The Most Facepalm Worthy Thing You Have Done in All of Pokémon

Me not (sic) but some other guy had his "fun" when he trapped his brother's character on the Meister's island. I have wondered why he wanted to have a Finneon traded (his brother had neither a fishing rod nor Rare Candies). I think the stupid part was me unintentinally aiding him to completely destroy his brother's progress. Luckily, we managed to fix that with a cheating device but he still was pissed afterwards.

Children are cruel.
Oh yeah, on colo I was planning on using the shadow smeargle since it looks so fun and goofy. "Oooooh! What does sketch do? Lets use it on this shuppet!"
Shuppet used astonish!
Semargle learned astonish!
"Oh, never mind it looks like it is just mimic!"
*Goes into smeargle after battle to check*



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One time when I was battling Flannery I was having really rotten luck against her Torkoal. It ran out of Overheats, was doing paltry damage with Body Slam, and I never got to move thanks to Attract - it didn't help that whatever I had was my last Pokemon.

After about 30 minutes of pain and potions on both sides, when I finally defeated Torkoal after it had used Struggle about 3 times. It was just so awful how much Attract happened.
Back when i played saphire and ruby many years ago i did some real facepalm worthy stuff....

What i remember the most tough, was having a friend trade his Latios over to my Saphire.

My stupid child-logic somehow had me convinced that i could breed a Latios with a Latias.

This master plan of breeding a bunch of Latias, and then becoming the cool kid in the school yard, failed epicly to my disapointment.

I spent alot of hours wondering why i couldnt get Latios and Latias to make eggs and when i finally realised it was not possible, i was pretty sad.

When I first played Gold and Silver when I was little, I did two facepalm worthy things:
I didn't know about the PC, so when I found the guy who would trade you a Onyx for a Bellsprout, I could't figure out how to get the Bellsprout I caught so I could trade. I eventually restarted my game because I really wanted Onyx, and I had to ask a friend where the PC was. >_<

And you know when you beat your Rival and he says his name was "???"? Well I actually thought that was what you had to put in when the police officer asked you his name. I didn't realize you could name him whatever. >_<

I also thought Groudon was a Fire type for the longest time. I even remember looking at his stats and still thinking he was a Fire type! -__- I seriously think I didn't figure out he was a Ground type until D/P. /facepalm


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My sister challenging me to a battle. Funny part is me not realizing she was only at the second gym and her not realizing my team is at endgame levels. I think you can imagine what happened next.

She ended up thinking Aerodactyl was the most OPed thing around.


Alas poor Yorick!
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It's hard to remember everything from my first yellow version game because I'll admit I had played Red/Blue through other methods, and I often restarted those for whatever reasons I did so I never got very far.

I remember very clearly running away from Moltres turn one and of course I didn't save before and it never dawned on me to restart and get it. The idea of one of mons just didn't seem to make sense, heck there are hundreds of zubats why is there only one of this flaming bird? I do think I got at least Zapdos and Mewtwo. It's nice to know the games now have respawning legends because for some kids that is some cruel punishment when you don't realize they can't come back and you missed your only chance.

My friend once saved on the Eon Island trying to catch a Lati, I don't think he was able to leave else losing that Lati at the time. At least he thought that I don't know if it is true.
When I first played Gold and Silver when I was

And you know when you beat your Rival and he says his name was "???"? Well I actually thought that was what you had to put in when the police officer asked you his name. I didn't realize you could name him whatever. >_<
I did this too, and now every time I replay I call him ??? for tradition sake
In Pokemon Diamond, I didn't know how to get to the top of Mt. Coronet because I didn't see a Rock Climb thing in the snow. My Torterra levelled up like 20 times before I figured it out.
Shiny Hoppip appeared before i got my Pokeballs in Crystal. Not my fault.

And when I was a kid, playing my first run of Crystal, I encounted Raikou first time. I nearly crapped my pants, and when young relative of mine wanted to see too, i let him look. He also pulled out my cart from GBC. Couldn't find that Raikou in that bush anymore and I nearly punched him to the face.
When I was a newbie and was playing pokemon crystal, I battled trainer red. He sent out pikachu and I thought that I could catch it with the master ball. After that I saved the game and lets just say that lugia was a pain to catch.
Well, the first time I ever played Pokemon was on my friend's Diamond. He told me how to play, and entered a battle to show me how to do it. He left me alone, I thought I could catch the trainer's Alakazam, and I threw his master ball at it...
Just performed the same game freezing glitch in Black2 three times in a row. Moral of the story: Pack some potions and don't let both your mons die on the same turn in a double battle. Cost me about 3 hours worth of grinding and about 50 total levels between the 18 mons I'm raising.


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It's not a glitch. You just have to select both the 'mon you want to switch into after one has fainted, and which slot you want to switch it into.

I'd say not realizing how this works would be more facepalm-worthy.
Mine would have to be i had my gliscor and scizor out they send out landorus and skarmory go gliscor earthquake OHKOs my scizor doesnt affect them
A few years ago I was running through Leaf Green again to Soft Reset for Moltres. I was walking through Mt. Ember, chatting on the computer while I played, and wasn't paying much attention to the game. I suddenly hear the sound of a shiny appearing (when the stars fly around) and nearly jumped on my chair of surprise.

Needless to say, I hit the GBA SP on my table and the game froze. It was a Shiny Fearow.

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