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Tyranitarphantom, take a Pidgey.
If it's female, name it Earhart.
If it's male, name it Lindbergh.
This Pidgey thinks it is a pilot, and wants to ensure a good tailwind.
As such, it must learn and keep Gust or Whirlwind ASAP, and use one immediately every time it is sent out.

After level 29 (or 32 as a Pidgeotto) it begins to worry about it's future in aviation.
If it is under 50% health, it needs to take evasive action immediately before resuming the attack. (Agility)

It must solo Chuck and Bruno.

Good luck!
Hello everybody,

After a long break from Pokémon (and Scrambling in particular), I have decided to pick up a FireRed Scramble. Now I want a challenge, but it shouldn't be too difficult or annoying either.
A few basic things that I want:
- I want to keep my starter (though you can choose which it is and what the challenge is)
- The challenges should be fun (so no ''Rattata that can only use Tackle'' or something)
- I don't want to go through difficult breeding processess, or Pokémon that need to have a specific nature
- Pokémon must have a name

Besides these few things there are no further things I guess, so let's go; I need 6 Pokémon for a FireRed Scramble!
More Cowbell, you get Pyro the Charmander.
This Charmander is terrified of it's tail flame being extinguished, so it cannot directly attack any water-types unless you have no other Pokémon left.
If it is hit with a water-type move, it must either switch out or use a fire-type move directly afterward, to reheat it's tail.

This little Pokémon also has a serious problem with your rival's exeggutor, so it must always solo the five-faced freak.

EDIT: Obviously you can use Charmander against your rival's Squirtle in the first battle.
More Cowbell, you must use Boldore the Geodude. It aspires to be the best boldore he can be, but got mixed up. He can only learn moves that Boldore can learn. He also thinks that he has the sturdy ability, so if it is never knocked out from full health, it must instantly be revived. It can evolve into Graveler onceit has been revived five times from an attack that took him out in one move, and can evolve into Golem (if possible) whenever since they both evolve by trade.
Tyranitarphantom: Remember that Shuckle you receive on Cianwood city? Actually, it is a retired General Shuckle from the bug Wars...

When you receive it, it decides that he wants to have a sun, so, you got make a male Shuckle Kid, named... PVTShuckle! PVTShuckle decides to follow his fathers steps against its enemies.

His patent have some up-grade after a couple of levels.

1-10 Private Shuckle: He can't hit any bug types, he is just to young! And needs to observate his enemies actions. So, when encountering a bug, PVT Shuckle must go away

11-30 Sergeant Shuckle(rename it to SGTShuckle): Now that he knows it's enemies, SGT Shuckle can FIGHT, and he wants to be the best Shuckle EVER!!!!! So, from now SGT Shuckle will fight every single bug he finds, besides, of course, he is Shuckle friends.

31-50 First Sergeant Shuckle(rename it to 1SGShuckle): After showing to the Shuckle who is the best, 1SGShuckle, with he new up-grade, noticed that Shuckles can't win the Bug Wars just defending, so, 1SG Shuckle decided to make have some up-grades on his own fire power!!! Knowing that, as a Shuckle, he is not the best attacking, 1SG Shuckle decides to make alliances with the best attacking types to win this war! Fire and Rock...actually, this fucking birds are on the enemy side, and, deffensivelly, the worse happened! The steel guys decided to join causes with the other, 1SG must fight every Flying, Bug and Steel types he encounters, and can't fight against his allies(Fire and Rock)

51-100: Sergeant Major of the Army Shuckle(rename it SMAShuckle) SMAShuckle can win the War, and for this, he got an up-grade. Now he just make orders, he don't need to fight against his enemies anymore, this is for younger Shuckles. The strategy is his part. And the perfect moment is against the E4!. Shuckle must solo Bugsy!!!!!!(he can have some help from it's allies tough, but just Rock or Fire Type Mons, but just when SMAShuckle stars to have problems(red life)). He still cannot fight agains his allies.

After Winning the War, SMAShuckle decided to retire, becoming RTDShuckle(retired), an the only thing he can't do is fighting Fire and Rock types.

I don't think this is clear: It can NEVER in his entire life, fight a Shuckle.

Edit2: Man, the internet trolled me. Bugsy is a gym leader ¬¬. So, the perfect Strategy is against Lance, because Lance have a crush to bug types...(damn it, the perfect history destroyed ¬¬)

Hope you have fun!
This is an absolutely brilliant challange, BrazilianGuy! Very creative, and because it's a Shuckle, difficult too.
Going to start a scramble with Emerald, but can't trade, as I want to keep this simple. This is my first one, so I want something interesting but not terribly hard. I also want to keep my starter ^^

Current Team:

Copycat the Skitty-

Must have Cute Charm ability. After learning Assist at level 19, it may only use that to attack, aside from support and status moves. Can evolve after soloing three of Norman's gym trainers, and must solo Juan's Luvdisc.

Whatever the Torchic-

When learning a new move, must roll a six sided dice. She may only learn the move if a two, four, or six is rolled, and can never learn the move again with a failed roll. After evolving, move use is random based on a four sided dice roll(1 being upper right, 2 upper left, 3 lower right, 4 lower left). After evolving again moves may be used freely. Must solo 2 of the strongest Pokemon from each gym after Norman, and 2 EF members.

Surfer the Electrike-

Must use Thunder Wave at the start of every battle. Cannot attack Wattson's Pokemon. Must solo 3 of Flannery's gym trainers, one of her Pokemon, or her whole team. Doesn't have to use Thunder Wave once he evolves except in major battles, but may not attack wild Pokemon while on water(if he is the last Pokemon in your party, revive or heal another immediately).

Heartman the Luvdisc-

Must use Sweet Kiss at the start of every battle.

SubSeed the Shroomish-

Must learn and keep Leech Seed always(done). Must solo Roxanne and her entire gym(done). He must solo two of Juan's Pokemon, and two of Wallace's. Must solo five fisherman to evolve.(5/5 solo'd)

StallSux the Skarmory-

All moves must do damage. He must also solo all other Skarmory in the game.
Seraphinu, take Copycat the Skitty.
Catch one with Cute Charm, not Normalize.
After learning Assist at level 19, this Skitty feels that plagiarism is the way to go.
As such, Assist is the only attacking move it is allowed to use from then on.
It can know status moves, stat-changers and various support moves (I recommend Heal Bell, Charm, and Sing) but can never attack directly, only through Assist.

It can evolve after soloing at least three trainers in Norman's gym, to prove itself as the best normal-type around.
It MUST solo Juan's Luvdisc.

Good luck!
More Cowbell, you get Spear the Spearow.He has been a spearer in the army all of his days, and therefore must only use attacks that hit the enemy with something sharp(ex. Peck). Once he evolves after Koga, he realizes he was never able to rank up, and decides to become Bridatier General Fearow, so you must rename him BGFear, and he must use Agility before attacking in any battle, and must take battle into his own hands, and solo Giovanni and 2 E4 members to take out some of the enemy for his allies. Once he does that, he retires to a safe home, becoming RTGow and enjoying a nice home life with his buddies.(Keep him and rename him RTGow and please, never let him be removed from your files, but migrating and/or trading is A-OK).

Seraphinu, you get Whatever the Torchic. She is just like, whatever to anything, so when any oppertunity to learn a move arises, you must roll a dice, and if you get a 6, she can learn that move if you want her to. If you do not get a 6, she must not learn that move and never try to again. When she evolves after Roxanne, she doesn't even care what move she uses, so roll a dice until you get a 1,2,3,or 4, and that number must be associated with a move, and she must use that move.
(Upper Right-1 Upper Left-2 Lower Right-3 Lower Left-4.)

When she evolves again after Norman, she actually listens to you, but she must solo 2 of the strongest pokemon from each gym leader after Norman, and of 2 E4 members.

Good luck and enjoy to you both!!
Seraphinu, you get Surfer the Electrike. This electrike thinks waves are totally gnarly. As such, he uses a wave of thunder (thunder wave) to start every battle. Wattson is his idol, so he cannot use any attacking moves against him. However, flannery is the opposite of gnarly. She doesn't respect waves and is all about fire. To prove that waves are the best, Electrike must 3 trainers in Flannery's gym and one of her pokemon or just Flannery.
Once he evolves, he no longer feels the need to ride waves all the time. However, he needs to do so in all major battles (in any gym or against team magma/aqua) just to feel at peace. He may not attack any wild pokemon while surfing at all times. If he is the last pokemon in your party, heal another immediately.
Super duper update

And so the Scramble begins. I would like to warn you all in advance that my updates tend to be long winded, so I will keep them hidden
Original Post
I pick Oshawott and let the battle commence. (I can’t wait til I get Shell Blade)
Bianca critical hits, and I lose my first battle. I beat Cheren easily
I go down the route, beating up stuff. Bushido becomes level 8 before the first town. I catch a patrat and trade to get Battleaxe. Ghetsis makes his speech, then N decides to battle me with his lone Purrloin. Battleaxe destroys him, leveling up in the process. I’m a little worried because he might stop listening to me. I just have to keep him slightly underleveled for now. Still, he learnt Dragon rage after battling Cheren, so he can boss pretty much anything. I go through the gym and prepare to face Cilan

Vs. Cilan
Bushido vs. Lillipup: I spam water gun while he spams bite. Bushido wins, but is injured
Bushido vs. Pansage: I use Tackle twice while he sets up a double Work up. He Ko’s Bushido with vine whip.
Battleaxe vs. Pansage: Battleaxe cleans up with a Dragon Rage

I get the badge, allowing pokemon up to level 20 obey me. Battleaxe just leveled up to level 12 from the battle, so this is welcome. I go to the Dreamyard, beat Team Plasma, get the Dream mist and the C-gear.

I continue on my way, when I am faced with Cheren. Quick and easy own. After that, I defeat Team Plasma again and go on my way. I caught a Roggenrola and a Pansear because I can. I move onto the Second Gym, winning my way through easily. I give Bushido a Chesto Berry and get ready for the battle.

Vs. Lenora
Bushido vs. Herdier: She Take Downs for 60% while Razor Shell does next to nothing thanks to Intimidate. She retaliates for the KO
Battleaxe vs. Herdier: Dragon Rage KO’s
Battleaxe vs. Watchog: Dragon Rage does 60%, while her Retaliate does 86% (yes that precise). Dragon Rage for the KO

It was a harder fight for the badge, but it was worth it. I go on and train a little. I will enter Pinwheel Forrest when Bushido hit level 20. Then I can catch Seamstress

Bushido the Oshawott Lvl 19
-Razor Shell
-Fury Cutter
-Focus Energy
-Water Gun

He can only attack Pokemon that are above 50%, so I have to send him out first in all gym battles, which generally gets him killed. He is still a valuable member and can take hits surprisingly well

Battleaxe the Axew Lvl 20
-Dragon Rage
-Dual Chop
Good coverage and the fact that Dragon Rage 2HKO’s anything in the game so far make him a superb team member. At the beginning, he was restricted by the badge’s level cap, but that is getting easier as I go. It will be really hard to solo Marshall at this rate though.


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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More Cowbell, take Tropo the Seel! Despite being an ice type, Tropo hates the cold (it makes him sleepy you see)! Because of this, he cannot use any ice type moves at all, and you must call him back if an ice Pokemon comes out, and he must never be used in hail. If hit by an ice type move, he falls alseep (use rest, which you must keep on him at all times). He also loves the heat, so in order for him to evolve you must solo Blaine with him. After he evolves his blubber gets thicker, so he won't hate the cold so much anymore, and you can teach him ice type moves and he can stay out against ice types... but he still falls asleep if hit by an ice type attack!

Seraphinu, take Heartman the male luvdisc! He thinks he's the suavest guy around, and so opens every fight with Sweet Kiss (only after you learn the move, but you must learn it asap). Since using a luvdisc is hard enough, no further restrictions :P.
I'm still looking for the following Pokemon:
A Psyduck from Ravaged Path
Drifloon from Valley Windworks
A wild Pokemon from Route 205 South
A wild Pokemon from Route 205 North
First four accepted. Like the previous poster said, can my next one's be more spiced up? (I have 2 normal pokemon ATM... and barely any elements). 2 more mons left! :)

@ Seraphinu: Take SubSeed the Shroomish. It must learn and keep Leech Seed forever. To prove itself to you and the team, it must solo Roxanne and her gym (except for the double battle in there...). This Shroomish really hates water types. Because of this, it must solo 2 of Juan's pokemon, and 2 of Wallace's pokemon. To evolve, it must solo 5 fishermen.


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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Pika25, take a Pachirisu named Wannabe from route 205 South. Wannabe is well, a wannabe and wishes more than anything else to be a Pikachu! Therefore, Wannabe will not be able to learn and use any moves that Pikachu cannot learn in some version of the game.

Updated since someone already did Valley Windworks.
Enjoy a psyduck named JonKyl. Like its namesake, it tells lies on national television, before claiming that his remArks were not intended to be factual. For example, it tells you that it will solo Gardenia without using STAB, but after the first mon it reminds you that the statement was not intended to be factual, so you must switch him out immediately. in fact, the same goes for every gym and E4 battle for the rest of the game.
There's your Psyduck right there, Pika25.

More cowbell, take the traded Tangela. It wants to evolve into Tangrowth, so teach it ancientppwer if it can learn it in 3rd gen. Also, have it solo a few of Lorelei's pokemon-three should be fine.

Seraphinu, take a Skarmory named StallSux. It may not learn any moves that can't be used when Taunted, because it wants to fight! Have it solo all Skarmorys for the rest of the game.
Steight, take a Torchic. It thinks it has Speed Boost so it must learn Protect ASAP and use it every other turn. Solo a Gym Leader in under 10 turns to evolve into Combusken, and it may evolve into Blaziken after it learns Sky Uppercut. Name it Speedy.

Seraphinu, take a Minun. This Minun is sad that it was separated from its sister Plusle at birth, so it may not learn any new moves upon capture. However, once it solos Archie, he realizes that Team Aqua is behind the seperation, so now becomes cheerful and can learn new moves. Name it LostBro.

More Cowbell, take a Tauros that isn't like other Tauros. This Tauros is never mad, so to prove that its different from them, it may never use a move with more than 80 BP. Solo all the Trainers in Giovanni's Gym. Name it Not Mad.
I need two more.

I have Chikorita that must be named Cilan and the number of times it can evolve is the number pokemon of Falkners it can beat.

Frieza the Jynx

Fang the Rattata- Can only use bite type attacks

Jeri the Miltank

And Slowpoke that cannot use Psychic attacks and must solo one gym to evolve.

Try to make at least one of the two available before badge 4/5/6.

Also want to do a triple Diamond Challenge where I can only use three pokemon in honor of B/W Triple Battles.

@Tyranitarphantom. Take a Spearow named Swarm. This Spearow hates Bugs with Swarm so any Pokemon that can have this ability it must solo. Also it must Solo Pryce and can only evolve after it learns Drill Peck.
@Tyranitarphantom and Wrave (HG): You get Contrary the Ponyta. If it has Run Away, it can never run away or switch out. If it has Flash Fire, it cannot use Fire-type attacks.

@Wrave (Diamond): You get Order the Vespiquen. It must have all three Order moves and Toxic. Solo 5 trained Pokémon within 5 levels of it using only Toxic damage to replace it.
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