The RU Open II - Round 1

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calls me john then when i show up he johns

nice nice
K I'd like to have my say about this.
First off all, You didnt respond for a few days (I thought the deadline was the 12th) and that was the reason for calling you a john. I'm sorry for that, as I see now that the deadline is one week later.
Furthermore, I dont understand why you wont get that I was a 14 year old boy (I am now 15, it was my Bday the 15th) and my parents said I had to go to sleep. I know the timing was very bad but it was really true.
Because of this and some other activities that were ging on during this round(I had a friend sleep over for almost a week, he left at my birthday, then the day after we went outta town for 2 days and I returned yesterday, and today a friend of my mother celebrated her Bday, so I dont have much time). Thats why I have decided to let ThunderBlunder ''win'' against me, because it is solely my fault that we couldnt battle and therefore he should be winning aainst me in my opinion. However, I just want to say that I was absolutely NOT being a john on purpose. Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards, Turtleye
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Had game 1 in the bag. Got frozen.
Had game 2 in the bag. Got an absolute max damage roll against me and a 2nd turn wake against me and a sleep powder miss and last turn crit against me which did matter.

So yeah I won both games.


Banned deucer.
I dislike making these posts, but after being subbed in, I posted a VM on my opponent's profile on Wednesday. However, he has not been online since Tuesday. I am hoping he logs in tomorrow and can play, but that's looking unlikely.
My opponent and I have conflicting timezones, but we`re trying to get this 24 hours from now, or so.
And for this very reason, I ask the host to excuse us for those few hours. We have something planned out!

I think.

Edit: Ok, we got to play. I lost 2-0.
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