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2sly4u: Accepted

Just 5 more(Dark, Dragon, Fire, Steel and Rock!!!)
White Version
I can trade and get every pokémon(just can't Legendaries and the White-only ones)
since it seems people have forgotten about you
Catch a Axew, name it its natures name, eg if its adamant name it adamant. Must solo 6th gym to evolve and 8th to evolve again. Must learn by the E4 DDance(that should make it easier) and 1 STAB move of you choice, Rock Slide/Stone Egde and Night Slash. Must solo 1 E4 member and 1 of the champs pokes so enjoy.
EDIT-Golden get a chimchar. Can only learn TM/HM moves.Can only evolve by soloing 1 gym. Once it evolves no restrictions except it must solo every grass, bug and ice type you find. Must solo 7th gym to evolve into Infernape
@BrazillianGuy you can use Mixape the Pansear. It cannot evolve until it learns Crunch and all 4 moves it knows cannot be the same type asap. It must solo Iris and solo N's Klinklang and Zoroark.
@Pika25: At Oreburgh Gate, catch a Zubat, It thinks Leech Life is its best move, so it must always use it once before any other moves can be made. If it manages to solo Gardenia, the restriction becomes optional.
It can evolve into Golbat like normal, but it must know Leech Life to become Crobat and the restriction is put back in place.
I want to do a scramble :)

I can play RBY, GS, DPPHGSS or BW (No Crystal or RSELGFR)

I can trade if gen 4 or 5, but not in gen 1 and 2.

If gen4/5, give me 4 pokemon options because the other 2 will be HM Slave.


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In Gen IV, catch a female Drifloon named Rebecca B. She's very indecisive, be it about which seat to take or which move to use, so she must always act as if she was under the influence of of Torment. If any pokemon you see uses a Sound-based move, she must come out and solo that pokemon to prove her musical superiority. Once you obtain the TM, you must teach her Skill Swap, and she must use it on any pokemon she sees that's of a higher level (in hopes of acquiring some talent). She may never forget it. Have fun!
~Golden Emp, you do realise you are allowed to use Non-Scramblemons as HM Slaves, right? (Sheesh, why doesn't anyone read the OP first...)

Anyways, your Pokemon. Take a Hippopotas. This Pokemon is a pain in the neck. You see, there's a problem with it, whatever moves it has when you catch it, it's stuck with...for now. Want to teach it a new move? You are going to have to earn them.
Each time Hippopotas solos a trainer, it gains 1 Move Counter. You can stack these up as you wish, & eventually "buy" new moves for Hippo with them. Do keep track of them, however. Each attacking move costs the result of its base power divided by 10, with all fractions rounded up. Each non-attacking move, on the other hand, costs the result of 40 minus its PP total. As far as trainers are concerned, you may not use the Vs. Seeker to stack your Move Counters. Ultimately, it must solo Flint. Name it Stortamus.

-Hippopotas named Stortamus
-Must solo Flint
-Can only learn new moves with the help of "Move Counters"
-Each non-Vs. Seeker Trainer Stortamus solos, it gains 1 Move Counter
-Non-Attacking moves & Attacking moves that don't have a BP cost (40-PP) MC
-Attacking moves with a BP cost (BP/10) MC, with Fractions rounded up
-Starts with no MC

I know this looks confusing, but bear with me, this is an "Experimental Challange", so do remember to keep track of your MC. Good luck, & have fun.

Original Post

Alright, so everything is going completely swimmingly right now, Useless, as my only pokemon, is the most useful thing ever, I just need to make sure It does not faint, or I am fucked. I am about to catch a Machop in Oreburgh city, and then catch a Shellos when I can.
So, I went through the entire tedious beginning of the game, where blah-blah and blee-blee have bloo-bloo and blua-blua and broa-broa have kawe-kawe.
I defeated Barry for the first time, and defeated the Hidden Power Sluts. Next stop, OREBURGH CITY!



Useless, the Chimchar, Lv. 14.
Tackle Growl
Ember Taunt
Future Strategy: Spam the Firefighter.
Super Saiyan is accepted, minus the nickname.

Brazilian Guy, take Pants the Scraggy from Route 4. Its move set must include one Fighting attack and one Dark attack at all times. It must evolve after Iris. Good luck.
Pika25: Accepted, besides the part of capturing it in route 4. I won't capture my mons, I'll transfer and make a baby(I HATE TO CATCH POKÉMONS). If you want, you can give me another restriction.

TWO MOAR POKÉMANZ!!!(one Rock and one Steel)
One rock and one steel eh?

Well, you get...

Inception the Roggenrola.

Inception begs for the absolute fact in life.
Is he a rock?
Or is he a human in a dream, where he is represented as a rock?
OR, is he a rock, submerged in the question of what is himself?

Is everything else that is rock him? He can't hit rock, would that be self-abuse?
Is growing up his own choice, or just a path that one must take to learn the true meaning of ones existence?
Are fire and ice simply renegade existences of rock, fueled by difference?

Evolve 15 levels later to boldore.
Can't ever fight Rock-type.
Must always at least DAMAGE every fire and ice-type.

Hopefully I did this right, because Roggenrola has to be caught in Wellspring cave...

Take the peaceful Guru the Ferroseed. He is very relaxed and prefers not to battle. You can only use attacking moves after he is below 50% health. He has a lot of inner strength, so teach him that ASAP. He must solo Mistralton gym to show how peace can weather all storms. He can evolve any time after that. Once he does, you must teach him Power Whip. If he uses Power Whip before he gets below 50%, he must act under the effect of a choice band and cannot switch out for the rest of the battle as penance for the violence he did.

Good Luck
One steel type, huh? Well then, Golden, you get Focus the Bronzor. Unfortunatly, Focus just can never focus, so he/she must have a Focus Sash at all times, starting as soon as you get one, which must be ASAP. No move restrictions, except Bronzor must have one move based upon its nature:
+Attack- Faint Attack
+Defense- Iron Defense
+Special Attack- Confusion
+Special Defense- Heal Block
+Speed- Gyro Ball
Neutral-any of the above, must act under Choice Band if any attacking move above is used(ingore if any other move is used)
Evolve whenever you want, must solo the next 3 unrezerved gym leaders or 2 E4 members immediatly after evolving.
I will start one Scramble in pokémon White

I want a Scramble like ShinySkarmory ones: If the pokémon dies, it’s dead.

I will have 6 main pokémon, and 12 more as a backups

- One pokémon form each type(can be double typed, but I want at least one for each type)
- A ghost pokémon as a main
- A starter

I can trade, so, I have no excuses.

Please, I want something creative, not just “Hitmonchan, solo this and that gym”). I want something to laugh, some pokémon with personality and all this stuff.

Things that I don’t want:

- Please, I don’t want to catch any pokémon, I will transfer it and make a baby.(I have them all, except the White-only ones), so that must-be-caught rules will rule nothing here(the exception are the ones that can only be caught in white, because if you choose them, I will have to catch it to complete my pokédex)
- No dream world abilities or something related to it, I have no access to Wi-fi.

Besides this, you can make 18 crazy histories to make this a different challenge.

I won’t be the fastest guy to finish this, because I will play only at Weekends (and when I’m in a bus, because I spent something like 3 hours per day in buses)

Thank you(and sorry ShinySkarmory to copy the format, I really liked the idea to have a “Fire Emblemmon”

-shinyskarmory's DarkWotter, the Oshawott
-Axmaster68's ImCreamy, the Vannilite
-Virokhx's Backflip, the Croagunk
-Matticus Maximus' EvilSpirit, the Spiritomb
-EndQuote's Bother, the Sandile
-Obbmud99's Top, the Whirlpede (evolution restriction)

-Axmaster68's Tilty, the Timburr(ImCreamy Backup)
-Newby N0Ob's Cocoon, the Ferroseed
-Vratix's Marth, the Archeops
-TalkingLion's Charger, the Blitzle
-Sage Chow's d'Artagnan, the Zangoose
-TM13IceBeam's TrollBird, the Sigilyph
-2sly4u's Beethoven, the Magikarp
-Team Magma Boss Maxie's "insert a nature here", the Axew
-Super Sayan's Mixape, the Pansear
-Pika25's Pants, the Scraggy
-Piemonade's Inception, the Roggenrola
-Axmaster68's Focus, the Bronzor

Types: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fight, Fire, Flying, GHOST, Grass, Ground, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Water and one free type.
aditya8081: Rejected. As Super Sayan said, I already have a Ferroseed in my team

Axmaster68: Accepted!!!!

COMPLEEEEEEEEEETE Fucking finally!!!!

I'll post my updates as soon as I start it
Pika25, you must catch a Murkrow in Eterna Forest. Murkrow like's to easily sweep, so, all he wants it to have at least 2 dark types atacks to, when encounter a ghost or a psychic pokémon, SWEEP THEM ALL(it's not mandatory to solo every of this pokémon as you asked in your rules).

To evolve, this lazy murkrow must solo 10 ghost or psychic pokémon with a one-hit ko, just for him to get that he actually is good sweeping this types, and now he wants to be bigger to keep doing it!

If I'm breacking any rules, please tell me

And I do not know the meaning of Drudgery or Grinding =/ Something the English school don't teach you in Brazil...

Hope you enjoy
I'm back. Haven't been able to work on my Sapphire Scramble for a while, but I did get my Lileep.

Golden Emp, you get a Buneary. If it's a boy, name it Amor. If it's a girl, name it Venus. He/she thinks that they are the god(dess) of love, so he/she must always keep Attract and Charm. It must solo either Cyrus (first time) or two Admins. If this is too hard, it must use Attract and Charm in those battle(s) successfully. No evolution restrictions.


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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I wish now to take a Scramble Challange! Sounds like fun, and unlike Nuzlocke challenges where I can't bear to release my Pokemon, I should actually be able to go through with these XD.

I need a team of 6 Pokemon for Diamond version. I am able to trade with a fully completed Pearl version (pokedex 100%, so ANYTHING baring a starter or two I sent to White without thinking about the fact I didn't have a replacement for it in Pearl >.> and even those I could obtain via GTS)

I'll take pretty much anything as long as it isn't ridiculous, so just fire it off at me!
@Jimera0 Take Boo the Gastly, it doesnt like to be seen, so it can only attack while a pokemon is asleep. If the pokemon is awake it can only use Night Shade.
It must have this these 3 moves:
Dream Eater/Nightmare
Night Shade
The fourth move is your choice.
It can evolve into Haunter after it solos Fantina's Gengar, or reaches level 40 if incomplete.
It can evolve into Gengar after it solos Candice's Abomasnow and Volkner's Luxray, or reaches level 60 if incomplete.
Good Luck!
Jimera0, take a Canivine and name it Augustus. Augustus hates the fact that it floats above the ground, so it must use Ingrain the first turn it comes in every time. His only STAB is Solar Beam (from a TM ASAP), at least until it learns Power Whip. After that, he must replace Solar Beam. After he learns Power Whip, he must also solo every Grass-type you encounter to prove it's superiority.
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