The Pyrotoz.Com Tournament - Won by Squash17


Ban all DLC
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Flipping Kei Kikuno vs Robot7620 because the VMs just stop. Kei got the win
MAMP gets activity over trace because I dont see any response to the initial VM
Squash17 vs des121 can have an extension due to my fuckup, play by Monday please

Round 3

Toy Time King vs SparksBlade
Kei Kikuno vs (Squash17 vs des121)
j0gurt vs stableprince569
85percent vs zS
Maki's Fox vs Sensei Axew
gorex vs zoowi
Specs vs MAMP
s_aman vs RahelGamer03

Deadline is Friday, July 24, 10PM EST
I will send out teams now and try to not fuck up and include illegal things
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