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~*Current Challenge*~

Season over! Come back in August!

~*Leader Board*~
Current Champ: Jimera0

Season 1:
1st: Jimera0 (27 points)
2nd: atsync (20 points)
3rd: DHR-107 and sb879 (18 points)
5th: Netmonmatt (17 points)

6th: Snail489 (14 points)
7th: Its_A_Random (13 points)
8th: Mekkah (11 points)
9th: Kadew (10 points)

10th: BlazeStarter (8 points)
11th:Xdogking and cant say (7 points)

13th: Zari (4 points)
14th: chronomancy, Novae and Kavatika (2 points)
17th: Recec , Dassshhh , Level 51, spiresquire and Age of Kings (1 point)

~*General Information*~
Welcome one and all, to the Orange League, where Smogon's best and brightest in-game players come together to compete for the prestigious honor of Orange League Champion! Or just to mess around with fun in-game challenges, because why not? Every two weeks a new, 10 day challenge is presented for one of the many Pokemon main series or spin off games, and YOU get to compete to see if you're the best at whatever random challenge we throw at you! If you win, you get this spiffy banner until the end of the next round of the competition!

(Badges and sweet robot avatar not included)

But this isn't a just a series of one-off events, oh no! Every time you place 5th or higher in a challenge, you earn points which contribute to your standings on our Leader Board right here on this very topic! Points are awarded as follows, from 1st to 5th: 10, 7, 4, 2, 1. Place well consistently and you'll climb your way to the top! Don't and... well there's always the runner up list. As of yet there's no specific award for being at the top of the Leader Board, but that could change in the future! Oh, and if we ever catch you cheating, you can say goodbye to your place on the Leader Board. Forever. Also, Hulavuta will cry and you don't want that do you?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Hulavuta or Jimera0 on the forums or in the #orangeislands IRC channel. We run the Orange League and should be able to provide whatever answers you need. Note that all information with regards to submitting, individual challenge rules and the like will go in their round's specific topic, so check those before messaging us with questions about a challenge.

A new round typical starts on a Monday with 10 days until all score submissions need to be in and a winner is chosen, followed by four days off for people to discuss the previous event before the next challenge starts. Sometimes there'll be hiccups in this schedule but keep an eye on this topic and we'll keep you updated!

Suggesting Challenges:
If you have ideas for challenges we could use for future rounds, we encourage you to tell us about them! Send suggestions to TheOrangeLeague via forum conversation, or if you want you can even post them here in this topic. Just keep in mind a few things that make a good challenge:

1. The challenge needs to be tailored to a 10 day time period. Some challenges will not work very well in that time frame, so make sure to take that into consideration.
2. The challenge needs to be widely available to a large number of people on the forums. Challenges that involve games that are difficult to emulate and uncommonly owned probably won't get enough entrants to be worthwhile, nor will a challenge that involves a huge amount of set-up before executing.
3. There needs to be a way to provide proof for submissions without going to extremes like recording the whole run. If proof cannot be easily provided, it won't make a good round because we'll have no sure way of knowing who the victor is!
4. The challenge needs to be competitive. It must ensure that all entrants have a level playing field and the challenge involves enough skill involved to be worth competing at.
5. The challenge needs to be fun. Overly tedious challenges do not make for good OL rounds!

If you keep all this in mind when making your suggestion you have a good chance of seeing it be adopted in a future OL round! We'll make sure to credit people who come up with challenges we haven't thought of when we use their ideas too, don't worry.

Final Note:
Please keep discussion on this topic limited to the Orange League in general. Keep discussions about specific rounds to that round's specific topic (unless said topic is old and locked). Let's try and keep everything neat and organized.
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