember correctly I only had to do ~30 fully evolved gen 1-5 mons when X and Y came out).
my most amazing thing was in silver throwing a great ball accidentally at a more than half health Ho-Oh and still managing to catch it.
The most amazing thing I've done in Pokemon was beating Lance in Crystal with just a Machoke and a Feraligatr, both less than level 40.

Thunder Punch Machoke (I was an idiot who knew that TPunch as a special move, but still taught it to Machoke as a reward for beating up Whitney) took down Gyarados before falling to Aerodactyl, then Feraligatr, with the help of items, proceeded to sweep Lance.

And to this day, Feraligatr is my 3rd favorite Pokemon
My first lv 100 pokemon was a non-evolved Igglybuff. Probably not all that impressive considering it was from a Gold solo run. But I guess that solo run was itself impressive, if not for the absurdly weak difficulty curve of Johto in general.

(moveset: Headbutt, Rollout, Sing, Dream Eater)
[It's better to watch the vid in full screen, not sure what's up with the thumbnail though.]

Title basically says it all. This is by far the craziest Shiny luck I've ever had for XY/ORAS. Man, I didn't realize the Shiny Charm was this good (kek). For real though, having the first one being 5IV flawless was pretty spectacular, but then having almost back-to-back Shinies two Boxes later (both still 4IV, just one regular Hawlucha setting them apart) was nothing short of incredible.

By the way, I generally prefer storing 4-5 Boxes worth of Eggs before I hatch them in one go; 5 if I'm under odds, 4 if I'm over. I recorded myself flicking through all the hatchlings in an attempt to show I kept them in the same order I received them. Obviously I can't prove to you guys this was 100% genuine unless I live streamed the hatches, but I hope you can simply take my word for this amazing night of Masuda magic!
In Crystal Version, I actually caught Ho-oh on the first turn with a Heavy Ball and that made me the happiest kid alive. I was really late playing the game because it had been out for years, but Ho-oh became my favorite from that point forward.

Aside from that, I'm always extremely lucky with natures when catching Pokemon. I can't think of a single time I picked a starter with a nature that went against its strengths. If only this luck could cross the void into other areas, haha.
getting Dark Void on a Smeargle was a great thing.. complicated set of situations that had to go right for it to happen.
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I was playing Pokemon Yellow and I had a half health pikachu, a half-health bulbasaur, and a quarter health geodude. My team is relatively underleveled and I'm in mt. moon. I've already used all my heal items. The final battle with Jessie and James takes out pikachu, bulbasaur and puts geodude in single digits. I dash to the exit. That was the closest I had ever to blacking out.
Getting 3 freezes in a row in in a Showdown battle.

...but I'll never forget my first encounter with a shiny.
After constantly losing, I beat my cheating friend's team of Shinied Wonder Guarded perfectly IVed and EVed team of 2 Spiritombs, an Arceus, a Darkrai, a Latios, and Celebi with just some crappy Mold Breaker Excadrills and Haxorus' I found(2 were bred for egg moves).

Swords Dance and Dragon Dance FTW!

He got so mad and caled me a hacker(the irony)…
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So I send my Level 7 Modest Synchronize Abra out against Tapu Lele and decide to throw an Ultra Ball to burn a turn and hope she OHKOs Abra (don't want to hard switch since I'm not overleveled and she hits hard).

Caught her at full health on the first turn. Bitch had a Calm nature, but I thought this was worth sharing.

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