The Pyrotoz.Com Tournament - Won by Squash17


And now for something completely different
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gorex vs SergioRules and gum vs RODAN can have extensions to Sunday, I know Friday deadlines are a bit of a pain and you guys are all active or have scheduled.
e: after the below post, stableprince has been given activity over blue ym

Round 2

Kei Kikuno  vs  Robot7620
Taskr  vs  zS
MAMP  vs  trace
xSkelly34  vs  SparksBlade
(gum vs RODAN)  vs  Toy Time King
s_aman  vs  TJ
Specs  vs  FeaNiiX
Aaronboyer  vs  Sensei Axew
dogecreamgaming  vs  Maki's Fox
uhuhuhu7  vs  RahelGamer03
j0gurt  vs  Magnemite
Squash17  vs  des121
stableprince569  vs  scald
(gorex vs SergioRules)  vs  Stareal
85percent  vs  GeneralAnnoyance
zoowi  vs  SpacialRendevous

Deadline is Friday, July 17th, 10PM EST. Teams going out now.
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