The Pyrotoz.Com Tournament - Won by Squash17


And now for something completely different
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this art was made by sobs like 4 years ago for a past iteration of the tour

For those of you not aware, Pyrotoz is a mostly Pokemon-related YouTuber (channel here) who has also kept up a team generating website for many years. allows you to generate teams for many different tiers and formats and provides completely randomized or more competitively focused sets. Some of what this generator provides is pretty standard, but sometimes it's decidedly not that. I encourage you to go check out the site and what kind of sets it generates, but sometimes you get more fun stuff like this.

This will be a Bo1 single elimination SS PU tour where your team will be generated from with the tier set to PU and viable sets on. And to prevent constantly re-randomizing or other shenanigans, I will generate the teams and PM them to participants.

Tour Specific Rules
  • Matches are Bo1 and the tournament will be single ellimination​
  • The tier is SS PU​
  • Replays are mandatory​
  • You must use the team I PM you at the start of the round!​
  • The website has been updated for the recent tier shifts and you will be able to play in the SS PU format (unless something gets banned mid-round)​
Round 1

des121  vs  Haund
TJ  vs  tlenit1
PTF  vs  Aaronboyer
monchooo  vs  uhuhuhu7
zoowi  vs  Skipkan
LordST  vs  SparksBlade
gorex  vs  SergioRules
scald  vs  Fantos13
Xevara  vs  Kei Kikuno
Robot7620  vs  ForgottenOnes
robean.y  vs  zS
MAMP  vs  Total Clefairy
Magnemite  vs  mael
trace  vs  ToastedBunzzz02
Maki's Fox  vs  keppy
Expulso  vs  GeneralAnnoyance
s_aman  vs  Chloe
RODAN  vs  gum
AntaresLN  vs  85percent
Sensei Axew  vs  czim
SOMALIA  vs  SpacialRendevous
Many  vs  Toy Time King
xSkelly34  vs  ron...5
Squash17  vs  RaJ.Shoot
Riku Sakuraba  vs  Taskr
royesk  vs  Specs
BulbaBrain  vs  dogecreamgaming
DugZa  vs  Stareal
j0gurt  vs  Obstabooze
stableprince569  vs  Blue YM
FeaNiiX  vs  Lady Salamence
Darkfire47  vs  RahelGamer03

We hit a very awkward signups number so there will have to be subs. I will be PMing the teams immediately.

Deadline is Friday, July 10th, 10PM EST
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