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Recommendations for the Week of: May 11th - May 18th, 2018
Mellow week, no theme, hope you enjoy.​

  • (Former %) AlphaWittem
  • Song: Le luci della centrale elettrica - I DESTINI GENERALI
  • Genre: Indie pop
  • Description: I've decided to go for an Italian song this week. Le luci are one of my favourite Indie band, and I DESTINI GENERALI is easily, along with PUNK SENTIMENTALE, their best track in the album "Costellazioni". Vasco Brondi, the lead vocalist, states that "this song is an ode, a celebration with illogical happiness". The dancer in the video, Alice Guazzotti, has all around her colours, and her hands depicts constellations, the same constellations that give the title to the album. "I wanted to represent something that was the opposite of darkness".

  • (%) i can now reveal my true identity: i was AlphaWittem all along. (coinboy)
  • Song: quercia - ritardo
  • Genre: emo
  • Description: if it's true that your life is finite then the time you experience in your life is the longest timespan you could ever experience and it might as well be the same as 'forever'. So be carerful

  • (%) babsus
  • Song: Violet Chachki - A Lot More Me
  • Genre: Burlesque
  • Description: The RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 winner is back with a brand new burlesque song about sugar daddies! This iconic 11 minute 30 second long video is a fashion film which follows Violet checking into her hotel room, kicking a guy in the nuts after he insults her, and just generally feeling her oats in various locations. Burlesque icon Dita Von Teese makes a brief cameo.

Unfortunately Alpha is leaving us as Studio staff and this week he submitted his last rec, we'll miss him a lot and we wish him the best! :pirate:
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Recommendations for the Week of: May 18th - May 25th, 2018

Good evening comrades, everyone submitted a rec this week, but we got bored of our own music taste so this week we imitated a different staff member's music taste instead! Let us know how you think we did.​

  • (@) Doom Metal (CloudyNatu)
  • Song: Black Flag - Black Coffee
  • Genre: punk like me XD
  • Description: Just because my name is a genre doesn't mean I HAVE to always recommend songs from it, haters.

  • (%) ImmaFirinMahLazer (Doom Metal)
  • Song: imagine dragons - radioactive
  • Genre: alternative rock
  • Description: "does imagine dragons work? its the most recent pop song i know" - Doom Metal

  • (%) vivalospride (Brandon~)
  • Song: Jay-Z - Family Feud (feat. Beyoncé)
  • Genre: Hip-Hop
  • Description: Heyo! It's ya boi SuperVegeta here again with another UU battle! Today, I'll be battling my wife Amane Misa!!! The team I'll be using is banded scizor offense passed by my wife Chloe. My wife Juuno will also be doing commentary with me about how sick my plays were. The theme music will be Family Feud by Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé, to show how hard it was for me to have all of my wives fighting against each other ;w;. Luckily it all worked out in the end for us >:3.

  • (%) Bate335 (vivalospride)
  • Song: Netherfell - Mokosz
  • Genre: Polish Metal
  • Description: The first thing that popped up when I searched "polish metal music" on YouTube.

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Recommendations for the Week of: May 25th - June 1st, 2018
I know I'm late, I'm sorry. I'm bad, but also vivalospride is untrustworthy. No theme, enjoy.​

  • (%) babsus
  • Song: Bebe Zahara Benet - Jungle Kitty
  • Genre: Drag Queen (idk what actual genre it is, bc I'm a dummy)
  • Description: The first release from Bebe's upcoming album. It builds upon her verse from Drag Up Your Life, featured in Season 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars.

  • (@) 1Surgeon
  • Song: Jessie J - Queen
  • Genre: Experimental Pop
  • Description: Super empowering song for people who struggle with body issues. Similar to what Jessie has released lately, Queen has a very experimental sound, extremely different from what she has ever done before. It's definitely one of my favorite songs of the year till now - the message is super powerful, and the toned down production is very sonically pleasing, and gives us the opportunity to actually hear her voice to the fullest throughout the entire song.

  • (%) Bate335
  • song: Hunter - Psi
  • genre: heavy/thrash/kurwa metal
  • description: kurwa kurwa polish shit

  • (%) KingSwordYT
  • Song: Lord Huron - The Night We Met
  • Genre: Rock/Alternative
  • Description: I Recently finished the season 2 of 13 reasons why and this song is so emotional, and since that day im stuck with this.

  • (%) CloudyNatu
  • Song: Shawn Mendes - Nervous
  • Genre: Pop
  • Description: Haven't really found a Shawn Mendes song I feel more than indifferent towards, but Nervous, which is one of his newer songs, has a very different tempo and tone than his others.

Big congrats to Rageeeee for earning room driver earlier this week! :pimp:


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Recommendations for the week of: June 1st - June 8th, 2018
Sup! Recs are in. The theme this week was songs from the 80s, so everything here was released some time in the decade. Enjoy!

  • (@) 1Surgeon
  • Song: Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)
  • Genre: New Wave
  • Description: Probably one of the actual best songs of the 80s that I've ever heard. Lyrically, it talks about the importance of empathy in a relationship, where both parties can understand and know how each of them are feeling. The production really just further emphasizes this message, specifically after it reaches the bridge, where Kate's background vocals sound very similar to a groan, which probably means that she and her partner have finally decided to try to understand each other and talk about their issues and feelings. How the number of instruments increases and the deeper tuned voice in the outro could also indicate that it's a very difficult situation. It's truly one of the most sonically pleasing songs out there.

  • (%) Bate335
  • song: Kat - 666
  • genre: heavy/ speed /proto black metal
  • description: bring back 80s proto black speed metal also kurwa

  • (%) Brandons Wig (babsus)
  • Song: ABBA - Super Trouper
  • Genre: Pop
  • Description: An iconic bop released in 1980. Fun fact: ABBA member Agnetha Fältskog is actually Brandon in drag

  • (%) ImmaFirinMahLazer
  • Song: Huey Lewis and The News - Hip To Be Squard
  • Genre: Rock
  • Description: In '87, Huey released this; Fore!, their most accomplished album. I think their undisputed masterpiece is "Hip To Be Square". A song so catchy, most people probably don't listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it's not just about the pleasures of conformity and the importance of trends. It's also a personal statement about the band itself.

  • (#) Blunty (Arrested)
  • Song: Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
  • Genre: Pop
  • Description: I don't think anyone else has ever heard this song, it's pretty obscure, someone linked me to it once, idk I thought it was pretty good. The lyrics really spoke to me and Rick Astley's vocals are truly stunning on this track.



Intermolecular Despots and Kittens
  • (#) Blunty (Arrested)
  • Song: Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
  • Genre: Pop
  • Description: I don't think anyone else has ever heard this song, it's pretty obscure, someone linked me to it once, idk I thought it was pretty good. The lyrics really spoke to me and Rick Astley's vocals are truly stunning on this track.
Couldn't agree more, glad more people are finally finding this hidden gem of the 80's.

Recommendations for a month after last post because we've been busy :P

WE'RE BAAAAACK'. The theme for this week was "dead" artists, adding the symbols because surgeon things e_e. Press F to pay respects for all these peeps. EnJoY!
Weebners (Room Owner #)
  • PS! Username: Brandy Winehouse (Brandon~)
  • Song: Amy Winehouse - Fuck Me Pumps
  • Genre: Neo Soul
  • Description: I've always been a huge fan of Amy since I got into her, and unfortunately she passes away way before she could really get into her career. I think that this song is one of her more underrated ones, and it really showcases her cynicism and interesting perspective, and I really appreciate it.

M0DS (Room mods @)

  • PS name: bumbadadabum
  • Song: Joy Division - Ceremony
  • Genre: :(
  • Description: Last song Joy Division recorded before Ian Curtis died. Vocal quality is shit but there's just no better recording that isn't the New Order version of the same song.

  • PS! Username: 1Surgeon (weirdo)
  • Song: The Old Taylor - You Belong With Me
  • Genre: She's dead sssss
  • Description: One day, old Taylor was just minding her own business, riding her red unicorn through the hills of her 1989 family house with her 2009 VMA award for Best Female Video... fearless as ever, when The Wicked Witch From The West, also known as Kanya, stole it from her - "Sorry Taylor but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time", she said. Old Taylor tried to get it back but the wicked witch swiftly grabbed her wand and gathered an army of snakes that ate her alive... However, what the wicked witch had not predicted was that another Taylor would rise from the ashes - The New Taylor. She went on to change her reputation, from the beat up kitten to the artist that makes choruses without a base line RIP Old Taylor, you'll always be in our hearts...

Drivers (%)

  • PS name: weebalospride (vivalospride)
  • Song: Xxxtentacion - I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine
  • Genre: Hip Hop
  • Description: Rest in peace X, for real this dude had a huge impact on my life and I never honestly expected to be hit as hard as I did when he died. His legacy will live forever through his music as one of the best of his generation. I don't care what you think of him, just please respect him, no one deserves to die at 20, he was truly trying his best to be better. RIP a legend, hip hop will miss you.

  • PS! Username: KingSwordYT
  • Song: Avicii - Wake me Up
  • Genre: Dance/Electronic
  • Description: I like copying babsus-kun so i selected Avicii. Sadly this great artist passed away so young, but his legacy in the EDM genre will stay with us for a lot of time C:

Also make sure to congratulate our homie MDM for getting room driver and good user Dylas for getting room voice =)!
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