Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2


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Awesome update Waterwarrior :D I read most of it last night before you added the end of it actually and was laughing the whole time. Poor Dawn you keep calling her a slut D: she's like 10 you know!

Anyway, my own update should be coming out later today. I'm really getting into Blue version, way more than I expected to honestly. It must be all the nostalgia carrying me...
KS, I need the restriction for Graveler changed. As much as I hate doing this, I can't do what you're asking. 4th gen's gyms pretty much say "Fuck you" to the Rock type, as the first 4 gyms (and the 6th) all shit on him. I don't think I need to explain why I don't want it to stay a Geodude until I get to Fantina's Gym :/

However, 5 Selfdestructs/Explosions for Golem is fine

EDIT: @below YES
Ok, change that restriction to KO your rival's starter once, land the Final blow on GL's poke, and must solo 8 Team Galatic Grunts. 3 grunt solos must be done without any items.

Is this better?

Edit - Wait: cut the Final blow on a GL's Poke and add another grunt solo. Also make that 4 without items.


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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Hilarious update as always WaterWarrior, you're getting really good at writing these now!

I also have Chapter 2 out btw people, and let's just say that a lot of shit goes down this chapter. Also that Misty is a bitch and her Starmie needs to go to hell. That is all.


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White Scramblocke

Well, here it is. A White Scramblocke, but with a difference. The differences?

  • Firstly, instead of taking the usual 12 Pokemon, I'll be taking Pokemon as if it was a Normal Nuzlocke
  • So it isn't confusing, the Pokemon I get are planned in advance, where you guys give me the Pokemon.
  • 1 Pokemon caught per Route/Cave/Whatever, with interactive Pokemon, gift Pokemon & traded Pokemon not counting towards the limit, with no duplicates.
  • I'll not be asking for all Pokemon all at once. Instead, I'll be asking for them in waves.
  • Each user can give up to 4 Pokemon maximum for the entire Scramblocke, 1 per wave. I will keep track of this.
There's the differences, now for the Nuzlocke part, the in-game rules...

  • If a Pokemon faints, it is boxed in a dead box permanently unless specified.
  • Instead of the first Pokemon on a Route rule, I will catch the Pokemon available in that particular area that I was assigned.
  • Nicknames are Mandatory, however, I decide the nicknames, not you guys. Also, they'll follow a theme, & that theme will be Smogon Users...
  • If I were to "Black Out", & I have any living Pokemon in the PC, then I can continue. Game Over is either when I succeed in beating Ghestis, or all Scramblemons I have obtained to that point have all died.
And now, the rules for the Challenges

  • White Version.
  • I can trade evolve.
  • Easy-Medium Difficulty.
  • No Mandatory solos/KO's (eg. Solo every regular trainer in the game), since there's no guarantee I can fulfill them. Requirement solos/KO's (eg. Solo 10 Trainers to evolve) on the other hand, are acceptable.
  • You may not give any restrictions involving any major Trainer Battles (eg. Rivals, Gym Leaders, N, E4, & anything else I missed). I want to formulate my own tactics for these battles.
  • All Pokemon must be able to fully evolve.
  • Specify which area the Scramblemon appears.
  • No duplicate Pokemon or any "You may not exceed (Level)" challenges.
  • Drudgery is a no, but Grinding is a yes.
  • Remember to follow the rules above.
  • Reserving the right to say no to challenges.
  • Don't reserve ffs.
  • bwburke94 may not issue me a challenge, because he's a troll who has something against me & Cheri Berry Zubats.
That's about it, I'll use this post as a record for the Pokemon, ultimately, instead of doing minor progress updates, I'll do one big tl;dr update at the end of the challenge. All Challanges have been issued. Thanks everyone!


  • Tepig: Evolve at Lv21, & again at Lv42 (TM13IceBeam)
  • Lillipup (Route 1): Moveset must consist of 1 Physical, Special & Other move & Work Up. May never leave the party until death. (Iggdrasil)
  • Purrloin (Route 2): No moves with at least 80 BP, solo 10 Trainers to evolve (Yoshiken)
  • Pansage: No STAB (ObsidianRanger)

  • Audino (Dreamyard): 3 Non-STAB Moves (TM13IceBeam)
  • Blitzle (Route 3): 4 Moves of different types, solo a Trainer with NVE moves to evolve (Newby n0Ob)
  • Roggenrola (Wellspring Cave): Activate Sturdy 15 Times in different Battles to evolve (Trained Pokemon & KOing after activating Sturdy add 1), deplete Stealth Rock's PP (Trainer Battles only, only at full health) to evolve again. Final moveset must be Stealth Rock/Sandstorm/Rock Blast/Bulldoze, & must use Sandstorm in any Trainer battle it appears in (Daenym)
  • Tympole (Pinwheel Forest Entrance): Must know & keep 2 Sound moves & Echoed Voice. Solo 3 Pinwheel Forest Trainers to evolve & all of the Castelia Gym's minor trainers to evolve again (pimpgangster)
  • Cottonee: No STAB (Treadshot A1)

  • Sewaddle (Pinwheel Forest Forest): Solo 7 Sewaddles to evolve, once a Swadloon, cannot use Status moves, as a Leavanny, cannot hold items (TM13IceBeam)
  • Sandile (Route 4): Must hold Blackglasses, hit a Flying Type with Dig to evolve & solo 10 Excadrill to evolve again (Bob_Squob)
  • Dwebble (Desert Resort Entrance): KO 15 Rock Types to evolve, no Rock Type moves before evolution. Must know & keep Rock Polish (Zapi)
  • Maractus (Desert Resort Back): Physical moves only (Newby n0Ob)
  • Yamask (Ancient Castle): No STAB bar Night Shade & Astonish (Ubiquitous)
  • Tirtouga (Fossil): Must know & keep a moveset of Defender (Protect/Wide Guard), Boot Polish (Rock Polish), Power of the Sea (Scald/Surf), & Cliff Scaler (Stone Edge/Rock Throw). Must obtain this moveset & solo 20 Pokemon of the Human Egg Group to evolve (pokemagnificent)
  • Trubbish (Route 16): Cannot be used in Double Battles. If Male, must know & keep Toxic Spikes, & one smog-esque move, & lead the party when in it. If female, must know & keep Stockpile, Spit Up, & Recycle, & must Stockpile 3 before Spitting Up (Iggdrasil)

  • Tranquill (Lostlorn Forest): Only know moves Pidgeotto, Swellow, & Staravia can learn (TM13IceBeam)
  • Solosis (Route 5): Solo 10 Higher Leveled Trained Pokemon with Rollout/Endeavour to evolve & Forget all current moves to evolve again. After first evolution, no Special Moves until a Pokemon is solo'd with Struggle Damage (kingofkongs)
  • Ducklett (Driftveil Drawbridge): Only know moves Wingull can learn. Post evolution, Can learn moves Pelipper can learn (shinyskarmory)
  • Vanillite (Cold Storage): KO 10 Pokemon with Uproar to evolve (Oh My Biscuits)
  • Basculin: No head-based moves (Treadshot A1)
  • Deerling (Route 6): No Normal Type Moves until evolution, solo 10 Normal Type Trained Pokemon to evolve. Post-Evolution, must know & keep 1 Grass Move & 2 Normal Type Moves (TalkingLion)
  • Joltik (Chargestone Cave): Must have Unnerve, Must know one Level-Up Electric move and one Level-Up Bug move at all times. Come Icirrus City, the Bug and Electric moves it currently knows will determine what the rest of its final moveset is...
    Thunder Wave/Discharge - Toxic
    Electroweb - Sucker Punch
    Electro Ball - Agility
    String Shot/Leech Life/Fury Cutter - Flash
    Spider Web - Gastro Acid
    Bug Bite - Slash
    Signal Beam - Hidden Power
    Bug Buzz - Any move (Dummy007)
  • Watchog (Route 7): Must know & keep Hypnosis & Leer. Each time it enters the battlefield, it must use either one of the aforementioned moves (Son_of_Shadoo)
  • Elgyem (Celestial Tower): Solo 10 Trained Ghost Types & 5 Trained Psychic Types to evolve (Piemonade)

  • Emolga: Must stay in the party until it either reaches at least Lv50, or it dies (kingofkongs)
  • Cubchoo (Twist Mountain): Only know moves that Teddiursa can learn. Evolve post-Icirrus Gym. Post-Evolution, only know moves Ursaring can learn, plus 1 Ice Type move (shinyskarmory)
  • Jellicent (Route 17): Must be caught as one. If Male, Attacking moves only. If Female, Status Moves only, bar Night Shade (TalkingLion)
  • Scraggy (Route 18): Female, No 100% Accurate moves bar Focus Punch, Cannot use Status Moves in a battle after using an attacking move, use Focus Punch successfully 3 times in a row of 5 times total to evolve (Charizard92)
  • Larvesta: Must evolve pre-E4 (Dummy007)
  • Axew (Mistralton Cave): No STAB bar Dragon Rage (Newby n0Ob)
  • Stunfisk (Icirrus City): Must know & keep Double Team, Mud-Slap & Discharge (Son_of_Shadoo)
  • Mienfoo (Dragonspiral Tower Entrance): Must have Inner Focus, Must know & keep 1 Fighting Type Move (auramaster)
  • Golett (Dragonspiral Tower Tower): If Ability=Iron Fist, must know & keep Shadow Punch. Hit 4 times in a row with DynamicPunch to evolve. Otherwise, no Punching moves, must know & keep Thief, steal 5 Items of at least 2 different kinds to evolve (bluemon)
  • Palpitoad (Route 8): Sound-based moves only, Evolve after KOing a Pokemon with Uproar without calming down (EndQuote)
  • Shelmet (Moor of Icirrus): Solo 10 Trained Pokemon to evolve, post-evolution, no Physical Moves, must know & keep Agility (Oh My Biscuits)
  • Pawniard (Route 9): STAB Moves only, evolve after "surviving" its battle against Iris (Pika25)

  • Rufflet (Route 10): "But in the End, it doesn't ummm...forgot." Must know & keep Tailwind, solo 5 Trainers on Route 10/Victory Road to evolve (Axmaster68)
  • Amoongus (Route 10 Badge Gate): Must use a HP Healing Item on it each time it switches out, when its HP is below 100%. If it's holding a Tinymushroom upon capture, it must know & keep 1 Status Move, otherwise, no other restrictions (Son_of_Shadoo)
  • Heatmor (Victory Road Outside): All moves of different types (Jimera0)
  • Durant (Victory Road Inside): Must know & keep 2 stat boosting moves (gamer40000)
  • Cobalion: Can never learn the same moves as Terrakion or Virizion (waterwarrior)
  • Terrakion: Only one STAB Move, Must know & keep Quick Attack, must hold an item at all times (King Serperior)
  • Virizion: Must KO something, must live an attack in red health & KO the mon that took it into red health. If Cobalion is switched out, must switch into this mon, when switching out, cannot switch into Cobalion (Treadshot A1)
  • Thundurus: Can only learn Normal, Electric, & Flying moves (The Reptiles)
  • Zekrom: No Restrictions

-auramaster: 1 Pokemon (Wave #5)
-Axmaster68: 1 Pokemon (Wave #6)
-bluemon: 1 Pokemon (Wave #5)
-Bob_Squob: 1 Pokemon (Wave #3)
-Charizard92: 1 Pokemon (Wave #5)
-Daenym: 1 Pokemon (Wave #2)
-Dummy007: 2 Pokemon (Wave #4, #5)
-EndQuote: 1 Pokemon (Wave #5)
-gamer40000: 1 Pokemon (Wave #6)
-Iggdrasil: 2 Pokemon (Wave #1, #3)
-Jimera0: 1 Pokemon (Wave #6)
-kingofkongs: 2 Pokemon (Wave #4, #5)
-King Serperior: 1 Pokemon (Wave #6)
-Newby n0Ob: 3 Pokemon (Wave #2, #3, #5)
-ObsidianRanger: 1 Pokemon (Wave #1)
-Oh My Biscuits: 2 Pokemon (Wave #4, #5)
-Piemonade: 1 Pokemon (Wave #4)
-Pika25: 1 Pokemon (Wave #5)
-pimpgangster: 1 Pokemon (Wave #2)
-pokemagnificent: 1 Pokemon (Wave #3)
-shinyskarmory: 2 Pokemon (Wave #4, #5)
-Son_of_Shadoo: 3 Pokemon (Wave #4, #5, #6)
-TalkingLion: 2 Pokemon (Wave #4, #5)
-The Reptile: 1 Pokemon (Wave #6)
-TM13IceBeam: 4 Pokemon (Wave #1, #2, #3, #4)
-Treadshot A1: 3 Pokemon (Wave #2, #4, #6)
-waterwarrior: 1 Pokemon (Wave #6)
-Ubiquitous: 1 Pokemon (Wave #3)
-Yoshiken: 1 Pokemon (Wave #1)
-Zapi: 1 Pokemon (Wave #3)
Both of you guys, great updates!! I'm excited for more from the both of you!

EDIT: Reserving a Route 10 Native pokemon for IAR. Will edit in a moment.

EDIT 2: IAR, take End the Rufflet. End is sad that he has been caught very near the end of your journey, and such consoles himself with the song "In the End" by Linkin Park (hey, if I'm going to do a Linkin Park Scramble, then somebody has to get a LP pokemon from me). So, you get to think/sing/write "But in the end, it doesn't ______ ______" (insert pretty much anything there). He must also solo 5 trainers on Route 10/Victory Road to evolve, and must know and keep Tailwind, to help out his friends, even if he has to suffer. Good luck!

EDIT 3: Skip the nickname part, almost forgot.

EDIT 4: Oh crap, I just read it over and I missed something!! The 'But in the end' part is after every KO, whoops!! Sorry! (feel free to ignore this if you have to)
Reserving a Victory Road (Inside) Native Pokemon.

Take a Durant. Have it have 2 boosting or decreasing moves and use those up to +6, then solo 6 pokemon from a pool of Ghetis's and N's team.


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Editing in a Victory Road (Outside) Heatmor for IAR. Gimme a second to write it up.

IAR, take a Heatmor from the Outside of Victory Road. This Heatmor has moves of all different types when you catch it, and you know what? It wants to stay that way. It can never have two moves of the same type (including status moves) throughout its entire life.

Have fun with it!
Jimera, I had so many "bitch please moments" in that awesome update

Zubat is creepy? Have you SEEN the sprite for Golbat, or is that just locked away in a repressed part of your mind?

And BELLSPROUT is deformed?!

Ah, gen 1 was so wonderful~

EDIT: Know that I'm finished with the update, let me just say: That was planned. Not with all the crits though (although base 115 Speed = 22.4% crit ratio)
I am Matt Engarde (lol no one will get that reference)

EDIT: IAR, take a Cobalion. Since it is in a different tier than its counterparts Verizon (yes I know I left out the i) and Terrakion (and Keldeo too if you count him), it can never knew any of the same moves, i.e. if your Terrakion learns CC, Cobalion is stuck with Sacred Sword.


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Axmaster68 (No Nickname, please), King Serperior, Jimera0, & waterwarrior are all accepted.

Waiting on gamer40000's Challange...

I'd prefer no placeholders, but w/e.

@ King Serperior: "ultimately, instead of doing minor progress updates, I'll do one big tl;dr update at the end of the challenge."

EDIT: I'll decide when I get there, KS.
IAR, I'll give you a Virizion. Virizion is tired of being called a pansy, unlike his manly man teammates, Terrakion and Cobalion, so it must OHKO 5 Pokemon that it has a defensive type disadvantage to, like Flying-, Fire-, and Psychic-types. It must also tank one super-effective move. That is all.
EDIT: I'm too slow. :x

It's_A_Random, take Thundurus.

Thundurus takes pride in it's typing and thinks all types bar the Normal-type is inferior, and thus it can only have Normal-type, Electric-type, and Flying-type moves. Replace/Remove all non-electric and non-flying type moves on it ASAP after it's caught.
Treadshot, waterwarrior already gave IAR a Cobalion.

EDIT: Thanks for noticing, but five him a Zekrom? HUH??

EDIT 2: Thank you *cute face*
Hey,I was from I while Back,I was Given a Platinum and Black Challenge,but the Combination of School and My Ds Breaking,I Had to Delay finishing it for a while.I got a new one last week for Xmas and Proceeded to finish both Challenges.
Now I need something to occupy my School holidays.
A Soul Silver Scramblocke.
12 Pokemon.
I will be doing both Regions.
Max 2 Gym Solos per Pokemon.
No Level Restrictions.(as I hope to take them to the Finish).
1-2 Before Each Gym.
All pokes before the E4.
Hard and Creative Challenges please.
Cyber take Brick the Chikorita. It thinks it is impenetrable so it must have a +Defense Nature or +SpD Nature. It must learn Reflect and keep it. To show it is tough, it must solo Chuck. To evolve it must solo 10 pokemon that it is weak against owned by a trainer. To evolve into Meganium, it must solo Pryce's Piloswine.
Reserving for Cyberspeed.

Cyberspeed, take Organic the Hoppip!
This Hoppip only believes in organic moves, so it's final moveset must be PoisonPowder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, and Natural Gift. You have to get those moves ASAP.
To evolve into Skiploom, it must use PoisonPowder, Stun Spore, and Sleep Powder at least once.
To evolve into Jumpluff, it must infect all the Pokemon in Whitney's gym, and deal the finishing blow to her Miltank with Natural Gift.
After that, it must infect at least one trainer per gym. It also must deal the finishing blow to two E4 Pokemon.

Have Fun!
Cyberspeed, take a Miltank named UNBEATABLE.

Miltank has always been a common source of rage for players, especially back in Generation 2. It loves this, and plans to continue to frustrate trainers for years to come. Have Miltank learn the same moveset as Whitney's Miltank (Stomp/Milk Drink/Rollout/Attract).

After a while, Miltank wishes to improve it's moveset. If it can solo Apollo at Radio Tower with no Potions(and like items), it can learn Return or Body Slam instead of Stomp. If it can solo all of the Kimono Girls, it can learn Earthquake instead of Rollout. Soloing any Elite Four member gets it the ability to replace Attract with anything you like.

If it can't do any of those solos due to conflicts with other challanges, well, sorry!

Best of luck!
Cyberspeed, take Kaepora the Hoothoot

Kaepora has bad eyesight, thus it must learn and keep Foresight ASAP. It must also use Foresight before using any move that would target the opponent. As Hoothoot's are nocturnal, Kaepora cannot be used outside unless it is night time, unless Kaepora is the only pokemon in your team. If he is the only pokemon in your team, then Kaepora may only use attacking moves bar Foresight, which he must use every other turn due to the fact that the sun blinds it. You cannot teach Kaepora any TMs or HMs, as Kaepora is a stubborn Hoothoot. In order to evolve, it must Foresight 5 unique pokemon. It must also be night time in order for Hoothoot to evolve.

As a Noctowl, Kaepora's vision gets slightly better, and doesn't need to use Foresight every time it wants to target the opponent. Kaepora can also be used in the day time, however, if Kaepora is used in the day time, Kaepora needs to Foresight the turn it is sent out. Kaepora can learn TM and HM moves, however, Kaepora can only learn Flying-type moves this way.

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