Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Reserving for Wrave

Wrave, you get ConkelDERP the Timburr. Conkeldurr got a really bad English name, so bad that the rest of your team makes fun of it all the time. It must evolve from Timburr as soon as possible and then solo one Gym Leader as a Gurdurr to evolve into Conkeldurr. Once it evolves into Conkeldurr, the rest of the team is jealous and will not help it in battle.
Wrave, take Baconator the Tepig.

Baconator is afraid that you will consider him weak and eat him, thus he must be the highest leveled pokemon in your team in order to prove that he is strong. If he is not the highest leveled pokemon in your team, you cannot use any other pokemon until Baconator is highest leveled pokemon. Baconator thinks that you think that non-attacking moves are a sign of weakness, and thus must not use any non-attacking move ever. Not only that, but he cannot learn TM or HM moves because relying on machinery is a sign of weakness to Baconator. In order to test his might, he must solo any gym leader of your choice. Baconator must evolve as soon as possible.
Having to blow all my money on Pballs and then trashing them. Pidove is a pain anyway and I said easy to medium.


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Random, can i give you a Virizion? I mean, Zekrom doesn't really count, and i missed out on Cobalion...please? Pleeaassee? You can't really call it a challenge without a Treadshot A1 challenge...

Edit: random, you get Virizion. It's fed up of people thinking its crap, or always being at the bottom of the list of Pokemon people want to use. It wants to show that it can be good.

So, it's got to be useful for you. It has to have at least one move for each STAB. And it has to KO something with its moves. It doesn't matter what, it just needs to KO something. Mainly because setting hopes too high for a Virizion isn't a good idea.

Since Virizion isn't really good for much, your Virizion must manage to tank an attack to prove its useful. It must live an attack, be left in red health, and then KO the Pokemon who left it in red health. You have to do this once, and once only.

Oh, and since Virizion is always being exchanged for one of the better Musketeers, it must prove that is can be as useful as its brothers/sisters (do they have gender? Eh, who cares, its pokemon). So if you intend to switch Cobalion out, you must switch to Virizion. And Virizion can only switch out to be replaced by anyone except for Cobalion.
Rejectable, but "You can't really call it a challenge without a Treadshot A1 challenge". And because A1's a rebel...So Accepted...Meh...(Yay for being exploitable...Oh, wait, whoops, shouldn't say that...)

Now, all I need is a badge gate mon, & we're all done for the Scramblocke as far as challanges are concerned!
Basically my update is saying this:
Whoever gave me Magnesium didnt read the fact that Crasher Wake, is BEFORE i can catch it, and Crasher Wake's Gyrados had to be solo'ed by Potasium
Basically training Palladum for the 5th gym solo :\ gonna be a long night..........
Fair Enough.

3 more Pokes until I can start my SS Scramblocke.
Cyberspeed, take Repent the Togepi!

This Togepi has learned the hard way that no one likes (add whatever gender your togepi is here) their line due to its final evolution, The 2nd in command flinch demonspawn Togekiss due to the insane hax it inflicts on its opponents. Therefore, to repent for his/her families sins, he has vowed to never use an attack with an effect that affects the opponent (so you can use moves like silver wind and double team, but you cant use moves like toxic (poisons) /thunder wave/thunder (paralyses)/ psychic (lowers stats)/ air slash (flinches) and so on.
It also vows to assist your teammates if ever they are injured, so if ever they get a primary status condition (sleep,freeze etc), he/she must come in and wish, then switch back to the pokemon you were just using.
No restrictions to evolve into Togetic, but to evolve into Togekiss after the elite 4, you must have wished at least 15 times for team mates, and for extra (optional) challenge, solo Koga, as he has all of the status moves that Repent has swore against, and must be shown the light

TL;DR version
Togepi named Repent
Cannot use moves that inflict an effect on the opponent, ever.
Must learn Wish
Must switch in the turn after one other member gets statused and Wish
(Until you get wish, this requirement is void).
To evolve into Togekiss, must wish at least 15 times for team mates before the E4, and (if you want to) solo Koga
(Currently Editing)This Will Be the Post for My Very Hard -_- White Scramble challenge
My Pokes are

1.A Tepig -
Can't Use any Stab Moves
Must solo 2 Rivals to evolve
Must Solo the electric gym to evolve again ( Clay was already taken)
Must solo 2 E4 Members

2.GloomNDoom The Purrloin -
He is my lead Poke and can never have an attacking move
Must cause a pokemon to get to +6/-6 in 3 stats in every battle or die
If meinfoo causes him to lose a moveslot he must solo next trainer he sees

3.Meatshield The Audino -
Must lose 50% of health in every battle she features in
Must only have one attacking move
Must use a status move before an attacking move
Can't damage an Audino
Solo Clay
Solo 2 E4 Members
Never be lowest levelled in party

4. A Cotonee
Can't evolve or Hold an item
Use only attacking moves
Always Solo Cheren and Bianca
Solo 2 of the final 4 gyms (Was supposed to be one gym and one E4 but All 4 E4 members need to be soloed already)
Can't run from any battle

5. Trollbird - The Tranquill
Catch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Route 6, catch on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Route 7 and catch on Sunday at Lostlorn Forest
Solo every Deerling you meet on Route 6 (including trainer owned mons)
Solo every Watchog you meet on Route 7 (including trainer owned mons)
Solo every Tranquill you meet in Lostlorn Forest
Moves can't be shared by all 3 of the other birds ( Starly, Pidgey and Taillow), but cannot be unique to Tranquill/Unfezant
--Solo Iris' Haxorus and Ghetsis' Hydreigon

6. Vynasta - The Meinfoo
Must solo all Trainer Pokemon who are not fully evolved
Can't Have Items used on him
For every time he faints a moveslot from one of my Pokes is taken away.

If I Blackout 4 times before the third gym I lose 1 Pokemon-Just to make it extra hard.

Chapter 1
Hey there Professor Juniper A.K.A Professor Jupiter, My name is Zylotol, Thanks for the pokemans, I think I'll choose Tepig Plox, And I'll call him Grounderrs (Sorry Magma but I aint calling him Weak)
Beat both rivals - Tepig can now evolve :)
Get Pokedex, Get Town Map thingy, Take first step together< Hey lets have a compitition to see who can catch the most pokemon ....... Hey Cheren look at this retard he can't even catch a Lillipup LOLZORZ what a n00b
Look at Poke Centre, Beat N, Catch GloomNDoom The Purrloin, Spend ages taking the first route with purrloin growl, growl, growl, growl..... Purrloin Faints. Eventually I decide to carry on without purrloin :'(,Heal purrloin,Beat Cheren,Beat Bianca,Beat Dreamyard Trainers, Enter restaurant which doesn't serve any food,Beat both waiters, Endure annoying talk about fighting the best of the 3, Start Battle - Lose, Start Battle - Lose,Grind a few levels, Start Battle - Lose, Grind a few More, Start Battle

Purrloin(lvl 11) vs Lillipup
1.Purrloin come back go Tepig - Lillipup used Work Up
Tepig (level 16) vs Lillipup
2,3+4 Tepig tackles (x3) - Lillipup Bites (x2)
Lillipup dies, Zylotol Switches to Purrloin
Purrloin(lvl 11) vs Panpour
1,2,3,4,5+6. Purrloin uses Sand-Attack - Panpour uses Work Up (+6/-6) in 3 stats done,
7+8+9+10 Purrloin uses Assist(x3) Tail Whip (x2) Odor sleuth (x1) - Panpour uses Water Gun (x3) - Misses(x2) Kills Purrloin
Tepig (level 16) vs Panpour
11+12 Tepig uses tackle(x2) Panpour dies - Panpour uses water gun, Misses(x2)

Tepig Evolves

I WIN... but I am only 1 Blackout away from losing a Pokemon :(

Pokemon from Best to worst In this chapter


Purrloin The single Shittest Pokemon alive and yet without him I would never have won the Gym battle, So he is my MVP


Tepig Yea He's Fine But He will need a better move than tackle pretty Damn Soon and I'm Pretty Sure Work Up will Help Him, So he should get better

Coming Up in chapter 2 - Zylotol Should Catch an Audino, Zylotol Does Blackout again losing another pokemon, And much much more.
Rejectable, but "You can't really call it a challenge without a Treadshot A1 challenge". And because A1's a rebel...So Accepted...Meh...(Yay for being exploitable...Oh, wait, whoops, shouldn't say that...)

Now, all I need is a badge gate mon, & we're all done for the Scramblocke as far as challanges are concerned!
Yoink. Let me give you your final challange for this epic Scramblocke.

I notice that nobody's given you a Foongus/Amoonguss. Allow me to change this.

Capture an Amoonguss in the Basic Badge Gate area. It can be caught in the dark grass, and yes it must be caught as Amoonguss. It thinks it has Regenerator, so every time you switch it out of battle (and yes this includes whenever a battle ends with it on the field), you must use a healing item of your choice on it, unless of course its HP is full.

If it's holding a TinyMushroom when you catch it then it may and must only have one status move. If it holds a BigMushroom, then it may have whatever moves you wish.
Right, let's see.

Cyberspeed's Rattata is rejected. Sorry, mate, but I distinctly said no Rattata. I've raised way too many over the course of various Nuzlockes.

King Serperior's Doduo is accepted, nice work.
One question, though, when you say Physical/Special move, do you mean by the pre-3rd-gen way, or the post-4th-gen way?

Showsni's Meowth is accepted if and only if he changes the million Pokédollars thing.
I'm no expert, but I think the counter stops at 999,999.

Jimera's Charmander is accepted, though soloing all Geodude is going to make me throw my DS across the room. LET'S GO!

I need 3-4 more, depending on if Showsni sees this post.
Reserving for endquote.

You get Not Immune the Poliwag. Poliwag hates moves and abilities that give you an immunity and so it must have Damp as an ability. Every time Poliwag encounters a Pokemon with Water Absorb, it must solo that Pokemon. It must also solo any Pokemon that use Protect. Solo 20 such Pokemon to evolve.

Once it evolves, it is on a mission to destroy all such abilities by putting those Pokemon on the brink of extinction. Solo every wild and trainer owned Water Absorber and Volt Absorber. After defeating all trainer owned Water Absorbers and Volt Absorbers, it may evolve.
Thanks for the great comments everyone! I'll try to make my next challange as epic as this one!

Right; EndQuote, take a female Nidoran named Freya. As you may have guessed, this is a CAP ASB inspired challange. I'm giving you the freedom to fill in the details for yourself, but make sure she gets her screentime by soloing a Gymleader of your choice (nabbing a EC in the process of course). Instead of an elaborate backstory, I'm leaving it up to you to imagine her relationship to Odin the Nidorino.

Evolution Counter (0/9): Similar to CAP ASB, Freya may evolve to Nidorina once she has earned 4 points and to a Nidoqueen once she has the full nine EC. These Evolution counters are obtained by poison stalling a pokemon during a major battle. Either abuse Poison Point, spam Toxic or use Poison Sting to inflict the poison onto her foe. The pokemon must be poisoned at full health (except when using Poison Sting as your exclusive attack) or be allowed to heal back to full health by any means. Freya can only earn one EC per major battle.

Move Counter (0/7): Freya can learn any move from her level up pool available before level 25. In addition she may also learn Rock Smash, Attract and Protect for free once you receive their machines. But to learn any other attack she will need to gather Move Counters. These are earned by OHKO-ing every pokemon of a single (regular) trainer. Spend three MC on regular moves and seven MC for attacks above 60 Base Power. The counter can never exceed seven, so once the counter is full you will need to delay gathering points until your MC are spend.

Item Counter (0/5): As you may know, Freya holds a rare necklace. She is afraid that Loki might steal it from her and she refuses to hold an item. But you can change that: Every time she scores a critical hit during a major battle she gains one IC. After 5 IC she unlocks the ability to hold an item in battle, confident in her own strength. Should her item be removed at any time by Thief, Knock Off or Trick the IC is reset and she must solo the culprit, convinced it's Loki in disguise.

Have Fun!
My friend finished his first FR Scramble and wants another!!

He said that all pokes must be able to fully evolve by the E4.

Ge wants the challenges to go like this: the better the poke is in-game, the harder the Challange (Gyarados or Arcanine for instance). The worse the Pokemon, the easier the Challange (Beedril or Butterfree).

On a 10 point scale with 10 being the most challenging, he wants a level 6 one. No E4 total solos. Each poke must solo ONE gym.

Remember: FireRed Challange!. No trades what-so-ever!

For reliability's sake, we shall call him Necro.
There is a theme: Mono-type: flying. Charmander must be the starter.

First poster names the rival. Reservations are voided after 2 hours tops.

I'm turning my Fire-Red Scramble into a Fire-Red Scramblocke!

To deal with the increase in difficulty, I will be taking twelve different 'mons.
If they fall, they die, and will be put in a sky-wallpapered box marked "Heaven" for the remainder of the run.
Also, since I'm going to be taking twelve, any user can give more than one 'mon, as long as the challenges are good.
Keep the difficulty reasonable.

I'd like to apologize to all who tried to give me a 'mon for the scramble.
Downgrade the difficulty somewhat, and I'll welcome them to the team, but they're all a bit difficult for a Nuzlocke run.
King Serperior, Showsni and Jimera0 all get free 24-hour reservations.


EDIT: Sage Chow's Nidoran is accepted. Welcome aboard, Freya.
@King Serperior: Your friend gets Flight of the Spearow. It will be the only Pokémon in his team that can learn Fly, which will be the only Flying move it can use. It must solo 5 other trained birds to evolve.
Endquote, take a reservation the Dodrio.

As a Doduo (name it Dispute), it's personality is evenly split between Intelligent and Stupid. The intelligent side knows that it is a Physical attacker and must know two physical attacks ASAP. It's Stupid side thinks that it is the son of a wise Alakazam and says that it must know two Special attacks ASAP. In it order to settle their dispute, solo the Fighting Psudo-gym and Sabrina. After seeing both sides of the spectrum, both heads agree that it is a physical attacker. Replace those two special attacks with two physical ones. Evolve now.

As a Dodrio (name it Scrambled), it's personality was combined and split into thirds. This caused it to become unstable. Each head wants to do what it wants, but the other two don't like to. Sate all three of their wants in order to decide which head is the most dominant:

Right head: solo 20 winged Pokemon to sate it's jealousy of it being unable to fly. 10 must be trainer-owned.

Middle head: this one is slightly crazy because it has been stuck between the two squabbling heads. Solo your rival after the eighth Gym (Excluding Rhyhorn) to vent it's frustrations.

Left head: Defeat 5 gym trainers, 6 swimmers (3 male, 3 female), 1 electric type, and 8 bikers because he hates not having varity in it's life.

Which head won this conflict of interests? You decide. Which ever one wins, decides what you must solo:
Left: Bruno's Hitmonchan
Middle: Agatha's first Gengar
Right: Lorieal's Jynx

Endquote, I found a loophole in your restrictions :)
On second thought, negate that Charmander I was going to give you and take this poke again.

Please tell me what needs to be downgraded/edited/or just completely removed and I shall do this.

Overall, I am actually feeling too lazy to think of a new Challange, so I would like to know what needs to be done for yor acceptance.

Edit: sorry for the Double post. Thought someone had already posted.
EndQuote, take SunnyDream the Caterpie!

There are no restrictions until it becomes a Butterfree.

Once it becomes a Butterfree, he is obsessed with the sun and fire.

So, it must learn Sunny Day to bring out the sun, and SolarBeam to take advantage of it.

However, it thinks that other pokemon will be able to see the sun, so it must learn Sleep Powder.

And to make sure they are not dreaming about the sun, it must learn Dream Eater.

It must solo Giovanni after using Sunny Day.

Have fun!
Too lazy to make a new pokemon.

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