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Studio Song Recommendations!
Best of 2022 edition!
Better late than never!

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:espeon: Rage :espeon:
song: Mitski - Stay Soft
Genre: Pop
Description: The latest Mitski album was a bit of a letdown, but this song stood out to me and is worth revisiting!
(will do a post with best of 2022 metal later)

skies :chespin:
Song: Pure/Honey
Genre: House, Disco, Dance
Description: bad bitches... to the left...

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:haxorus: Elliot :haxorus:
Song: Kill Your Sons Demo
Genre: Rock
Description: Technically a song from 1971 but only released in 2022 ! Easily my favourite release of the year, a very damning / emotional anti-war song.

:armaldo: Links :armaldo:
JID - Just In Time ft. Lil Wayne and Kenny Mason
Genre: Rap
Description: JID's new album was definitely my favorite release this year, and this song is definitely one of the standouts imo. JID's lyricism and flow on this track are absolutely phenomenal, Lil Wayne gives one of his best features in a while, and Kenny Mason provides a simple but great chorus that really helps tie the track together.

GotaLoveYaoi :quagsire:
Song: MIKE - What Do I Do?
Genre: Abstract Hip Hop
Description: I don't remember the prompt but if it's song of the year then yes this is my song of the year, insane production come let yourself get wrapped up in this warm beat

za :greedent:
Ne Obliviscaris - Equus
Genre: Extreme Prog Metal
Description: Is good

Raihan Kibana :sandshrew:
Aurora - The Innocent
Genre: Pop
Description: Cure For Me was a great dance track and this one tops it in p much every way

Room Drivers

:mantine: Venous :mantine:
Song: Black Country, New Road - Basketball Shoes
Genre: Art Rock
Description: This song is simply genre-defining. There is no better, more cathartic for the ending of this incredible album, cementing it, in my opinion, as BCNR's magnum opus.

BT89 :porygon-z:
weyes blood - god turn me into a flower
genre: new age
description: one of the most ethereal experiences i have ever had with a song. perfect lyrics, gorgeous instrumentals, impossibly beautiful vocals.
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:rowlet: tomatopeeler :rowlet:
Song: Westside Gunn - Switches On Everything (feat. Run The Jewels & Stove God Cooks)
Genre: Hip Hop
Description: They popped off - that's all.

:cherrim: coronal :cherrim:
Song: Wiki, Subjxct 5 - One More Chance (ft. Navy Blue)
Genre: Abstract Hip Hop
Description: Man I'm a sucker for a good Wiki and Navy Blue collab

:noctowl: noct :noctowl:
song: lcd soundsystem - new body rhumba
genre: dance-punk, electronica, indie rock
description: lcd soundsystem hits us with their first project since 2017's "american dream", and its a song from the new movie white noise. its a mixture of all the sounds that they've ever done, from the dance-punky vibe and nancy's backing vocals from the debut, the earnestness and maturity from american dream, danceability and electronic experimentation from this is happening, and the sheer jubilation and explosion into a incredibly moving ending from sound of silver. its a near perfect song and was worth the wait (for me).

:shuckle: mdm :shuckle:
Song: Empress - Chimera
Genre: Progressive/Symphonic Power Metal
Description: Absolute killer USPM. In a year with sadly not too much stand out power metal, Empress have stood much higher than all the rest (except MAYBE Dragonland) and released a truly incredible album that rivals some of the all time classics

:bewear: Briewear :bewear:
Song: Jessie Ware - Free Yourself
Description: From start to finish this song is amazing, great introduction into the song, great beat, and great vocals with strong instrumentation. So easy to dance as well, highly recommend. Definitely my favourite this year

:pyroar: Pyro :pyroar:
Song: Danger Mouse & Black Thought ft. A$AP Rocky and Run the Jewels - Strangers
Genre: Rap
Description: A collaboration I didn't know I needed between Black Thought and RTJ, godlike verses from each alongside one of A$AP's best performances to date. Haven't been able to stop playing it ever since it dropped.

:pichu: namda :pichu:
Song: Kenshi Yonezu - KICKBACK
Description: Kenshi releases yet another MASTERPIECE - every single part of this song for me is so fun to listen to! from the SCRUMPTIOUS bassline to the GORGEOUS orchestral break in the middle - i just love all of it. definitely my song of the year !!! :D

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Song: Hold the Girl - Rina Sawayama
Genre: Pop
Description: The girls are being HELD. This was the 3rd single from her album and after two somewhat disappointing songs bc they were going in a direction that wasn't really in line with her style, this song was a good refresher of what she's capable of and is still probably my favorite on the album (though Holy through Frankenstein are all BOPS) the way the song builds is phenomenal and even though it's over 4 minutes feels really short

Song: Ptolomea - Ethel Cain
Genre: idk but it's scary
Description: Creepiest song I've heard possibly ever, the whole Preacher's Daughter album is a story if you haven't listened to it yet, spoilers but she gets cannibalized and this song is the breaking point of the album where she gets murdered and it's so skin crawly sounding and the SCREAM at the end... actual art

Song: Heart on Fire - Little Simz
Genre: Rap
Description: Simz dropping a surprise album at the end of the year was a blessing none of us deserved... this song was probably my favorite or Silhouette, both are amazing but some songs did feel like leftovers from SIMBI (not that that's bad, everything in the album except Sideways was good). Also highly highly recommend the visualizer for the whole album

Song: Belize - Danger Mouse & Black Thought feat. MF DOOM
Genre: Rap
Description: Really great rap song from really great rappers... rip DOOM. Aquamarine was an another amazing song from this album, also the exoskeleton line in this song hits so hard

Song: Eat Men Eat - black midi
Genre: Avant-prog
Description: Eat Men Eat is another fun song and black midi always has the most interesting and different sounds that i just enjoy

Song: papi bones - FKA twigs (feat. Shygirl)
Genre: Dance
Description: fun song, twigs album was definitely fun but it's hard not to miss that Magdalene sound sometimes

i dont wanna post a million songs so i'll just shoutout Atopos - Bjork, Sistanem - JID, Bikini Bottom - Ice Spice, and Nosedive - Hatchie

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