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@Pika25: You get 10Commands the (male) Drifloon. Excuse me for a few minutes while I look up the info I'll need to write the restrictions.

EDIT: 10Commands can only be caught on Friday, but he's actually more of a Sunday guy. In fact, he follows the 10 Commandments very strictly...he just isn't sure who his god is. You must roll an RNG after assigning a number to each of your other Scramblemons. The one that gets chosen is 10Commands's god. Here are the 10 Commandments he abides by:

1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me: As soon as both 10Commands and his god are in your party, 10Commands must be exactly 1 place lower in your party than his god at all times. (e.g., if his god is 2nd, 10Commands must be 3rd) If 10Commands is not in your party, this does not apply, obviously.

2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image: 10Commands must solo every Rock-type you encounter after you catch him, since he can't sit idly and let other people worship them. If he's fainted or not in your party, this does not apply.

3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain: 10Commands believes that even writing his god's name is a sin, so you may never send out 10Commands alongside his god in a double battle because 10Commands will see his god's name written. This takes priority over #2 but not #1. (If you see a double battle coming up, you'll have to put his god in the #2 or lower slot of your party.)

4. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy: 10Commands refuses to battle on the Sabbath, and he wants to spread that to his fellow teammates, so you may not play your game at all on Sunday (in real life). Days start at midnight and end at the next midnight.

5. Honor thy father and thy mother: 10Commands may never fight another Drifloon or Drifblim, since they could be his parents.

6. Thou shalt not kill: 10Commands may never knock a Pokemon out directly. Residual damage KOs and weakening followed by switching out are okay. #2 takes priority over this.

7. Thou shalt not commit adultery: You may leave 10Commands in the Daycare. However, he doesn't want to risk doing anything inappropriate, so you may not leave another Pokemon in there with him.

8. Thou shalt not steal: 10Commands believes that picking up what others have left is thievery, so you may not pick up items off the ground as long as 10Commands is in your party.

9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor: 10Commands believes that using TMs and HMs is like lying to your Pokemon about what moves it can learn, so he may never learn any TM or HM moves.

10. Thou shalt not covet: 10Commands does not want to risk being jealous of your other Pokemon, so he must evolve into Drifblim before any of your other Pokemon fully evolve.

Good luck!
Hey Pika, I noticed you were looking for a Scamblemon from route 205 North. Well here you go:

Take an Aipom from a honey tree on route 205 North.(Sorry about the tree grinding) This Aipom should be named Fingers and must only have 3 attacking moves, one of which must be special, and one of which must be Double Hit. There are no restrictions about evolving.

Once Fingers evolves, Fingers has double the fingers, which confuses the poor Ambipom, and such Fingers must be renamed 2Fingers. He must also keep Double hit and a special move at all times, along with a status move and any other move of your choice. Even so, his Fingers confuse him, so every time he attacks, flip a coin. If it lands on heads, you can attack as you planned. If it lands on tails, Fingers must use the status move Fingers knows because he is so confused.As he levels, Fingers gets used to the new fingers and the coin flipping goes like this:

Level 40: Flip a coin every other turn.

Level 50: Flip a coin every third turn.

Level 55: Flip a coin every third turn he does not use a status move or a special attack.

Level 61: No flipping restricions.

Fingers, as he levels, loves to show off his fingers to all the ladies. As such, have Fingers KO any 5 female pokemon near the E4 and 3 female pokemon from any gym trainer. (If this restriction isn't okay, ignore it.)

Finally, Fingers cannot bear attacking a pokemon with more than 4 fingers, so switch him out every time a pokemon with more than 4 fingers comes in against Fingers.

Hope you like all the fingers!!
Axmaster68, rejected twofold:
1, I'm not honey grinding;
2, way too complex for my tastes.

Edit: Dummy007 is also rejected, again too complex.
It turns out that JonKyl was reading this challenge, and the challenge was not intended to be factual either. Instead of the above restrictions, he will make his moveset only STAB moves until he evolves to Professional Bullshitter (no nickname change). After that, he may never use STAB again, because the public has lost their trust in him.
Last post on page syndrome...

There you go, pika.
Ok, Golden Emp, start the game like normal, on route 203, catch and male abra and nickname it Mewtwo. He must evolve into Kadabra at level 16 before facing Gardenia. As soon as he evolves, he takes over the solo.

Now, Mewtwo the Kadabra thinks he is the Genetic Pokemon, as such must know 2 psychic moves at all times (Beginning with Confusion and Teleport), and his other 2 moves may not be the same type (asap).

He may evolve once he has defeated 1 pokemon of every type.

Good Luck, hope this is fun enough.
He is saying it will level up thanks to his starter. He is letting it go solo AFTER it evolves or you can just teach it Hidden Power and hope for the best.

I just realized that Bugsy is going to be a pain until Fang gets Hyper Fang thanks to my other two pokes being weak against Bug.

I messed up on Chikorita's challenge because I misread it but so far so good.


Banned deucer.
You don't get the TM for Hidden Power in The Trainers School in Jubilife city in Platinum, unlike in diamond and pearl.
@Pika25: *sigh* I worked so hard on that...

To mirror my current emotion, you get *sigh* the Drifloon. (If there aren't asterisks on the naming screen, just name it sigh.) *sigh* is terribly depressed, so it must have Aftermath as an ability and always know at least 2 Ghost-type moves (when possible). *sigh* may evolve after soloing 100 Ghost-types. Once it evolves, however, its depression worsens to the point of suicidal thinking, so it must always have Selfdestruct or Explosion in addition to the 2 Ghost-type moves.
I just beat Morty and have all six of my teammates. Bugsy was a pain in the ass because I had to rely on Fang. Gyarados made beating Whitney and that annoying bovine easy. So far the only Gym I have not beaten on the first go was Bugsy.

Fang is the MVP so far.

EDIT: Oh and I have already burned thirty pokemon with Flamer due to Flame Body.
Dummy007 is accepted.
I give you Pachirisu the Useless (<- that is his name). He must always know less or equal to 2 attacking moves. Also, it can't learn thunder because his power level isn't high enough. It can raise it's power level by soloing a pokemon from the 8th gym battle. It also can't learn toxic because it thinks it's human. HAVE FUN!!!!!
I already accepted Jimera0's Pachirisu, so I cannot accept a second; sorry Obbmud99... Look elsewhere on Route 205. There's Buizel or Shellos...
Well, Pika, if you want a Buizel, you'll get a Buizel. This Buizel is from route 205 south, and is named Tails. Tails can only use moves where it could spin something(its tail, whatever). One of these moves should be special, and one should be a status move that does not spin(Tails gets tired of spinning sometimes, you know). Tails may evolve after soloing 50 pokemon with tails. As a Floatzel, the same restrictions of the moveset apply, but Tails must also be with your Shellos as much as possible. Have fun on your scramble!!
Golden EMP, take a male Turtwig named Link. Obviously, he is the hero of this game, so he must solo everything. However, that doesn't mean he can't get some help along the way...Every time you see Looker, he teaches you a song (like Sheik did in Ocarina of Time) that allows you to instantly return to any temple you have already reached. (Translation: You unlock the ability to fly back to gym towns after you see Looker; the order is shown in the code tag below.)

First encounter: The Temple of Time in Hyrule Town (Jubilife City)
Second: The Forest Temple (Hearthome City) 
Third: The Fire Temple (Veilstone City)
Fourth: The Water Temple (Pastoria City)
Fifth: The Shadow Temple (Canalave City)
Sixth: The Spirit Temple (Snowpoint City)

There are cities not on the list. You must walk there.
He may evolve to Grotle after you defeat Gardenia. When you reach Fantina, however, Ganondorf (read: Cyrus) takes power in Hyrule (read: Sinnoh), and monsters appear everywhere. Now, Link must defeat (or capture if you want an HM slave) every wild pokemon until the challenge says otherwise. The Looker rule always applies (you may not fly back to a town unless you have unlocked the ability to do so). Each gym leader is now one of the bosses of the game, who you must defeat in a specific way:

Phantom Ganon (Fantina): Use only special attacks for the first two pokemon and only physical attacks for the last one.

Volvagia (Maylene): Only Physical attacks.

Morpha (Wake): Teach Link Hookshot (Grass Knot). You must use Grass Knot every other turn, or heal if you don't want to.

You may evolve into Torterra at this point.

Bongo-Bongo (Byron): Kill his first one with special attacks and the other two with physical. No earthquake allowed.

Twinrova (Candice): Teach Saria Protect. You must block three Ice Type moves with Protect before you may attack.
After getting all the medallions (Gym Badges), it's finally time for you to confront Ganondorf (Cyrus). Link goes to Ganon's Castle (Galactic Veilstone HQ), where he travels through the entire place without healing at a Pokemon Center. When he reaches Ganondorf (Cyrus), he may fight with no restrictions... this time. This Ganon was fake! In order to fight the real one, go to the top of Mt. Coronet. You no longer have to solo all wild pokemon, because most of the evil has been eliminated. However, when you fight Ganondorf (Cyrus), use only special attacks for the first half and only special attacks for the second half.

Go into the Distortion World until the end of the maze, where you fight Ganon's true form (Giratina Origin Forme). At the beginning, he knocks away your Master Sword (STAB attacks). You may not use them until Giratina is below half HP. You may not capture Giratina- you must KO it. Once you have, you've beaten the game! Or have you...

After defeating Ganon, go to the Sunyshore gym and beat it without Earthquake. Then, at the Elite 4, just win to complete the solo! Congradulations!
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