Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Hello!!! I would like to start a challange for Crystal version. This will be my first one, so a moderate/easier difficulty level would be appreciated. I won't be able to trade, and I'd prefer not to use lapras since the only on fridays thing is really annoying. Thanks in advance to people who give the challanges!!
Welcome to Smogon! Take a Totodile named Chompers. Chompers must know a biting move ASAP, and can never be deleted, except for another biting-related move. To learn Ice Punch, Chompers must solo (beat by himself) Pryce. Also, Chompers must take down 2 of Clair's pokemon with only a biting move. Feel free to edit if you need it.
Espeon, are you gonna get to that Slowpoke? =P

Incoleo, you get Sam the Eevee. This Eevee absolutely is deathly afraid of Pokemon, and can never be the first Pokemon to damage a foe. However, after evolving to Espeon (which it must become at your convenience), Sam feels a newfound power. From then on Sam suddenly feels the need to make up for its hesitation before, and must solo any Gym Leader of your choice (note: Leader, not Gym). Note that this is Bill's Eevee from Goldenrod.
Hi guys, I'm looking for a Scramble Challange for my SoulSilver, no trading, medium-hard difficulty, and no soloing more than 3 Gyms and 1 E4 member.
You will choose Cyndaquil and will name it Naruto. Naruto the Cyndaquil is set to become the greatest ninja pokemon around. It must learn and keep smokescreen as it is a smoke bomb and quick attack for speed. Upon learning swift it must keep swift as they are its ninja stars.

To evolve into Quilava it must solo a gym of your choice after Bugsy.

It may evolve into Typholsion after taking on your rivals totodile/crocanaw/feraligator one on one. After evolving twice, Naruto is confident in his abilities and you may replace smokescreen with another move of your choice.

Optionally, Naruto must always be holding an item that is a scarf, band, or belt once possible.

Also, whenever you switch out Naruto you must yell "Substitution Jutsu."

Have fun!
Hi guys, I'm looking for a Scramble Challange for my SoulSilver, no trading, medium-hard difficulty, and no soloing more than 3 Gyms and 1 E4 member.
Take a Sandshrew, named Andrew (ain't I clever?). Andrew is easily frightened and panics quickly, so when he faces an opponent with super effective STAB, he uses Sand-Attack before realising switching is the safer option.

In order to stop you from just looking ahead to avoid having to worry about this. Andrew has to do this Sand-Attack-then-switch technique on 10 owned Pokemon, before he is allowed to evolve.

When Andrew evolves, he becomes much more brave, and has this restriction removed. Instead he now has to cause direct damage to an opponent with super effective STAB before he is allowed to switch out.

In addition, if you are playing on Shift style, Andrew is not allowed to switch out when you are presented with the opportunity.

Hello!!! I would like to start a challange for Crystal version. This will be my first one, so a moderate/easier difficulty level would be appreciated. I won't be able to trade, and I'd prefer not to use lapras since the only on fridays thing is really annoying. Thanks in advance to people who give the challanges!!
Catch a Stantler and name him Nick. Nick loves the holidays, peace on Earth and a that other stuff Christmas specials are always going on about, but of course we know a big part of Christmas is consumerism. Every time Nick uses an attack that inflicts damage, throw out item(s) in your pack. The value of the item(s) reflects the BP + STAB (if applicable) of the attack.
<50 power = 500 Pokedollars
51-75 power = 1000 Pokedollars
76-100 power = 2000 Pokedollars
>101 power = 3000 Pokedollars
Can anyone help me completing the team for a FR scramble? (link in the signature)
I won't accept things too easy and trivial such "take X, he must learn Y and solo a trainer to evolve"
Well, my friend heard about this from me when he saw me playing my new White file, and now he wants me to ask you guys so here it is:

6 Pokemon Challange
Pokemon Emerald
Easy-Medium Difficulty
No trading

Thanks. As for me, this will be my team for my new White game:
- Amplified the Blitzle
- Truck the Darumaka
- Natural the Pansage
- Flock the Woobat
- Sleepyhead the Munna (absolute bitch, this one)
- YOLO the Audino (since they can be caught anywhere I choose Audino)

Thanks guys, and I hope this one is a fun one.
Chapter 2 of my Scramble is below which covers until the third Scramblemon.

Joey seemed rather pissed at Quote for some reason and when I try to use Quote in battle, he immediately came out of his Pokeball and battle instead. So I ended up training him on Route 29 where he got extremely excited every time he defeated a member of his own kind (all 10 of them). Once he reached level 10, Joey calmed down and didn’t jump out to battle when I try to use Quote. I figured out that he must be on top level wise or otherwise he gets cranky. Great, another Pokemon with a personality problem and I thought Pokemon aren’t supposed to be like people.

I proceed to travel to Violet City where the first gym is located and began to walk on Route 30. Joey defeated another Rattata before encountering a kid named Joey and beat his Rattata with Joey. Then another brat named Mikey challenged me and defeated both his Pidgey and Rattata with Joey. I noticed a Bug Catcher and wanted to some fun with him by sending Quote out to burn his Caterpies even though he doesn’t have a fire move yet. After encountering a couple more Rattata (15) which Joey enjoyed defeating, I encountered another Bug Trainer which Quote easily defeated especially with its new move, Ember. Afterwards, I noticed the value on Quote’s device changed from 60 to 65 which defeating two trainers on its own increases its quota by 5. For now, I seem able to use Quote’s moves fully.

Just before I went to Violet City, Lyra caught up to me at the gate and gave me the VS Recorder. She mentioned that she wasn’t going to let me be ahead of her ever again, we’ll see about that. At Violet City, I rested up and stock up on some potions. Then I went to Route 36 and pick up the Rock Smash HM from some guy. Man people are extremely nice and willing to give me stuff without even asking. While I was on Route 31, I noticed a cave that I avoided because I didn’t want to get sidetrack. After being in Violet City, I decided to head for the cave but with the inability to smash rocks or see very far, I couldn’t fully explored the cave. I guess that’s the reason it’s called the Dark Cave but I get a new Pokemon to add to the party. It was a Zubat which I named Batman after the legendary hero who saved Johto long ago.

Quote the Level 10 Gentle Male Cyndaquil - Jiimera0
Current BP Limit: 65 (+5 from soloing two trainers)

Opinion: This one maybe one of the tougher challanges due to losing battles has some negative drawbacks with the BP limit along with using healing items will lower the limit as well.

Current Moves:
Tackle (35 BP)
Ember (60 BP)

Joey the Level 11 Rash Male Rattatta - Recec
Ability: Guts
Rattattas solo: 15/20

Opinion: It was the first one I encounter that I could catch. I wasn't going to catch a female one since the name is male. It will take some time for me to grind Joey's level so he could the highest member of the party. I'll stay at Route 29 so where Rattattas have a low encounter rate. I'm going to take the solo Rattatta challenge with Trainers as much as I can. I like the part of Capable of Taking Hits in the Summary part.

Current Moves:
Quick Attack
Focus Energy

Batman the Level 2 Mild Male Zubat - Present
Ability: Inner Focus

Opinion: Juggling level reqs between both Batman and Joey will be a test of management. I did encounter a few Zubats before getting this one but they were all female and surprising they were all level 2. I will going to do some grinding to get Batman to second highest level of the party.

Current Moves:
Leech Life

I know I can get the fourth Scramblemon at the Dark Cave but I'm not going to do it at 1% encounter rate. I haven't decided what to do at the first Gym yet but I can do in a few ways. At one point, my game froze multiple times while grinding Joey which I learned to save constantly.
Can anyone help me completing the team for a FR scramble? (link in the signature)
I won't accept things too easy and trivial such "take X, he must learn Y and solo a trainer to evolve"
You get Calamitous the Geodude

This geodude has the nasty habit of never finishing anything it starts. However, He is very outgoing and wants to be a major part of your team. As such, he wants to solo each gym, but gets distracted by the time you get to the gym leader (You must fight each gym trainer with Calamitous, but he may not fight the gym leader).

Also, he may fight but may not KO any pokemon in the elite four. If he knocks out a pokemon you must reset. Same rules apply to rival fights.

You also may not evolve him into a golem.
Second part of my challenge.
My OP (contains a link to my first post part, of course it's a link to my first post.).
After solo'ing Roxanne, I give RNG a Quick Claw to hold (he used his Oran Berry in the fight), and then we headed off to find our third team member, and to do some plot related stuff, but who cares?

Searching through the grass we found a Whismur, we caught her and named her Boombox, we then checked her nature and discovered, she too was Quiet natured. How even? And why? All 3 are Quiet natured, why?!

I wanted to test out my new teammate on Youngster Joey (yes, there's one in this game too) but he had a Machop, so that wasn't going to happen. So as Boombox and Jealous switch trained for a while to catch up to RNG, we realised that about half of the route was unaccesible, so I grabbed a ninada to use as a CUT slave.

After defeating an Aqua Grunt who apparently is a pirate, 'keelhaul it all'. His words, not mine. I was taken back to DEVON co. where they made me do their jobs for them for free. Well sort of, I got a phone out of it. On my way out, I spoke to one of the scientists, he mentioned something about making a machine that could reproduce a Pokemon's dreams. Tch, like that could ever happen.

After an inconsequential rival battle that I didn't even remember existing, I was sailing to Dewford Town with an old man who chases seagulls all day. On our way there the boat came to a screeching halt because DAD NORMAN gave me a call. Upon arrival in this small town, a kid asked me what was the up and coming cool thing, I told him all about the Scramble Challange, or at least I would have if those words existed, so I told him about the Scatter Challenge instead.

After clearing out the gym trainers in Dewford I put a lot of thought into what I was going to do for this gym. Jealous would have been able to beat it no problem, but RNG has to solo more gyms in order to evolve into a Swampert, so I decided, to solo Brawly with RNG.

(Interesting thing about Brawly, he's a surfer who uses Fighting types, and Crasher Wake, is a wrestler, who uses Water types. Also, when you beat Brawly, he makes a lot of water puns. 'You made a bigger splash than I expected'. 'You swamped me'. -shrugs-)

After perhaps the most tortuous battle I have ever done on any play through ever (and that includes 3 nuzlockes) RNG solo'd Brawly and is now way over levelled. Oh, and the battle was followed by a very anticlimactic evolution cancel.

RNG/Mudkip (M) @Quick Claw
Lv. 20
Nature: Quiet
Water Gun
1/3 gym leaders solo'd

RNG is going to evolve soon and take on that sweet Ground typing. Not a lot to say really, solo'ing Brawly using only Water Gun and Growl was pretty impressive.

Jealous/Ralts (M)
Lv. 15
Nature: Quiet
Double Team

Kind of a quiet update for Jealous, most of my focus was on Boombox and RNG for this segment of them game. In all honesty I don't think Jealous is going to impact my play at all until I get to the elite 4.

Boombox/Whismur (F) @Silk Scarf
Lv. 15
Nature: Quiet
19/25 sound moves used.

I did a lot of grinding with Boombox and at one stage she got into a battle with a Geodude that just kept spamming Defense Curl, so she got heaps of move uses up. However, I haven't used her in a real battle yet, so I guess we'll see how she goes then. She does have to solo a gym leader at some point too, I'm dreading that.

There's also a Nincada in my box somewhere. I don't think I need cut, but it'll be nice to be able to use it and get extra stuff.

Next up, I'll be getting Random the Makuhita, I've really been looking forward to this.
Ok, since I've never played FR I don't feel the need to contribute to Manitary's run, so I'd like to do a scramble challange myself.


I'm doing HG, I'd like a moderate challenge since I'm no master at pokemon, trading is definitely available to me, and I have a little bit of extra backstory as well: In this HG game I used an action replay to cheat my way through everything about it, get all the legendaries and complete most of the pokédex, so I think the proper comeuppance should be to punish myself with a scramble challange. I probably won't start my challange for a little while as I still need to migrate my legit Pokémon, but it will be done eventually. It'd also be cool if you guys had the pokemon themed as some sort of punishment, like scrooge's ghosts or hell-themed pokemon.

Recap and extra conditions: HeartGold, Moderate to easy challenge, trading enabled, hell or punishment theme, and I want to have at least one dragon-type, but it's not necessary.
Garchomp612, take Regret the Venonat. Regret, as its name implies, regrets either doing something it shouldn't have done or doing nothing at all, but you get to choose which of the above it regrets. Please decide before opening either of the tags, and no take-backs either!

Because of the severity of its mistaken action, Regret from that day onward has limited itself to where it can only only use damaging moves every other turn. Despite this, it's still prone to making the wrong choice, so it cannot use its best damaging move when it can use them (For example, if it knows Tackle, Confusion, and Leech Life in terms of damaging moves, it could not use Leech Life when battling a fellow Psychic-type. Also, in the case of a tie, it cannot use any STAB moves).

Due to the opportunities it missed by doing nothing, Regret decides to live a life of action, and on the battlefield this means it must always attack until it faints, not willing to switch out or accept items from you until either the battle ends or Regret faints. However, if it faints to an opponent's Pokemon, it can't use the attack it most recently used for 5 trainer battles, 15 wild Pokemon encounters, or an hour IRL, whichever comes first. Regret must participate in said 5 trainer battles or have the 15 wild Pokemon be within 10 levels of it for them to count.

Have fun!
I have a challenge for thepkmnmaster's friend:
You must find a wingull in the second route before battling your rival, name it Zoomie! then defeat the following pokemon to live up to its name: 6 zigzagoon, 4 tailow, 3 wingull, 3 linooe, 2 swellow, and one pelliper. Sorry for the misspellings, I might correct them later. You can accomplish those feats anytime in its lifetime, but to evolve, it has to solo the fastest gym around: Fortree city's gym! You may evolve it once you've cleaned out the gym, but before the gym leader. There are no moveslot requirements, but it must know at least two HM moves before you challenge the E4. I would suggest Fly and Surf. You must solo at least one of the E4, but in legacy of my original Zoomie! you may only defeat Wallace's tentacruel.
Zoomie! was a beloved pokémon of mine, and in fact the only pokemon I ever trained in my original Emerald game. It soloed the entire E4, but was defeated by Wallace's Wailord. Hopefully you can avoid my fate!
Reserving a Seven Deadly Sins (not the user) themed mon for Garchomp612. It'll be a Cyndaquil.

Take 7D Sins the Cyndaquil.
7D Sins has one counter that determines his restrictions, the Sin Counter. It starts at 4 at the start of the game.
When a Cyndaquil, it cannot go below 3 or above 5.
When it evolves the first time, it can go down to 2 and up to 6.
When it evolves the second time, it has no restrictions on its Sin Counter.

Table of Restrictions:
1) Sloth: You may not use damaging attacks or moves with less than 20 Max PP.
2) Greed: You must land the final blow on all mons, and you are constantly under the effect of Perish Song (you must switch out after 3 turns in)
3) Gluttony: Always hold a berry and get 1 ASAP (or if you have none, a Potion) and replace it immediately if it is consumed.
4) Wrath: You are under the effect of Taunt and Torment.
5) Lust: Switch into every female pokemon you see.
6) Envy: Solo all mons that have a higher SpA than you.
7) Pride: Only use moves with 95 or higher BP and never switch out.

You raise your sin Counter by 1 if you solo a trainer with 3+ pokemon, or solo your rival's starter.
It goes down by 1 if you are KOd and by 2 if you are OHKOd.
Garchomp612's Scramble challange! Yay!

Assuming you're supposed to post these here, without further ado:

Garchomp612's Scramble Challange: HeartGold version, Moderate difficulty, Trading enabled, hell/punishment theme.
⇔The story behind this challange is as such: I used my action replay to cheat my way through this HeartGold game, so my punishment is to reset it and go through a Scramble Challange. I used the action replay mainly to get legendaries and complete most of the Pokédex, but I also used it for something more sinister. It'd be cool if the pokemon were themed around punishment or hell, but more in the line of Ebenezer Scrooge rather than cruelty and torture.
I would also rather like at least one dragon type, but it's totally your call on that one.


Pokemon #1 Regret the Venonat -by Naix
Regret made a regrettable indecision, and so decided to live a life of action. Regret must always attack until it faints, or the battle ends. It cannot switch out. If it faints to an opponent's Pokémon, it cannot use the most recently used attack for five trainer battles that it has participated in, fifteen wild encounters with Pokémon within 10 levels from it, or one IRL hour.

Pokemon #2 7D Sins the Cyndaquil -by Yarnus of Bethany
7D Sins has a "sin counter" that determines his current restrictions. It starts at four and can be increased or reduced to get different restrictions. To raise the counter by one, you either have to solo a trainer with at least three Pokémon in its party, or you have to solo the rival's starter. You lower the counter by one by getting 7D Sins KOed in battle, and you lower the counter by two by getting him OHKOed. There are also restrictions on the counter based on what evolution 7D Sins is at. The ranges specify what restrictions 7D Sins can have at that evolution. A chart is below.
Cyndaquil [3-5]
Quilava [2-6]
Typhlosion [1-7]
The corresponding numbers and their restrictions are below.
1.) Sloth: 7D Sins may not use damaging moves or moves with less than twenty pp.
2.) Greed: 7D Sins must land the final blow on all enemy Pokémon, and must switch out in three turns.
3.) Gluttony: 7D Sins must always hold a berry (or a potion if none are available), and replace it as soon as possible if it is lost or used.
4.) Wrath: 7D Sins is under the effects of taunt and torment.
5.) Lust: 7D Sins must switch into every Pokémon of the opposite gender.
6.) Envy: 7D Sins must solo all Pokémon that have a higher special attack than it.
7.) Pride: 7D Sins can only use moves with greater than or equal to ninety-five power, and can never switch out.

Pokemon #3 Train the Hoppip -by inanimate blob
Train thinks it hits like a train, so whenever it is sent out, it stays in until the end of the fight. It also cannot use any non-damaging moves. It can evolve into Skiploom normally, but to evolve into Jumpluff it has to solo chuck.

Pokemon #4 Humidity the Dratini -by TreadshotA1
Humidity wants to see how long its trainer can last without water, which means I cannot use Fresh Water, Soda Pop, or Lemonade. I can only use normal 20hp potions on Humidity, and Humidity cannot evolve into Dragonite.
It has to solo Lance and Clair in their double battle, where the other Pokemon cannot use damaging moves, but leech seed and confusion-inducing moves are fair game.
Humidity cannot fight a Magikarp, it must switch out immeditely.
Must solo one E4 member that is not Lance.
Can only fight water-types, and must have at least one dragon-type attack which is not Dragon Rage.

Pokemon #5 Punisher the Mankey -by Its A Random
Punisher lives only to punish the weak and worthless, including me. Punisher must know and keep Punishment, and it may not evolve until it learns Punishment. To start battle against every unique Pokemon and while switching in, it must use Punishment, and cannot battle if Punishment runs out PP. It must also solo two gym leaders when it knows Punishment.

Pokemon #6 Doomed the Geodude -by Present
This Geodude escaped from hell to repent its sins, which include pulling a Diglett out of the ground. It can only be a Geodude, and only with self-damaging moves until it completes these tasks in this order:
1.) Damage itself 20 times against trainers
Once this task is completed, it can use moves which are not self-damaging.
2.) Solo a gym leader whose type is one of Doomed's weaknesses, without using TM or HM moves
3.) Stay in five turns on a trainer's Dugtrio without being healed, then let another Pokemon KO the Dugtrio.
Once it completes that, all restrictions are removed, but it has to finish off the last Pokemon of all the E4 and Champion using a self-sacrificing move.

Even though it's been two years, I shall complete this challenge. Thanks for being patient! Not that you had a choice!
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Garchomp will get a Dragon-Type from me. It'll be a real punishment with all the restrictions it'll have.

Get yourself a Dratini or Dragonair. Call it Humidity. The idea is that Humidity really wants to see how long you can last without water.

Obviously, first condition is no using the items Fresh Water, Soda Pop and Lemonade EVER.

No evolving to Dragonite either, because that's be too easy.

it can only fight Pokemon which are part- or pure- Water type unless otherwise specified. Note that it doesn't have to fight every water type, it just can't fight anything not water type.

It must keep one (and only one) Dragon type move, which is not Dragon Rage. It may have and use Dragon Rage alongside this move if you so choose.

Using Humidity and one other Pokemon, solo Lance and Clair in the double battle (Humidity can fight anything you want it too during this battle). Only Humidity may use moves that deal damage in this battle. Note that Toxic and Burn moves count as doing damage, as do Entry Hazards, but Leech Seed (and other absorption moves) and Confusion-inducing moves do not count as damage-dealing moves.

Humidity can also never fight a Magikarp (mainly because being a fish out of water is exactly what it'd like to see happen to you). If it enters a battle with one, it must switch out immediately.

Humidity can never be healed by any item except a Potion (that's the 20HP one, NOT the Super/Hyper/other variant potions). Pokemon Centers are allowed.

Finally, solo 1 E4 member (that's not Lance).
Color Me Sad, you get Sheep the Mareep. Indeed, he must live up to its expectations, right? Soooo, that means it can only do things sheep can do too. You might have guessed it, but that means no usage of electric moves nor other moves not seem fit on a sheep, as I've never seen a sheep electrify someone or do any other ramdon crap now, have I. Therefore, it can only use moves which seem to be possible on a normal sheep. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. Well then, Mareep is a little bugger, it sometimes paralyzes people. Normal sheep cannot do this, so it can evolve into ampharos (yes, ampharos) after paralyzing 25 trainer owned pokemon. However, paralyzing someone is not nice. Pay the medical treatment of 5000 pokedollar per paralyzed pokemon by throwing away said worth of items. As an Ampharos, it learns it is special and not at all a normal sheep, so it can use non-sheep attacks, but only a maximum of two of them, as it still thinks about the old times. Solo an elite four member to prove its strength.


Incolea, take Totem the Natu. Totem is a stationary pokemon, it hates moving (thus also flying). It can therefore only use moves it does not have to (physically) move for. Any moves in doubt, just ask. After soloing any gym, it can evolve into Xatu. As a Xatu, it realizes how stupid it is, what it is doing. It can now learn any move it wants, but it should always use the weakest move (after stab, weaknesses, etc.) on the opponent (no using immune moves though, I am not that cruel), because it wants to make up for having been so stupid. Solo an elite four member to complete its sinning.


Garchomp612, take Doomed the Geodude. This Geodude has escaped from hell only to repent his sins. When it still was a happy geodude, it once pulled a diglett out of the ground, which is a deadly sin, so he was sent to hell. Due to good behaviour, he has been given the opportunity to show he can be a good boy (girl) again. First and formost, the powers of hell have restricted him to his current state. Poor Doomed cannot evolve, as he has to face life again as he once was. He has to repent his sins by punishing himself, therefore (ASAP), he can only use moves that also damage him (including self-destruct, double-edge later on). After having damaged himself a total of 20 times against trainers, hell gives him the knowledge that the self-inflicted punishment has been enough. He has to prove his worth by soloing a gym leader of a primary type he is weak to, with any level-up moves he learns (no using tm's). When he achieves this, he is soooo happy and hell tells him his punishment is almost over. He has to go see the diglett he once harassed. He finds out the diglett has evolved into a dugtrio and was catched by a trainer --> fight any trainer owned dugtrio. Survive 5 turns against it without killing it or fainting yourself (no healing), in order to talk to the dugtrio and ask forgiveness for your sins. After the 5 turns, ko the dugtrio with another pokemon. Doomed has been completely forgiven by hell and any current restrictions are lifted. Instead, he has to solo the last pokemon of every elite four member (including the champion) and knock their pokemon out with explosion (or self-destruct), because he likes to commit suicide, especially more than once. By doing so, he reminds himself of hell and his terrible time there. Fainting reminds him to never sin again and go back to that terrible place. Winning of the arguably strongest trainers of the region makes him believe he can still be succesful in life. (Oh, if there are no trainer-owned Dugtrio, change that to a wild dugtrio. Only then though)

GL helping Doomed on his path of faith


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@ thepkmnmaster: Your friend gets Flapper the Zubat.

Flapper must hold a Cheri Berry to fight. If it loses it mid-battle, it must switch out immediately. Flapper must solo 10 trained Grass-Type Pokémon to evolve. Flapper must then solo 10 trained Electric-Type Pokémon to evolve again. You may not use the Rematch function on the Pokénav to achieve this.

Have fun.

@ Manitary: Yes you can use HM Slaves, but not in battle. At any rate, you get Nuke the Charmander.

Nuke likes to wreck things with raw power, especially fire power, & nothing will get in the way of stopping it. Nuke must learn all attacking moves at all times. Nuke must then solo a Gym Leader without using Metal Claw to evolve into Charmeleon. After evolution, Nuke then starts becoming more focused towards offence, & you may no longer switch Nuke out of battle while it is on the field unless it faints, or another Pokémon has to solo something. Have Nuke solo another Gym Leader to evolve. Finally, as a Charizard, it becomes so focused on detonation, that you may no longer run or use Items while Nuke is on the field, in addition to the no switching out rule. Furthermore, the attacking moves it uses must exceed 90 BP excluding STAB. Have Nuke solo at least 5 Pokémon in the Gym League.

Have fun.

@ Incoleo: Welcome to Smogon! Anyhow, you get Twilight the Houndour.

Twilight, as its name suggests, comes so late in the game (After the first E4 even) that it wants to prove to you that capturing it was worth the wait. To ensure this, you must have Twilight solo 10 Kanto Gym Leader Pokémon. Following this, Twilight, being according to it, the shining start in the twilight of your scramble, then wants to ultimately be a force in your final battles, & solo three of Red's Pokémon.

Have fun.

@ Colour me Sad: Welcome to Smogon! Anyhow, you get Annoyer the Hoppip.

Annoyer is your run of the mill annoying Hoppip, loving to annoy as much as it can. To enforce this, Annoyer may only learn one attacking move at a time. Have it solo a Gym Leader in order to evolve it past Jumpluff.

Have fun.

@ Garchomp612: Welcome to Smogon! Anyhow, you get Punisher the Mankey.

Punisher is a Mankey who lives only to punish the weak & worthless. Unluckily, this includes you. So Punisher must know & keep Punishment, & may not evolve until it learns Punishment. Furthermore, every time you send it in, it must use Punishment as its first move, & after you KO something with Punisher, it must use Punishment as its next move. It may not fight if it runs out of Punishment PP once it learns Punishment. Have it solo 2 Gym Leaders while it has the move: Punishment.

Have fun.
Manitary, take Gneolaut the ____. Fill in the blank with whatever pokemon you want.

Choose two of the following restrictions:

-- Never use STAB moves.
-- Never evolve (if the pokemon can evolve), never be healed in battle (if the pokemon cannot evolve).
-- Never use Fly nor any HP-healing item other than Potion and Super Potion
-- Never use moves that don't directly deal damage (so no Toxic, Confuse Ray, etc.)

Gneolaut's restrictions are whichever two you didn't choose!
In order to choose the pokemon, I used a random number generator and got 93 (dex number of Haunter), so I'll pick Gneolaut the Gastly. The final restriction is really bastard, because now Gneolaut won't be able to evolve! Aalso, s/he won't use STAB moves.

If I'll manage to, I'll make videos of the challange (tips on recording program etc. are welcome of course) since I'm definitely no good in writing stories, otherwise I'll try to do my best!

Just to clarify: STAB moves means moves that gain STAB bonus so Ghost or Poison non-direct damaging moves can be used, am I right?
In order to choose the pokemon, I used a random number generator and got 93 (dex number of Haunter), so I'll pick Gneolaut the Gastly. The final restriction is really bastard, because now Gneolaut won't be able to evolve! Aalso, s/he won't use STAB moves.

If I'll manage to, I'll make videos of the challange (tips on recording program etc. are welcome of course) since I'm definitely no good in writing stories, otherwise I'll try to do my best!

Just to clarify: STAB moves means moves that gain STAB bonus so Ghost or Poison non-direct damaging moves can be used, am I right?
Yes, STAB moves (or the lack thereof...that final restriction is awesome, isn't it?) only count directly damage-dealing moves, so things like Toxic would still be acceptable for use.

And to be clear, never evolve means Gastly, and only Gastly (since I'm sure someone in this thread will think Haunter is okay since it's not fully evolved either). Everyone else can still evolve. If you can catch Gneolaut as a Haunter, though, then Haunter is fine. But still no Gengar.

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