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Box, catch yourself a Petilil from Pinwheel Forest and call her Lily. She must accept the Sun Stone at exactly Level 28. As a Lilligant, she must Quiver Dance before she uses any Grass attacks. She must solo two Pokémon belonging to the Elite Four.
I'll congratulate you Box. Congrats!

Ok, Box, you get Voltage the Voltik. His favorite move is Volt Switch so he must use it at least once against every gym leader he battles. It can be his only electric attack. He can evolve at level 45.

And Wrave, take Aquabro the Slowpoke. It has no psychic powers so can never use any psychic attacks. To evolve, it must solo any gym leader.

I request a SoulSilver challenge. No trades/trade evo lines. Also no more than 2 of the same type and full evolution possible by Elite 4 round 1. This will be my first scramble so try not to make it too hard. I also prefer more obscure pokemon. Thanks.
@Super Saiyan: Obscure, eh...? You get Hax FTW the Dunsparce. It must have the following moveset before the Elite Four round 1, whether it has Serene Grace or Run Away:
- Thunder Wave/Thunder/Glare
- Headbutt
- Roost
- a move of your choice
It must use this moveset to solo Koga just to give him a taste of his own medicine. In Kanto, have it solo Brock to prove how effective the set is, even against Rock-types.
Box, take a Sandile named Klepto.
This Sandile dislikes battling, but still wants experience.
It decides to steal experience from your other party members.
As such, it must ALWAYS be carrying an EXP share, from Castelia City onward and must always be in your party.
It must also keep and learn Thief ASAP and use it immediately every time it switches in.
It must solo either Marshal or both Caitlin AND Shauntal. Your choice.

Wrave, take a Rattata named Fang.
This Rattata is untrained, and perpetually bites people.
As such, it can only use Bite, Hyper Fang, Crunch, and Super Fang. Tackle is allowed until level 10.
It must solo Will.

Good luck to both of you!

EDIT: Super Saiyan, take a Cyndaquill and name it Cinders.
This poor little Fire Mouse Pokémon is very timid and wants to hide.
It must use SmokeScreen immediately every time it is sent out. (After level 6)
If it uses a Fire-type move, it worries that the flames will betray it's position, and it must use SmokeScreen again directly afterward.
Good luck!
Super Saiyan, catch a Lapras and name it Nessie. Being cousins with the Loch Ness monster, Nessie doesn't like to be seen often, so she may only battle one pokemon per trainer. Also, because she was in that cave for so long, her eyesight isn't good so she must always have two moves with less than 75% accuracy. Once she hits with either of those moves 5 times in a row, her eyes have adjusted and she can use whatever moves she wants, but can still only come out once per battle. Have her solo Claire's Kingdra OR every single other pokemon in the 8th gym. Good luck!
Box, you want complicated, you are going to get complicated. Have fun with your new Drilbur! Name him Hubert. You get specific choices on the moveset. The moveset must have only one of each of the following categories

Stall: Toxic, Sand-attack, Dig
Support: protect, Hone Claws, Swords Dance
Claw Attack: Scratch, Metal Claw, Fury Swipes, X-Scissor, Slash, Shadow Claw, Poison Jab

Each move has a specific restriction
Toxic: Must solo Chargestone Cave to evolve. Toxic must be used in every battle at least once
Sand-Attack: You must use this every time Hubert takes damage. If the opponent misses 5 times in a row, he can evolve
Dig: Solo all Pokemon you find while surfing. If he does this for 50 pokemon, he can evolve and the restriction is lifted

Protect: Must be used after a super-effective move. If this clashes with sand-attack, flip a coin. If heads, Protect. If tails, sand-attack. You cannot deal damage the turn after successfully using protect
Hone Claws: Must be used before using any claw-based attack in battle. It also must be the first move to be used by your entire party after healing at a pokemon center
Swords Dance: You cannot attack for 2 turns after using this move. This effect stacks (ie, if you use two swords dances, you have to wait 4 turns)

Scratch: No additional restrictions
Metal Claw: The final attack in every gym must be this move. If not, you must solo the next 10 pokemon
Fury Swipes: You must use a non-damaging move immediately after you use this move
X-scissor: Solo Caitlin and Grimsley
Slash: If this move critically hits, you must immediately switch out. If he is your last pokemon, then only use slash.
Shadow Claw: Solo Shauntal
Poison Jab: Solo every alternate pokemon you find while in a cave

Your final move is based on the nature
+Atk: Giga Impact
+Def: Rapid Spin
+SpAtk: Mud Slap
+SpDef: Sandstorm
+Spd: Double Team
Neutral: You get to chose. However, you may only use this move once per trainer fight. You cannot use it against wild pokemon

I hope that is complicated enough. Have fun and Good Luck
Super Saiyan, take a female Zubat. When you get to the daycare, breed it with a male Hoothoot to get Hypnosis. Name the resulting hatchling Trollbat. It must Hypnosis at least one pokemon and then kill it in every unreserved gym battle. It also must solo all other Zubats + Golbats + Crobats to prove its superiority.
Wrave, take Frieza the Jynx. Due to hating Dragons (for hopefully obvious reasons), he must solo 3 of Claire's lackeys, and 2 of Claire's pokemon. Also must solo all of Lance's Dragonites.

Super Saiyan, take One-Shot the Pinsir. After catching him/her in the contest, you must OHKO 10 pokemon whose STABS are SE on you. Since he's such a boss, he must be brought down to >20 HP 10 times before the E4.
Hello Smogon! I finally have time to do another scramble! To celebrate my return im going back to the beggining! Pokemon Red Scramble go!

Restrictions: I can't trade
No Zubat/golbat
Thats it! Thanks!
@Pika25: Your in-game trade Abra must use Hidden Power every other turn.

@cornYBird: You get Metrofairy the Clefairy. It must keep Metronome and cannot evolve until it calls upon Agility, Fly, and Quick Attack using Metronome. It cannot be taught attacking TMs.
Alright cornYBird, you get Nostalgia the Caterpie. It must become Butterfree asap. It never forgets its pre-evolved forms so it never forgets Tackle and Harden. It must solo Brock and solo one of you rivals Pokemon every time you battle him.

Also I still need 1 more Pokemon for my challenge.
Take a Pachirisu. Because only the manliest of men use Pachirisu, name it Manly. To start, the number of Pokemon in the Windworks Building that it does not solo is the number of levels you will have to grind afterwords. Next, it must go through the entire Eterna Forrest with Chansey. Afterwords, it decides to take a break, so it may not be used again until it finds 5 items in Amity Square at Hearthome. Once it does so, it must solo 5 Gym Leader Pokemon, and 3 Elite 4 Pokemon.
Tyranitarphantom, you get Migraine the Psyduck.
This Psyduck is suffering from an intense migraine, so it can only use attacking moves as a last resort. (If it is under 50% hp)
It can evolve after Cynthia gives you the Secret Potion.
After it receives the medicine, it feels great and must learn and keep Psych Up and copy ANY stat change a foe has before it can attack.
It must solo Bertha.
@Tyranitarphantom and TalkingLion: You get A7X the Zubat. Its restrictions are based off of the lyrics of the song Bat Country.

"I won't lose my will to stay" - Cannot switch out

"The heatstroke ridden weather" - Must learn Sunny Day ASAP; when possible, replace with Heat Wave

"Too many doses and I'm starting to get an attraction" - When given twenty items from the Medicine section of your bag, it must successfully use Attract

"I adjust to my new sights" - Can evolve into Golbat after learning Mean Look and must use all 5 PP ASAP

"I've been sane too long; my vision's so unclear" - If you decide to evolve it into Crobat, it cannot use 100% accurate moves (EDIT: except Attract)
Female: Your Ralts is idealistic and forward thinking. She believes very strongly in protecting the weak, so she must solo Cyrus at every encounter. She's also passionate about the rights of Pokemon a la N, so she refuses to fight against wild pokemon. She may evolve into a Kirlia after defeating the Team Galactic Grunts with Dawn in Veilstone, and then to Gardevoir after the events at Spear Pillar. Name her something feminine (can be anything you want)

Male: Your Ralts is nostalgic and honorable. He yearns for the days of feudal Sinnoh, where samurai Gallades fought each other ferociously and with Honor. (yes, I mean capitol-H Honor) The ancient Gallades had a code of honor which male Ralts and Kirlia had to live by in order to earn their Dawn Stone. The code of Honor is:
1. Be willing to die for your friends and family (may not be switched out once he has entered battle.)
2. Always fight fairly and with honor. (May not attack an opponent who is below half health, unless he put the opponent below half health. May not attack an opponent with a status effect, period.)
3. Be as intelligent as you are skilled in battle. (Learn and keep Calm Mind)
He may evolve to Kirlia after soloing 5 trained pokemon who have STAB that is super effective against him, 5 trained pokemon while paralyzed, burnt, or poisoned, and after surviving at least one Selfdestruct or Explosion from a pokemon within 5 levels of it. These tasks were set when he was hatched by the elite Gallades, in order to test his resolve. He may evolve into Gallade after proving his worth by soloing the Mt. Coronet Cyrus battle or Giratina, either one without healing.
@Tyranitarphantom Take "Steelix" the Onix, since it knows it will never evolve because you can't trade it tries to be a Steelix. Meaning it will always hold a Metal Coat and always know Iron Tail after level 41. Item and attack required before you challenge Volkner. He must solo Volkner.
Can I get a 6th Pokemon?
cornYBird, take a Squirtle named Riptide.
This overconfident little turtle believes it is the strongest Pokémon ever.
It must switch in immediately every time one of your Pokémon is KOed, to show people who's boss.
Once it switches in, it suddenly realizes that s**t just got real, so you can call it back if you want.

It must solo Brock Misty to evolve to Wartortle.
It must solo Blaine and all the trainers in his gym to evolve to Blastoise, or Wartortle if you failed the above.

If it evolves to Blastoise, it calms down and you no longer have to switch it in every time.

Good luck!
Can I get a 6th Pokemon?
You get Zephyr the Turtwig. It must be female (soft reset until you get a female).

Battling Restrictions:
-It likes cold weather, so it must battle every ice pokemon you encounter, and solo every trainer in Candice's gym (Ice type, in Snowpoint).
-It cannot face any electric pokemon, for fear that it's leaves will catch fire. It must be put in the PC during the electric gym, even if it evolves into torterra by then. This restriction is never lifted. If it is ever the last pokemon in your party and MUST face an electric type, you must heal another pokemon ASAP and put it in. The only exception is catching Pachirisu, as it's another challenge.
-It must only learn STAB moves, including support moves

Evolution restrictions:
-Zephyr must solo the grass gym in order to evolve into a Grotle, so she know she's the best grass pokemon around town.
-To evolve into into Torterra, it must solo Byron's gym (steel) and everyone that you battle inside(note it is not required to solo all, just all the trainers you run in to). It may only use 3 ground moves in each battle, and must use a grass type move as the first move every time it switches in.
@EndQuote: The Butterfree I gave him already has the solo Brock requirement.

Also everyone else, I still need one more Pokemon for my SoulSilver challenge.
You get Armed the Skarmory. It likes that people use it's feathers as swords, so it may only attack with moves that have Slash in the name. It loves all the competitive use it gets, therefore, it hates Karen and all of her followers, so it must solo her entire team.
I want to do a scramble :)

I can play RBY, GS, DPPHGSS or BW (No Crystal or RSELGFR)

I can trade if gen 4 or 5, but not in gen 1 and 2.

If gen4/5, give me 4 pokemon options because the other 2 will be HM Slave.


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Golden, take a Turtwig and name it A'Tuin. (Terry Pratchett References, ftw.)
This soon-to-be-world-turtle is worried about survival, so it can only attack if it is at plus one defense, due to Withdraw or Curse.
If it is about to die, (In Overgrow range) you can ignore this restriction, as it mans up and faces the foe.
It must solo Bertha.
Good luck!

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EDIT: I recommend Golduck as an HM Slave.
cornYBird, take a Pikachu. It can never battle another Electric-type and must solo all Machoke you see.

~Golden Emp, take a Bidoof. It must be the only Bidoof you catch and it cannot learn any HMs but Waterfall. Name it Freedom.
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