The Philip7086 Smack Talk Thread

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Damn, I didn't know it was possible for so many people to be on CBB's dick at once. Good job guys for proving me wrong, now how about you guys go tryout or something because despite CBB's post, he's still most likely getting a team while you lot...are not?

djanxo unchained

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Damn, I didn't know it was possible for so many people to be on CBB's dick at once. Good job guys for proving me wrong, now how about you guys go tryout or something because despite CBB's post, he's still most likely getting a team while you lot...are not?
Ouch, just when I was getting my hopes up too. Looks like they went...

Oh darn, someone already made that joke. Today's just not my day.
Roses are red
A violet bouquet
SPL is near
Which niggas will Stone_Cold slay?
This nigga acting like rapping is just jottin a poem
But before you bust out the big bottle of jeroboam
You better know your team ain't gonna show up
for 9 weeks and you'll have another mystogan blow up
You trying to rap about flowers its like you don't give a shit as a captain
I bet you spent more hours on that shit than your draft plan
And to run your mouth when all you are is an assman?
I think your sick ass needs to stop smoking all that grass man

Perk up your ears
Hear what I have to say
Let's talk about fuck ups first
And Limitless already spent 80.5k
Yeah like the classiest have room to say something about other squads
You ran so fast into trash I thought you went and tore both your quads
Vinc and 199 Lives, are you kidding me?
You traded for their rights with what would have been their bidding fee

The murk master is here, it's time to give you a hint
Bloo's on the Ruiner's now, guess he'll choke another tournament
The Raider's don't have a chance, noones getting Raided
This draft will be a disaster, because Jabba's always faded
But lets shift to LN, and all the niggas he's traded
If I was fabbles I woulda pulled some manager shit, had it blockaided
Who was the genius who got LN persuaded
Worst pre-season moves of all time?
Even the Tigers look upgraded.
I know all 3 of them suck but why don't you take a step back
And see that this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black
You whack ass forgetter, did you not remember your moves werent any better?
You like spongebob you gonna cry yourself a tear sweater
It's true the pressure was too much for you to handle
How you gonna call yourself a man when you stepped down after no scandal
Your ass just ditched like the last host and gave the team to lamppost
Cuz you know the only trophy you're ever gonna win is with the east coast

Props to Jabba tho, bringing DBZ in this place
He reminds me of Berter and Jayce
Hella fast, but not good enough for this years playoff race
Yeah of course DBZ is a great old show
But if he Berter than no shit nigga, you're Guldo


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Fabbles is awol for a little bit, but 100% of the managers have agreed.

The auction is Thursday, December 20th @7:00 PM EST (GMT -5)

Join #spl when the time comes and WOOOOOOOOOOOO LET'S GET THIS SHIT STARTED.
If this thread sucks, you can direct all of the blame to Philip7086.

Seriously let's try not to make this thread terrible because otherwise it will be closed quite quickly.

Phil does suck though
phil has such slit eyes it is like he is lord voldemort, only uglier

and he is fat
fuk phil he never gave me my scyther
It's only fitting how a thread named after Philip7086 can bring together the worst posters of the Tournament forum.
scooters rock phil sucks (relevant enough dumbass?)

Also, holy shit I had to sift through so many WQ posts to get all of those...
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