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Physicism, you didn't say that you do not want any of the things that Addiethunder put in the challenge, therefore you must accept it.
Pikachu solo'ing Bruno should be fun! ;)
Physicism, you didn't say that you do not want any of the things that Addiethunder put in the challenge, therefore you must accept it.
Pikachu solo'ing Bruno should be fun! ;)

actually, they can say it is outside their difficulty level and not accept.
Very interesting challenge. However, the Lorelei solo means that RNG would have to solo 4 of Bruno's pokemon, including at least one Onix. Due to my RNG rolls, Pikachu can only use Normal moves against Ground types. Onix resists normal and has ridiculous Defense.
Also, my Onix can do very little against Lorelei's Slowbro.

Rejected... Not only because of its own difficulty, but because it makes another challenge virtually impossible.

Pimpgangster: I like it.
One problem: the last restriction. It conflicts with Pikachu's solos (and prevents Eevee from fighting Moltres). If you add "except where it conflicts with another challenge" I'll accept.
Fair Enough, I wasn't trying to kill anyone. How about this for a modified challenge?

To Recap:
- Brick Wall (Or Wall) the Onix
- Must Learn and Keep Bide.
- Brick Wall must take part in all of the Team Rocket Boss Geovanni fights and can only use Bide during it's time. It must knock out at least one pokemon!
- Teach it Earthquake and Strength/Body Slam
- Solo Blaine
- Solo Agatha of the Elite Four (That allows for RNG to solo Lorelei and Gengar hasn't been given Levitate and is part Poison!)
Ooh, this should be fun!

RNG the Pikachu: 2 damaging moves, moves of 2 different types, solo 2 different gym leaders and 1 other gym (excluding the leader). Every time he faints, I must throw away 11 of the most expensive pokeball I own, or 6 of the most expensive items I own. He may be healed a maximum of 3 times per battle.
He must solo at least 4 pokemon in each of at least 4 Pokemon league battles.
Hi, there, Physicism. Have I ever got the Pokemon for you.

Here's Venus the Eevee. She's rather flighty and indecisive. Because she has a hard time making up her mind, she needs to take her sweet time in deciding who to evolve into.

To evolve into Flareon, use her to solo all trainers on Route 14, and use her in a battle against Moltres.
To evolve into Jolteon, use her to solo all trainers on Cycling Road, and use her in a battle against Zapdos.
To evolve into Vaporeon, use her to solo all trainers on Route 19, and use her in a battle against Articuno.
This will decide her disposition for the rest of her life.

If she evolves into Flareon, she becomes highly impressed with how powerful flames truly are; taken under Moltres' wing, she realises that all Fire-types are the superior breed - Psychic types be damned! As such, she may use only Fire-type moves, and must solo any Psychic Pokemon seen, as she is quite angry that they are considered the cream of the crop. She naturally will not challenge her fellow fire-types, and must not battle fighting-types, either, as she recognises their struggle against the psychic menace, and fire and fighting types are brethren anyway - three generations of starters will tell you that. To impress any flying-types (these remind him of her mentor) with supposedly big attacks, she must use a Dire Hit every time after evolution she is required to fight with them.

If she evolves into Jolteon, she becomes obssessed with the Rival's Eeveelution, due to her emotions becoming supercharged, and wants to impress it. Depending on what Blue's own Eevee evolved into, she must be sent into battle against any Pokemon which corresponds to that type, as they are posers which are only attempting to imitate her idol, and she may only exit from this battle if she faints. She must do the same against Pokemon that are weak to, as she wants to prove that she will be a valuable partner. Her moveset must include Mimic as soon as this is possible, and she must use Hyper Beam and Thunder as her only main attacking moves; big attacks to impress her idol.

If she evolves into Vaporeon, she will remember how anxious she was surrounded by all that cold, cold water, and Articuno's frosty breath; as such, she cannot learn Surf, as she never wants to swim again, or any Ice-type moves. She also may not participate in the battle against Loreli, unless she is the last member of the party. Because her cell structure was damaged by all of the cold, she is extremely prone to damage; as such, she must immediately be healed if her hitpoints fall to half.

If this challenge interests you, I hope you have good luck with it.

Physicism, capture a Diglett and name it Edward. Edward is afraid of his claws and is therefore unable to use any moves that logically require the use of claws (scratch, slash, cut etc.) (this condition is void until you are at least lvl 19). To overcome his fears and evolve, defeat 5 pokemon within 3 levels of your own after they have used a claw move.

After evolving it to Dugtrio these restrictions are lifted but you must only heal it with Hyper Potions.

As a Dugtrio any Magneton must be solo'ed because there can only be one Triple pokemon right?

Final restriction, You are small, and therefore mad at tall things. All pokemon over 6' must feel you're wrath except if his friends have his back (doesn't clash with other Pokemon challanges) Solo Yolo them

Have fun
- Brick Wall (Or Wall) the Onix
- Must Learn and Keep Bide.
- Brick Wall must take part in all of the Team Rocket Boss Geovanni fights and can only use Bide during it's time. It must knock out at least one pokemon!
- Teach it Earthquake and Strength/Body Slam
- Solo Blaine
- Solo Agatha of the Elite Four (That allows for RNG to solo Lorelei and Gengar hasn't been given Levitate and is part Poison!)

Each of these challenges will be met as perfectly as possible, except where it conflicts with an earlier challenge.

2 more team members, then I can start! Between them, they must be able to use Surf and Fly.


the bear becomes the ringleader
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Never played yellow, but w/e lets give it a try.

Capture a Pidgey and name it steel.
Steel is kinda deluded and thinks it is a skarmory, and it doesn't know that it doesn't even have a steel typing! As such, it is scared of fire types and may never be in a battle with them because it is so weak to them! If it ever had a fire attack used on it then it must switch out, as well as if it is ever in a battle with a ground type or gets hit by a ground type move (yes, no immunity abusing for you!) it cannot fight for 10 battles because it just fainted so bad. Oh, and wild battles don't count towards the 10 battles, but wild pokemon hitting you with ground type moves do count.
Oh, pick 5 of the following types: rock, psychic, bug, grass, dragon, flying, ghost, ice and normal. It must switch into every one of the 5 types you chose since it resists the type.
Oh, and always switch into every poison type since you are immune to it.

Fun somewhat related fact: Poison is the most common type in Generation I; even as of Generation V, over half of the Poison-type Pokémon currently known were introduced in the first generation.

You picked a good game :P
That challenge seems good, but it leaves me unable to use both Fly and Surf (aside from using Dragonite, who is extremely difficult to catch in Yellow).

Am I allowed to reject this? It violates a restriction set forth after my initial request, but before the giving of this challenge.
Physicism, your surfing worries are over if you take Amnesia the Snorlax. Amnesia, being forgetful as it is, must know and keep Amnesia. The one thing he will ot forget, however, is his versatility. He will always remember how to swim, so he must have Surf, and also must have at least two other special attacks
Apart from Fly not being an obligatory HM, just a useful one, you "could" use Hm slaves, although frowned upon. Otherwise, I'd guess you either have to put up with another pokemon being able to use surf, or, I don't know, ask celever if the challenge could be changed to your liking.
Chapter 14 of my Pokemon Blue Scramble is up! I've split it into two parts, since, by themselves, neither are long enough for a full chapter, but together, they're a bit too long for just one. I'm getting pretty close to the end here.

Chapter 14-a: The Psychic Master
Ttar woke up, still satisfied with his efforts in defeating Team Rocket. Now, however, it was time to take on his next challange: Sabrina of Saffron Gym!

On his way to the Saffron Gym, enviro became visibly agitated. The air in the city wasn't exactly the cleanest air Ttar had ever breathed, and enviro seemed to take great offense to it. The Pokemon looked at Ttar, and tried to give him a message. enviro was acting the same way that Doomed did before she soloed Fuschia Gym, so Ttar knew what he wanted. He agreed to let enviro take on the Saffron Gym alone. However, as he agreed to that, Angry Nerd too emerged from it's PokeBall. It glared at the Saffron Gym. From inside the windows, it was clear that there were other Pokemon inside, and they appeared to be jeering at Angry Nerd and Ttar. The large bird then gave Ttar the same look that enviro had just given him. Both Pokemon wanted the Gym to themselves, so Ttar had to figure out a way around this.

With the Gym featuring Psychic-types, enviro would generally be a poor choice anyways. Especially against Sabrina, who would likely use some very powerful Pokemon that could easily defeat enviro. Ttar came to the conclusion that it would be ok to let enviro take on the normal trainers in the Gym, while Angry Nerd would be allowed to take on Sabrina by himself. Ttar dropped off his other four Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, and then went into the Gym.

Inside the Gym were teleporters that would take the user to various rooms around the Gym. The goal was to find the teleporter that would take you to Sabrina. Each room had a trainer in it. As promised, Ttar let enviro take them on. However, enviro was too slow and weak to handle many of the trainers (including a trainer with a Haunter, who caused enviro to hit itself in confusion 17 times in a row). enviro was struggling, and clearly needed a boost of some sort. Then, Ttar remembered the Leaf Stone he had bought a while back. He pulled it out of his bag and looked at it. The shiny green stone had a leaf pattern on it, and appeared to be covered in moss.

Ttar turned to enviro, and held out the stone to it. enviro was confused, but soon came to realize what the stone meant. It gave a nod, and with one of it's leaves, it took the stone from Ttar. As it did, it's entire body started to glow! It started to grow, and it's bulb became much larger. As the light faded, Ttar saw before him a much more powerful Pokemon. enviro evolved into Victreebel!

It was clear that the evolution dramatically increased enviro's abilities. Despite the type disadvantage, it now took on all of the trainers with relative ease. It wasn't long before every trainer in the gym had been defeated. Ttar then tried to figure out which teleporter would take him to Sabrina. It didn't take long to discover that the bottom-left teleporter in the top-left room was the correct choice. Ttar called enviro back, and sent out Angry Nerd, ready to take on the Gym Leader.

As Ttar approached, Sabrina began to address him, "I had a vision of your arrival. I have had Psychic powers since I was a child. I first learned to bend spoons with...."

Her speech cut off as she noticed Angry Nerd, who was perched on Ttar's arm.

"No way," she said. "That can't be THAT Spearow, could it?" Sabrina started to laugh, but quickly regained her composure.

"I never thought I'd see you again," she said. "Not after you flunked out of the Saffron Academy. To think, a Spearow... well, I suppose now you're a Fearow.... would want to use Special moves! Unthinkable! Your species is too dumb to learn even a single special move!"

Angry Nerd leapt into the air and flapped it's wings. Clearly, Sabrina was familiar with Angry Nerd. This also brought to light the reason why he had flown off to the school in Viridian City back when Ttar had first started his adventure. Ttar felt bad for Angry Nerd.

"Well, I suppose you're wanting to take on your old teacher, huh?" Sabrina said mockingly. "You know I dislike fighting, but if you really want to lose that badly, I suppose I can oblige. Get ready!"

She had a PokeBall float from her belt into her hand, showing off her psychic abilities. Without even tossing it, the ball opened, and out of it came a Kadabra. Angry Nerd stood ready to take on the opponent, with fire in it's eyes.

Ttar ordered Angry Nerd to use Drill Peck. The Kadabra was unable to dodge the attack, and was hit square in the chest. The Kadabra fell to the ground, but it didn't get back up. In one hit, it had fainted!

Sabrina withdrew Kadabra, and sent out her next Pokemon, a Mr. Mime. The sight of this Pokemon made Ttar uneasy, but Angry Nerd was still ready to fight. At Ttar's order, he launched a Double-Edge attack. Just like the Kadabra before it, the Mr. Mime wasn't fast enough to dodge the hit, and it too fainted in just one hit! This was going exceptionally well for Ttar!

Sabrina's next Pokemon was a Venomoth, which was strange, seeing as Venomoth is not a Psychic-type. Ttar was fine with this, however, as a single Drill Peck easily defeated the moth. Sabrina appeared to be fuming over her losses.

"I suppose I should say that you've gotten a lot stronger, since you're only using physical moves now," she said. "But I bet you can't stand up to this! Go, Alakazam!"

A familiar golden Pokemon with a large mustache appeared before Ttar. He remembered how easily Angry Nerd had defeated Blue's Alakazam, so he was hoping that this one would be just as easy. Ttar commanded a Double-Edge, but before it could attack, Sabrina ordered Alakazam to use Reflect! It set up a barrier, which caused Angry Nerd's Double-Edge to be weakened! The attack still did good damage, but not nearly as much as it should have.

Sabrina had a cocky grin on her face. She commanded Alakazam to use Recover, which brought it back to full health. Ttar knew that if this kept up, Angry Nerd would knock himself out with recoil damage. He whispered encouraging words to Angry Nerd, who appeared to be very motivated to win. It launched another Double-Edge, and this time, it broke right through Reflect, scoring a critical hit, and knocking the Alakazam out in one hit! Ttar had won the battle!

"Wow," Sabrina said, "I can't believe that I lost to a trainer using an Academy drop-out. But, as the rules state, a loss is a loss. Here, take these."

She handed Ttar a small, round badge, colored a shiny gold, as well as a TM46, which contained Psywave. Angry Nerd then went over to Sabrina, and gave her a friendly peck on the shoulder.

"Yeah, I know," she said, "I'm sorry I said all those things about you. You'll never be a special attacker, but that doesn't make you stupid. By playing to your strengths, you've become quite the powerful Pokemon. Keep it up, kid. I believe in you."

Ttar was happy that Angry Nerd had reconciled with his teacher. The two of them bid Sabrina farewell, and then returned to the Pokemon Center.

The rest of Ttar's Pokemon cheered for enviro and Angry Nerd, celebrating their 6th badge! Only two more, and then Ttar and his team would be able to take on the Pokemon Leauge! The group was celebrating heartily, when a nurse came over to Ttar.

"Are you Ttar, by any chance?" she inquired. Ttar nodded yes, and she responded, "Professor Oak is on the phone, and he wishes to speak to you."

Ttar was puzzled, but he followed the nurse to her desk, where he picked up the phone.

"Ah, Ttar," Oak said. "I hear that you've just gotten your sixth badge! That's mighty impressive! Now, I have a special mission. I was planning to have Blue do it for me, but he's more interested in training his Pokemon, so I'd like to ask you to do it for me."

Ttar wasn't happy to hear that he was Oak's second choice, but considering Blue was family to him, it made sense. He asked Oak what the mission was, and Oak replied:

"There is a legend of three magnificent bird Pokemon, one of a kind creatures, who live in this region," he said. "Their names are Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. I've been gathering data on where they may be living, and now, I have a lead on one of them, Zapdos to be specific. On Route 10, there is an old abandoned Power Plant. It's still full of electrical equipment, and according to people in the area, they occasionally hear the factory running. I'd like you to go there, and attempt to find the legendary Pokemon. Can you do that for me?"

Ttar thought about it. He'd heard of the legendary trio since he was a kid. The thought of meeting them made him giddy. He agreed to go and look for them, which Oak was pleased to hear.

"I don't expect you to capture them," he said, "just photograph them in their natural habitat. I believe that, should they turn on you, you could take them on in a battle. Best of luck to you, Ttar!"

The phone went silent, and Ttar replaced it. He told his Pokemon about their new detour, which excited all of them. Ttar went to the PokeMart, where he stocked up on items, making sure he was ready to handle anything. Then, he left Saffron to the north, heading back to Cerulean City.

Chapter 14-b: Legendary Pokemon
Ttar reached Cerulean City, and headed east onto Route 9 again. Upon reaching Route 10, he hopped onto Doomed, who surfed him around the stream that flowed on the route. He eventually found land that he couldn't reach before, and he got off. Before him was a large building that appeared to be a factory. A lone trainer stood in front of it, and he battled Ttar when he saw him. Ttar was able to easily defeat him, however, and then, he entered the abandoned Power Plant.

The inside of the building was quite dark. Broken machinery was everywhere, and so was years of dust. The ground was littered with broken glass, so Ttar walked very carefully. He found quite a few decent items on the ground, but he was also attacked by many Voltorb, who were pretending to be PokeBalls! While wandering around, there was a sudden surge of power! The entire building lit up for just a moment, and then went dark again. Ttar continued down what appeared to be the main path, and soon, there was another surge of power. This time, it seemed like the source was much closer than before.

Ttar rounded a corner, and he was amazed by what he saw. Before him was a massive bird with wings that ended in jagged points. It appeared to be expelling electricity from it's body! It was Zapdos!

Ttar pulled a camera out of his bag. Oak requested that he take a picture, so he was going to, but he wanted a closer shot. He took one step towards the Zapdos, but he stepped on a shard of glass, which cracked beneath his foot. The Zapdos turned to look at him, and then immediately leapt into the air. Ttar snapped a picture of it, and just in time, too, for the Zapdos then flew out of a hole in the wall. Ttar watched it fly away, disappointed that he hadn't been able to see more of it. He hopped out of the same hole. Angry Nerd flew him to the nearby Pokemon Center, where he gave Professor Oak a call.

"Well, at least you got photographic evidence of it's existence," Oak said. "Now, I've got some good news. It's said that Articuno, another of the legendary birds, can be seen in the Seafoam Islands. Since you're going to have to go to Cinnabar Island to get the Volcano Badge anyways, why don't you stop there along the way? If you surf from south of Fuschia City, you'll be there in no time!"

Ttar agreed that was the best course of action. He thanked Oak, and then went outside. Angry Nerd flew him to Fuschia City, and then he headed south to the beach. He hopped on Doomed, and started making his way down the sea route.

There were lots and lots of people out swimming in the sea, which made sense, as it was a bright, warm, sunny day. Many of them challanged Ttar to battles, but he was able to defeat them all with little trouble, netting lots of experience for his Pokemon. After Surfing for a long while, he finally saw another island, or rather, a pair of islands in the distance. He approached them, and from a sign outside, he could tell that he had found the right place: the Seafoam Islands.

The inside of the island caves was very, very cold. This alone told Ttar that there must be Ice-type Pokemon here. He wandered through the cave, but no matter where he went, he saw nothing, just a normal cave. That was until Arceustar emerged from it's PokeBall, and started using Strength to push some boulders around. Ttar was surprised by how easily the little Pokemon was moving the huge rocks, but he commanded it to push the boulders into holes. He didn't know why, but Ttar felt as if he was supposed to be doing this. He then hopped through the holes.

He felt extremely frigid air coming from nearby in the very deepest part of the caves. He hopped on Doomed, who was clearly upset about having to swim in the freezing waters, but she obliged, and the two moved towards the source of the frozen air. On a small platform at the end of the cave, Ttar saw his target: the legendary bird Articuno! It's magestic wings emitted small snowflakes, and it had a chilly aura around it. Articuno was Ttar's favorite of the legendary birds, so he made sure to approach it carefully.

As Ttar got close, Articuno noticed him. However, it didn't flee like Zapdos before it. Ttar landed on the small platform, and stood before the large bird. He held out his hand to it, but the bird did nothing. Ttar reached for the camera in his bag, but the sudden movement startled the Articuno. It leapt up, and started to fly away. Ttar pulled out the camera in a rush to get a picture of Articuno, but all he managed to get was a silver blur flying away.

Ttar was upset about not being able to get a good picture of Articuno. However, he was starting to get chilly, so he needed to find his way through the island. He wandered around, but it took him a long time to find the place he needed to be: another set of boulders. He commanded Arceustar to push them down the nearby holes, and with the boulders, he cut off the heavy current that prevented him from reaching a staircase, which he expected to be the exit. It took a lot of backtracking, but eventually, Ttar did successfully stop the water flow, and he managed to get to the other staircase. As he suspected, it did in fact lead him to the exit of the islands. Ttar happily emerged into the warm sunlight.

There were a few more trainers as Ttar surfed to the west again. They all folded easily, and soon, Ttar had arrived at his destination: Cinnabar Island. He immediately headed for the Pokemon Center, where again, he gave Oak a call.

"Well, that is rather disappointing," Oak said, after Ttar told him about the failed Articuno picture. "But it's ok. Now, there is much to do in Cinnabar Island. There's a lab, where they perform all sorts of experiments, the Gym, which uses Fire-type Pokemon, and the old Cinnabar Mansion. I have a somewhat reliable source telling me that Moltres, the last of the legendary birds, may reside in Cinnabar Mansion. Please, go look for it!"

Ttar thanked Professor Oak for his help, but after his adventures today, he was very tired, and his Pokemon were worn out. They decided to call it a night, and to see everything in Cinnabar Island the next day.

Current Team:

Arceustar the Squirtle
Level 40
-Skull Bash
-Ice Beam

Doomed the Nidoqueen
Level 41
-Body Slam
-Rock Slide

Angry Nerd the Fearow
Level 41
-Drill Peck
-Double Team
[Special Attackers solo'd: 10/10]

enviro the Victreebel
Level 42
-Razor Leaf
-Sleep Powder
-Stun Spore
-Mega Drain

Creeper the Hypno
Level 40
[Children solo'd: 10/10)

Torture the Vulpix
Level 39
-Quick Attack
-Confuse Ray


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Don't worry guys, I'm changing it to a self-aware Pidgey that thinks its a skarmory.
You just made it much worse for yourself! ;)

Edit: Done! Enjoy ;)
Popping in to apologise for my lack of updates. For ages, my ROM would freeze every time Stats reached a high enough level, so most of my pokémon time was dedicated to fixing that.

Turns out the freeze is triggered by something attempting to learn or use Rest, so I had to export the save file to a different emulator & use a code to literally change Stats into another pokémon until she levelled up. (And boy, is Snorlax gonna be a troublesome foe...)

Anyways, next update should be up tonight or tomorrow :)
With the Rest problem fixed (sort of), I can get back to updating! Here's Chapter 14, in which the team grinds like crazy, JB helps a dying Electric Elf, and Adict's addiction becomes too much to handle!

Chapter 14: MILK IS GOOD FOR HAIRDRESSING – Secret Training and Secret Drugs
JB explored every inch of the Mountain he could, as well as its alternate exits, battling every wild Elf and Coach he encountered along the way!

*Musical Interlude* (I’m becoming quite fond of these)

Eventually, Punch, Stats, and Fool had caught up to the rest of the team! However, JB had run into a problem with Fool. He had relearned his copying technique, STRUG, shortly after entering the mountain, but despite knowing only one attack, he refused to copy any opponent he faced! This infuriated JB, but A’En did warn him he was different from other Defu. Besides, there had to be at least a few moves which would inspire this picky little bastard!
Contrary to his new teammate, Punch’s ended up changing his moveset significantly, as he had now foregone COOLHIT for the damage-reducing techniques BLOC and SHELL. Unfortunately, there was still no sign of any wild WANLIs for Punch to take on, but JB felt he had already stayed in the mountain for far longer than necessary! So, after buying a new COOLHIT back in Xiaojin to teach to Adict, as well as a ton of vending machine drinks, he headed to the west of Yuanzhu and began his journey to the next town.

While battling the Coaches along this road, JB was given information about the “MILK OF FIELD,” which is “DRANK WELL, GAINS EVERYONE’S HIGH OPINION.” One woman even claimed that this milk was “GOOD FOR HAIRDRESSING!” In all honesty, JB had wondered what the funny smell she gave off was… While walking briskly away from this experimental beautician, he noticed a farm where MILKs were playing happily with each other, so he figured this must be where the MILK OF FIELD came from, and headed inside to buy some.
Upon entering, however, JB noticed that the MILK inside, named MAOMAO, looked incredibly poorly. The farmer advised him that he should “LET IT EAT MANY FRUITS,” so he took out a Sunston from his bag to feed to her, but Adict instantly burst out and gave him a horrified look!
“She’s sick, Adict! Let her have this one.”
JB continued to encourage MaoMao to take the fruit, but Adict sprang into action, and with a horrible war cry, proceeded to wrestle it from JB’s grip!
“No! Let go! Give it to MaoMao! We have 5 more!”
However, Adict just responded to JB’s commands by hissing, and showed no signs of giving up. After 5 minutes of wrestling, Adict bit JB, and placed the fruit he dropped back into his bag!
A look of sympathy, disappointment, and sheer anger filled JB’s eyes as he withdrew his first companion, apologised to the farmer & his children, and left.

Was Adict’s problem still so severe, or was JB just not as good an Elf Coach as he thought? He mulled over these thoughts he walked back towards the next town.
However, after arriving in “ZHAOMU CITY, THE NEAREST PORT CITY FROM FREMDNESS,” and spotting its Gym, he put those thoughts to one side & rushed for the entrance. Once they reached the door, Fool burst out & eyed the Gym expectantly! This was the first time JB had seen Fool show any signs of excitement or focus, so perhaps the techniques used by the Gym Leaders may be the key to motivating him!
He reached out for the handle, but it wouldn’t budge!
“What the Hell?! Why’s it locked?!”
At that moment, as if on cue, Meth stormed up to him!
“Yeah, I kinda figured that out when I couldn’t open the door, smartass! Do you at least know where they are?”
“LAUGHABLE, A WEAK MONSTER, DON’T CONCERN ABOUT IT. IT CANN’T FIGHT, AND NO VALUE,” he replied, which seemed a bit off-topic.
“So… You’re saying they’re tending to a weak monster? Where are they?”
Meth nodded. “I THINK YOU GO TO THE BELL TOWER.” With that, he left.

JB was at least relieved that Meth didn’t want to fight this time, but what did he mean by the “Bell Tower?” He couldn’t mean the still-standing tower from the last city, surely, so he looked around for any building which could fit his vague description. The tallest building was easily the lighthouse, so he figured that was where to go. Before heading there, though, JB decided to leave his Elfs in the Monster Centre while he got a bite to eat at the nearby café.
“OK… Well I’ll have a bur--“ JB stopped in mid-sentence when he realised that he had no idea what names these people had given the food, so he pointed to one of the burger pictures on the menu, and the owner nodded.
While awaiting his burger, JB had a chat with a man in a sailor’s uniform.
“WHAT’S ABOUT? SO WEAK ELF. HOW TO DRIVE BIG ROCK? FORCE STUNT WITH IT!” He rudely stated, before forcing a Secret Machine into JB’s pocket.
JB thanked the boorish gentleman, ate his burger, and went back to collect his Elfs.
He figured that whatever this new move was, it was probably powerful, so he taught it to Adict, and after acquiring a “GOOD ROD” from a local fisherman, and receiving inside information from another that the sea is “VERY… VERY… WIDE!” they all headed to the lighthouse.

“More Buddhists? Really?” JB thought, as he was talking with this Sailor, or SEA MAN, as they preferred to be called. Afterwards, he just began climbing the stairs to the top. The lighthouse was absolutely brimming with Elf Coaches, who proved absolutely no challenge. However, a couple of Sea Men used Wanlis, so Punch was at least happy!
When they eventually reached the top, JB noticed a crying young woman comforting a large, yellow Elf, who appeared to be just as sick as MaoMao, if not more so.
“Um, excuse me.” JB asked. “Are you the, um, Curator for the Gym here?”
The girl nodded, introduced herself as MIHUI, and turned back to the sick Elf beside her. “THE MONSTER IS ILLUMINATING THE SEA LIGHT, BUT IT IS OFTEN USED UP AND MAY BE DYING,” she said through her tears.
“I’m so sorry…” JB responded. “Is there anything we can do?”
“Um, sure. I’ll find the place for you.” JB replied. After all, the reason he set out on this journey was that he couldn’t stand to see anything suffering like Xiaodeng was. Besides, it was clear that Mihui wouldn’t reopen the Gym until the poor bipedal sheep-thing was well again!

After a brief trip to the Monster Centre, JB let Dicks into the sea and got on her back. The giant serpent was able to cross the waves at breakneck speeds! Most of the swimming Coaches didn’t dare cross the path of JB’s serpent, and the few who did were quickly obliterated by the rest of his team!
After only a few minutes, an invitation to “SWIM TO TANPA,” and a delightful sea shanty about a “VOILENT STORM” & “A ARGENT MONSTER,” JB spotted an inhabited island and disembarked there.
The signpost read, “THERE IS DUANYE CITY, SURROUNDED BY WILD WAVE.” He figured this must be the place Mihui needed him to go to, so he took a look around. A girl in the Monster Centre asked him if he had met the “MONSTER MAD,” who apparently had a bunch of rare Elfs. His house was apparently just north of the centre, so he went to have a look.

Inside, a small boy was quivering in fear.
“Long hair …” The realisation soon hit JB! “Long, red hair?”
With that, the boy forced a basin into JB’s pocket, and thanked him. Inside was an Elf which looked like a worm hiding inside a rock, called POIT. It didn’t seem like a good team member, but he could at least keep it safe.
JB wandered around the island, disgusted that Meth would do such a thing, until he saw a sign saying “DUANYE DRUG OFFICE HAS CARVED OUT 500 YEARS MANY PEOPLE ARE WAITING FOR DRUG”
“Oh great! Another one of these operations…”
When JB entered, he saw that the shopkeeper was indeed as shady as he’d expected. JB told him about Xiaodeng, and without saying a word, he slipped the “SECRET DRUG” into JB’s pocket.

With the “medicine” in hand, JB was ready to head back to Mihui & Xiaodeng. But first, he had an unlocked Gym to take on! From the window, JB noticed an abundance of Fighting types, so he brought out Punch, who was raring to go!

Team Summary:

ADICT the ALIGE (Croconaw)
- AWL (Strength)
- S-PIN (Leer)
- YUJA (Rage)
- WA-GUN (Surf)

Despite being an utter bastard to that Miltank, Adict is going to come in very handy soon with his new HM.

PUNCH the NUXI (Ledyba)
- LIGHHIT (ThunderPunch)
- CRY(Supersonic)
- BLOC (Reflect)
- SHELL (Light Screen)
[Fighting-types Solo'd: 15/25]

It's harder for him to fight with these new moves, as he now can't take on Ground-types at all, but I know this support set will be more useful in the long run!

FORK the FORK (Beedrill)
- ! (Poison Sting)
- SAW (Cut)
- KNIF (Fury Cutter)
- PIN (Twinneedle)
[Rival Solo: Completed]
[Gym Solo: Completed]

Like many of the others this chapter, she focused mainly on training and reliving past glories.

STATS the BEAR (Teddiursa)
- STONE (Dig)
- S-PIN (Leer)
- AGAIN (Lick)
- MAJUS (Swift)

The second highest amount of tedious battles were fought by her. She didn't do much besides train, but at least she's caught up with the team now!

DICKS the JINDE (Gyarados)
- WA-GUN (Surf)
- HIT (Headbutt)
- STARE (Bite)
- SMOK (Fire Blast)
[Gym Solo: Completed]

Dicks was so much further ahead of everyone else that she received no action this time, so she has to be LVP.

FOOL the DEFU (Smeargle)
- PIN (Twinneedle)
- STRUG (Sketch)

He had to do more grinding that anyone, as there's no way he'll even last a turn against Chuck otherwise...
Still, for defeating most of the Swimmers, even though he just had to, I shall award Fool the MVP award.

Badges: 4
SCENES OF BLANK: 1 (Maybe Meth robbed that kid for stronger pokemon to use against a Gym Leader that destroyed him once...)
Take Terra the Eevee , TravelLog.

Terra is a strange girl. Being a girl, you must catch a female one. It also must have Run Away as its ability, because one of Terra's key traits from her game was that she always was apprehensive about fighting. Despite this, Terra is a very able fighter, thanks to her powers. Oh right, I forgot to mention, Terra is half-esper. In other words, a human and an Esper locked the bedroom door get the idea. Because of this, Terra is able to use Magic! Just before she gets the ability to really tap into her powers, she goes nuts, and abandons your party after encountering the Good Team Plasma base. She cannot participate in any battles until after traveling through Chargestone Cave. After this, you must explore Celestial Tower (read, go as far up as you can), where Terra regains her sanity once more.

Terra can now evolve, depending on certain conditions.

Terra's powers have been enchanced by the Desert of Figaro. If you spend more than a half hour in the Desert Resort (The resort itself), Terra will master the power of Fire, and thusly be able to use Fire spells more effectively. To prove this, she must solo Zinzolin every time you fight him using only Fire type moves, and nothing else (No healing for you!)

Spending time in Chargestone Cave (Read: 45 minutes) has allowed Terra to master the Thunder line of spells. Thanks to being lightning quick, Terra can avoid most battles if she wants, which happens to be most of the time. Don't use her in any Wild Encounters. After fighting Emperor Gestahl (Ghetsis), Terra finally realizes that her power should be used for good, and aids you by soloing Victory Road's Ace Trainers by her lonesome.

Spending time in the Castelia Sewers (read: 45 minutes) allows Terra to master the Water line of Spells. As a Vaporeon, Terra often hides from battle, in order to avoid it. Learn Acid Armor as soon as possible and never forget it. After aiding the party by Soloing Drayden's Flygon, Terra realizes that her powers aren't all that bad. She solos the Magic Triad (Shadow Triad) as thanks for helping her realize this.

Spending a half hour in Lostlorn Forest and its frightful wildlife harms Terra mentally, causing her to morph into Umbreon. Now feeling as if the entire world is after her, especially since a Wild Pinsir KOs her before you leave the forest. Terra loses all will to fight, and will only use status and support moves in battle. There are no solos for Terra this time, since this is an evil challenge that most wouldn't want to take.

Save your game in Celestial Tower, and quit playing for a day. Terra will connect with her father, Maduin. After doing so, Terra will evolve into her true form. Terra has no restrictions as an Espeon, but MUST participate in the battle against Ghetsis.

All Eeveelutions must solo one Elite Four member of your choosing, as a final battle of sorts.
So since my FF scramble hasn't got any pokemon submitted, let's try something different. How about a One Piece themed scramble? I'd like 8 pokemon, please! Make the challenges and interactions interesting for me. This will be a Black 2 run on Challenge Mode, so keep that in mind. I'd like it to be difficult, but not require too much grinding.
You didn't like Terra, TravelLog?
GASP. But seriously, I'm in love. I totally missed your post, and didn't see it. Terra is in for sure! If people want to mix and match FF and One Piece so I can get started quicker, that's fine too!

Quick question: is that 45 minutes real time or game time? And are these options, or do they go in descending order of priority (as is, spending 30 minutes in Desert Resort trumps 45 minutes in Chargestone Cave)?
First question is: Game time. I calculated that you'd probably spend more time in a place like Chargestone Cave because ohholyshittheencounterrate than Desert Resort, so I wanted to give you adequate time to get the shit you want to get done there finished with time to spare. In other words, its an excuse to grind Terra up after her crazy phase where she isn't allowed to battle.

They are also decending order of priority (so getting True Terra is harder than getting Fire Terra (which is what she starts out as in FF6, coincidentally...or not~ You be the judge on that). You might end up stuck with a Terra you don't want, if you're not careful, so plan accordingly~

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