Other The Return of the LoL - Epic Showdown of Destiny (Finals)


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Round 2 Pairings:
EVISCERATION NATION Mk.II (Walrein) - 1 W 0 L VS. d 0ffici4l r0ster of TSM! (z0m(no g)OG ;_;) - 1 W 0 L
Premade Kryptonite (UncleSam) - 1 W 0 L VS. 10 Game Chat Restriction (Lavos Spawn) - 1 W 0 L
Team LightWolf (LightWolf) - 0 W 1 L VS. Team Jenzo (Jenzo) - 0 W 1 L
Can we pls Trade Eo (yohoE) - 0 W 1 L VS. Team Starbloom (Starbloom~) - 0 W 1 L

The result of Lavos over LightWolf is based on activity.


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Ok guys after talking to a number of teams:

Round 2 matches must be started by Wednesday, 4 PM CST. The scheduled time will be 4 PM CST on Wednesday if the teams cannot make it at all. Please contact the other managers so that the games get played beforehand and I don't have to deal with more bitching about subbings.

EDIT: I would strongly encourage playing the games tonight however.
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Just like to apologize signed up for this but forgot to further investigate/keep tabs on the occurrences of it. Hopefully I will be better informed and prepared if we attempt something for this again.
Subbing for Steven Snype, apparently

fuck it's been a long time since i was on smogon

edit: rank is apparently important, so fyi I'm unranked this season. last season i was ranked was S3, and I was silver 1
Heya kids! You know that fancy spreadsheet we have to keep track of players (this one)? Well, if you look at the bottom, you'll see a tab labeled "stats" - and that's exactly what you'll find!

It's currently sorted by KDA, but if you use the arrows by the column headers you can sort by whatever your heart desires.
you just made that to show off


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Sorry man, permanent roster positions are locked based on the results of the draft xD. Thanks for subbing though!

Also, LightWolf and Starbloom~'s teams can feel free to start scheduling their Round 3 match, since it is guaranteed you two will be playing each other.
Set a deadline and edit that team name in my previous post in first. There is no round 3 deadline yet and there is no way this is happening tomorrow and especially not wednesday.
Deadline will be Sunday at 4 PM CST.

I already edited in your team name in the OP and use that to make future pairings. If you're so obsessed with previous mentions then you can edit those yourself lol
Wait what sam I thought we already talked about this? I was under the impression from your previous post we might have until Sunday after this week given Christmas. Im p sure at least 2 members of my perm roster are travelling on Sunday. We can't be the only ones lol and finding subs around that time will not be easy either

edit: obv everything before sunday after wednesday is christmas too..

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