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Reserved for Biggie, I'm cooking up a good one. It might be a couple of hours until I can post it though, I've got a car ride ahead of me. I promise I will get it up before today is over though. BTW, the pokemon is going to be a magnemite likely, just thought I'd say that to get the typing out of the way.
Might as well join the bandwagon and reserve a spot.
EDIT: Here it is, you get a sableye named "Dark Ray 2" This sableye is the embodiment of darkness and as such must be as annoying as possible (for you and your opponents).
This is the most annoying moveset for sableye in 3rd gen, and your sableye must have it by the E4.
-Fake out, 100% chance of flinch is so annoying.
-Knock off/Thief, because don't you hate it when you lose an item?
-Astonish/Night shade, flinch or doing damage regardless of attack and defense, either way it's annoying.
-Confuse ray, need I say more?
There is your sableye, also I think I read somewhere that 1 of the gym leaders can't do anything to sableye so it may not be used against the normal or fighting gym leaders.
Good luck on your first scramble challange.
Lol everyone has to say that they don't want anything too bad now.

Take a Spinda. Name it "Tweaker". It has to solo Tate and Liza's Xatu or Claydol by using Teeter Dance, then Dizzy Punch repeatedly. Moveset by E4 must be--

-Teeter Dance
-Dizzy Punch
-Faint Attack
Reservation for biggie, claiming starter.

Your challange is that you get Treecko. It has to know earthquake, dragon claw, leaf blade, and screech/swords dance. To evolve, it must solo flannery. Idk, what level area that is, so we'll say it has to evolve into sceptile after the battle, if it doesn't, it may never evolve onto sceptile. (beating flannery shouldn't be hard, you DO have earthquake). Before it's moveset is acquired, it can only learn moves that are "physical" in fourth gen and support moves. Name it IHTG(icay hates third gen)


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BiGGiE, you get Lazy the Slakoth.
Your Slakoth is incredibly lazy & all it wants to do is Yawn. So it must know & keep Yawn & it must use it if the opponent isn't Drowzy.

Have fun.

EDIT: Updated my Heart Gold Scramble up to my first Badge.

Also a brief update for Fire Red...Got through Rock Tunnel Okay, got ImARandom2 the Clefairy to Lv29 to get Metronome & promptly evolved it to Clefable (No Rules saying I couldn't...8) ) Got to Celadon Okay & the Erika Solo that Behemoth the Charmander had to do was too easy: All three of her Pokemon were outsped & OHKOed by Flamethrower...Then Behemoth became a Charmeleon! At Celadon City at the moment with TopPercent the Ratatta at Lv31, ImARandom2 the Clefable at Lv33, & Behemoth the Charmeleon at Lv37.
Just for clarification reasons
@Iggdrasil: I can work with that... Hyper Fang, Shadow Ball, Dig... Yeah, I can work with that Rattata, assuming I can evolve it. If not, you bastard.
Yes, it may evolve. I'm not that evil... yet. MWUHAHAHHAHAHA!

Anyway, good luck with your scramble challange!
Question for Son of Shadoo and chocolate-kipp: For my FireRed Scramble, both Charizard and Butterfree are required to learn SolarBeam (at least, I think Charizard is required). Problem is, there's only one TM. Is Charizard required to learn it, and, if so, could one of you please alter your challenge slightly to make them both possible?
I'm down for one of these here scramble challenges. I'll go ahead and do one for Soul Silver. I can trade with Diamond and Platinum.


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jwoozie, trade in a Lv20 Porygon2 after you obtain 4 badges named UG THIS!!! (UG stands for Up Grade).

Your Porygon2 is a very hard worker & is Upgrading all the time so it doesn't become obsolete, so everytime it learns a move, it must replace the oldest move it knows that isn't named Recover, which it must know & keep. To prove that it wont become obsolete, it must solo a combined total of 30 Gym Leader/E4 Pokemon before your fight with Blue. It may never evolve into Porygon-Z.


  • After obtaining your 4th Badge, trade in a Lv20 Porygon2 named UG THIS!!!
  • Must know & keep Recover
  • Everytime it knows a new move, must replace oldest move it knows that's not named Recover
  • Must solo a combined total of 30 Gym Leader/E4 Pokemon before your fight with Blue
  • Cannot evolve into Porygon-Z
Have fun.
This would suggest that it does not need to learn Solar Beam, it just can.
Correct. If you can't teach it Solarbeam then all the attacking moves have to be Fire-type. It doesn't need to only have attacking moves + Sunny Day, however.

jwoozie, take a Drowzee. Solo Morty's Gengar to evolve. Never allowed to learn any sleep-related moves.
@jwoozie trade over a rotom, either at lvl1 or as an egg, either way name it "Evirdrotom"
This rotom thinks it's an electivire and as such believes it has an immunity to electric attacks, so have it solo every electric type you encounter unless they have a secondary typing. Recap.
-rotom named Evirdrotom.
-solo all pure electric types.
Also just because I can, you may never use any of his alt forms.
Good luck.
EDIT:@kipp just wanted to say that challange is nearly impossible, drowzee can't ohko gengar period and gengar will outspeed and o/2hko. Trust me, I tryed it during my failed mono-psychic scramble to figure out how much I would need to grind with natu.
EDIT:2 That's just plain evil doom.
for BiGGiE,

Ok challange time. First of all, when you name your character, name him Tony. Because you are Tony Stark. Yes, YOU ARE IRONMAN (cue Black Sabbath). You got transported to this dimension by an evil wizard. You may only return to your own dimension upon beating the E4's champion. Unfortunately, you lost your power suit that gives you your powers when being teleported here. You also lost the magnetic vest you have that keeps the shrapnel from piercing your heart. You've got to find something magnetic, and FAST!. Fortunately, you find a NOSEPASS and capture it, naming it "Savior" as it has surely saved your life. You place Savior's pokeball on a necklace and over your heart. If this pokeball leaves your neck for ANY reason (sending nosepass out to battle, depositing it in your PC) you die and MUST RESTART FROM THE BEGINNING. However, Savior's magnetism isn't strong enough to sustain you for forever. You must find a stronger source of magnetism, and fast. You finally meet "Power Suit", the magnemite. As a magnemite, his magnetism isn't any stronger than nosepass', and must remain in it's pokeball to sustain you (either give Power Suit exp share or keep both Savior and Power Suit in your party to train Power Suit), but it evolves into a magneton right before the shrapnel would pierce your heart. Magneton's magnetism is strong enough to keep the shrapnel from moving even from a distance, and may battle. However, strong electromagnetic pulses from powerful electric type attacks temporarily disrupt its magnetic field, and would kill you, so you may never use an electric type attack stronger than Spark. If Power Suit is ever knocked out or leaves your party after becoming a magneton, you die, AND MUST RESTART FROM YOUR LAST SAVE (I should make you have to restart the game again, but I'm not that cruel).

I think i finally got some inspiration for creative challenges back.


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:@kipp just wanted to say that challange is nearly impossible, drowzee can't ohko gengar period and gengar will outspeed and o/2hko. Trust me, I tryed it during my failed mono-psychic scramble to figure out how much I would need to grind with natu.
I have to agree there, even though Drowzee is bulkier than Natu (Natu has 40/45/40 Defences compared to Drowzee who has 60/45/90)...Might I suggest altering the evolution requirements?

EDIT: @Kipp: I'd say two Haunters is a bit more viable, but you'd better hope 1. jwoozie gets a Drowzee with Insomnia, & 2. Neither Haunter decides to use Curse...At the end of the day jwoozie doesn't have to do the evolution requirements, as they're optional, but it comes at the price of being stuck with a Drowzee...

DOUBLE EDIT: @Dark Ray: Point Taken...
Scramblers are more picky nowadays. I was actually planning on having it solo all of Morty but I changed my mind. :B

In that case, solo all of Morty's Haunters to evolve. That work?
@kipp thats much more reasonable.
@random you misunderstood me, I tryed soloing mortys gengar (just his gengar) with a lvl~26 drowzee and he was ohkoed by gengars s-ball.
@jwoozie: Take the Red Gyarados from the Lake of Rage. Its Johto E4 moveset must contain exactly one physical move, and it must keep that moveset until you defeat Red. Name it Pacifist.
Ok so far I have:
Its_A_Random's Porygon2
chocolate-kipp's Drowzee
Dark Ray's Rotom
Dummy007's Gyarados

it's looking pretty fun already


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It looks like you forgot dvm's challenge.

Anyway, I give you a Feraligatr. It must be called Draco, and have at least one Dragon-Type move by Red. That is all.
Reservation for jwoozie

Alright, catch a Bellsprout. Then, trade it for the Onix. It wants to be considered a threat, so it's moveset must be: Rock Polish, Rock Throw/Rock Slide/Stone Edge, Bind/Dragonbreath/Iron Tail, Rage/Double Edge. It has to prove it's worth by soloing Falkner and Chuck's Primape and must always be your highest level pokemon.

Shit, I remember when I could count...
@atheno dooms challange (is that getting old yet?) was for biggie not jwoozie. EDIT: since i'm here, the dragon moves feraligatr can learn are, dragon claw (tm), dragon pulse (tm), outrage (tutor) and dragon dance (egg move). Also *insert easiest challange ever comment here*.


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^ I thought he needed one after dvm's hopelessmon challenge (And yes. Incredibly). However, knowing that, it must solo a gym (not just the leader) in order to evolve each time, as well as 4 of Blue's Pokemon.


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I saw you asking for avy. Looks great, and just what I imagined when you asked for it. And a Pokemon which spends most of its time not even able to leave the Pokeball is uselessmon by any standards.
You didn't read the whole challenge did you? As soon as Power Suit evolves into a magneton it can battle outside its pokeball, just like any other. Tbh i just added the bit about nosepass in because because i didn't find it believe the Tony Stark could live until new mauville without anything to keep the shard from moving, and you can get noespass as soon as you beat Wattson.
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