The UU Open VII - Round 3

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I'm going to end the extension an hour early. Here are the results of the unplayed games. If there are any changes within the next hour, I can overturn it accordingly.

vs Zephir
tko vs lordcacturne
fran17 vs zazthegreat
Sir Pitulio vs Allcraft

Bedschibaer vs Leo
vs AKX

R3 Pairings
BlueIvy vs Snowy
tko vs czim
fran17 vs Lextrevis
Poek vs Allcraft
Instynct vs Leo
Cynde vs DenisTheMenace

All the other extension matchups should have already been completed or one side gave the win a while, so contact with the r3 opponents should've been established. If there's anything amiss lmk.


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Will obviously play if my opp shows some signs of life but my weekend just got busier and he hasn’t been on since last Thursday so this is an activity post.
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